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  1. Trelawny AGM

    look deep inside you then :-) not an issue for me as team not affected by any of this, I was responding your glib comment about constitution of numbers in league...and yet the league did not uphold this constitution, (no matter what the vote said the constitution is there to be followed) yes i am sitting next to a friend who is a lawyer :-) i wouldn't know any of this myself...lol...
  2. Trelawny AGM

    B_D...get a sense of humour, the hashtags were banter....are you a referee by any chance?? :-) in regard to your comments, "could not accommodate 15 in Div 4, (yet some teams applied but were unsuccessful, understand the voting), but surely that throws the league constitution into disarray and opens up other challenges, as only 13 in Div 4, so the constitution is not abided by? constitutions are all very well, if stuck to, not ad hoc to fit a situation.....lets hope no one in any teams are a solicitor, or a coach and horses could be driven through the constitution :-)
  3. hello, i have a few work colleagues who are looking for a game....who is the new reserve manager?
  4. Trelawny AGM

    it's not so much has a full programme of fixtures been filled, because the answer would probably be no, due to weather, pitch problems, lack of players.....but they would have ALL had a fixture initially.....I really don't understand why any league has odd numbers.....isn't it basic maths?? even numbers = every is fixture.....or was there a hidden agenda to keep it uneven and keep certain teams out??? #conspiracytheory or #theydontknowwhattheyaredoing
  5. Trelawny AGM

    I am also surprised....I was at AGM and 9 spaces were potentially available to new teams and only 8 applied....yet TMS reserves did not get in!! how does that happen. I know they had their problems last season, but so did others......think TMS should think about an appeal as a very good case, (if they can be bothered) also from the list above.....13 teams.....so every week someone does not play....why not make it even and add another team??