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  1. Whatever Wenger decides he will go down in history as one of the most successful managers in English football. Seven FA Cup wins will take some beating. I am not an Arsenal fan but the gamble to play Mertesaker yesterday paid off. Rob Holding also impressed at the back. Perhaps a season without Champions League football may help them to make a better challenge for the Premiership. Who knows.
  2. Interesting. Would be good if we can keep him on loan next season. After Dempsey and Dembele we are starting to become a feeder club for Spurs!
  3. Good question. I would think the lower of the teams would have to be in the Trelawny or Duchy league if that scenario occurred. I'm sure an expert on the rules and regulations can clarify that. Hope for sake of the club it doesn't.
  4. How much of the price goes towards the cost of moving to the new stadium? I have no idea what the price of the club's season tickets were last season. As soon as the move has taken place, I expect the cost to increase. I take on board the points raised by Mountaineer. A substantial income from early sale of season tickets can only be a good thing. Would be good to know sooner than later which new players are coming in. All I know so far is the return of Ben Gerring.
  5. Just joking Older. I know what you mean about not wanting to buy one though.
  6. Change the record......!
  7. Interesting how prices compare. Early bird price at Weston super Mare is £149.
  8. There were rumours last season of a Perranwell reserve side. Could that be a possibility in the future?
  9. Thanks for the info CTB. Another season in Div 4 beckons but good to see young players coming through the ranks. Future of the club looks bright.
  10. What on earth happened to St Just?
  11. Ha nice one CTB! Not I'm not Rodney. Have never set foot on St Just FC! Up the magpies.
  12. Geographical location is always going to be an issue as you say Tom. I am based outside of the county so would not always know which players are based in Cornwall. Travelling from Bristol to Penzance is bad enough sometimes!
  13. Agree with that Dave! With regards to Fletcher Williams, he came on as sub in pre season against Argyle. Not sure about any other games. Found the match details on Argyle website.
  14. Rocky Neal and Cody Cooke have done brilliantly to step up to that level. I suspect that there are other similar talents with the ability in the local leagues who could make the step up. Don't blame them for staying put given the uncertainty around TCFC at present. The recent youth County cup final suggests that the talent is out there.
  15. From the outside looking in, it seems as if costs re players are being driven down. Would be great if Truro had a squad of Cornish based players capable of competing at National League level. Somehow I do not think that is realistic given the current circumstances. Would be nice to be proved wrong though!