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  1. Friendly Sat 29 July

    Liskeard 2nd team are looking for opponents this Saturday 29th July It is at Lux Park 2.30 pm ko due to cancellation.
  2. Tavistock is in Devon.😉
  3. ECPL

    Someone has taken their ball home.
  4. I will have a bit of that Bude action.
  5. Ernesettle Lane I believe
  6. Struggling to find any. I'm sure as any 18 year old lad not just in football will mature in time. I am sure you did yourself . Tatts isn't a relation but he is a great lad and I'm sure that Lee Hobbs will have no issues. I have got a feeling Josh is an absolute pussycat in comparison to his new manager and his brother at the same age.
  7. What a load of bollocks. Big time attitude my ass.No more than anyone else. Show me somebody playing at this level that hasn't.
  8. Hearing rumours of a manager change at Bodmin. Surely not ????