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  1. Getting so boring now st day move on instead of trying to convince everyone that you should have got something out the game. You didn't end of !!!
  2. As I said different opinions from different angles. Maybe get your fact right Jaimie isn't on either Mabe or Falmouth chats . Stop slating people that give up there time to help a club out
  3. Jaime Mooney is our linesman. At the end of the day a linesman can only give what they see and from different angles on the pitch there will always be a different opinion of is he off or onside from our dug out he looked off side . If st day had taken there chances and won nothing would have been said about it anyone that thinks they can be a better linesman should go on the course and help a club out
  4. Paul hart for Falmouth town 75 attendance
  5. Falmouth town goal scorers Brodie kemp 2 kyle Cooke 1 liam chinn 1 finn Thompson 1
  6. Is there any pre season games on today