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  1. Lol yea rite..
  2. The only one from mabe who would get into my team would be the linesman.. They ain't good enough for madron.
  3. Think he has a bad memory lol.
  4. Well done to both clubs well deserved..
  5. No GEACH1 think it was exiles 6 Falmouth 0 lol.
  6. Exiles 4 culdrose 1 a dominant display from us today after a disastrous result on thursday we put that game to bed today we were awesome culdrose a good bunch and a good good side nice to see Jack and the mabe boys there again I'm sure he's got a soft spot for us lol anyway a double done and just want to say a big well done to my players and with players joining us next season we are only going to get stronger.. Ian bealend is quite tonight lol..
  7. We will play you at exiles pal just message me on here Justin.
  8. Yea agree with you dan we weren't good enough last night take nothing away from culdrose deserved winners on the night look forward to Saturdays reverse fixture nice to see jack there from mabe to manage them lol..
  9. Yea sure pal
  10. And won what lol.
  11. I didn't say you did i said we don't need to bring in players and pay money to win things or try..
  12. Stricky our pre season friendly as usual??
  13. Give me a call hosky we will play you at ours Justin 07771242424.