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  1. I will have a bit of that Bude action.
  2. Ernesettle Lane I believe
  3. Struggling to find any. I'm sure as any 18 year old lad not just in football will mature in time. I am sure you did yourself . Tatts isn't a relation but he is a great lad and I'm sure that Lee Hobbs will have no issues. I have got a feeling Josh is an absolute pussycat in comparison to his new manager and his brother at the same age.
  4. What a load of bollocks. Big time attitude my ass.No more than anyone else. Show me somebody playing at this level that hasn't.
  5. Hearing rumours of a manager change at Bodmin. Surely not ????
  6. Really ???
  7. Jesus. So some teams will not know what league they are in until a week before pre season. Who goes down who goes up ? Newquay must go into Division 1 surely. So is it Liskeard down and Looe up or is it only St Teath going down. I thought this would have been sorted last night. In my opinion I cannot see how you can promote a team finishing 3rd. If the team who have earnt promotion pull out after the completion has ended surely only 1 team should go down. What happens if teams finishing 3rd , 4th, and 5th also pull out for argument sake. The team that finished 6th would be promoted. Crazy surely
  8. When is the AGM?
  9. Any updates???
  10. There we have it. Clarity at last. And I would get out more if your posts made any sense and yes I have read them right from the start.
  11. ECPL It appears to be harder than Rocket Science. Is the above the rule as is stands or a proposal. When I get this info I promise I will be up to speed.
  12. 15 teams in the season just finished. So one team relegated. Or is this quote incorrect.
  13. Rule 2(B) would helpl
  14. So 15 teams in the Premier this Season so surely just 1 team relegated. As per previous ECPL message.