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  1. Anyone wanting to watch the division two cup final it's now been moved to the 14th may at wendron with a midday kick off.. Well it won't cos they have a second team and like geach said they will attract players..
  2. So your saying mabe are going to Falmouth to play combo if rumours are true??
  3. So mabe reserves will get a two league hike is that how it works?? I can't see players like barny and Murray wanting to do that anyway..
  4. What to start a 4th team lol???
  5. Sunday 7th may at wendron by all accounts to games to be played one at 13.00 and one at 16.00. We had it last game up there where we were called a bunch of cunts by some gimp that was warning them up b4 the game only fired us up more we let the football do the talking and won 4_0..
  6. Treble hopefully.. Dunno what your talking about erby lol
  7. Not many match reports tonight???
  8. First post and team bashing obviously connected to Wendron..
  9. Just a few come on here stokefan and slag us off think most of it is jealousy and excuses but all that shit just makes us stronger looking forward to next week and csm in the quarter final should be a cracker..
  10. I hope they do come up.
  11. What a gimp lol must be the gobby lard arse in the middle yea the one that was mouthing of all game..
  12. No exiles. Wasn't insulting anyone simply said our fringe players aren't as good as our starting 11 and when you make 3 changes it can change games and the match report is how it was missed chances and woodwork hit 3 times anyway good luck for the rest of your season from myself and exiles..
  13. Don't think we played that well to be fair..
  14. Only one game in division two today bit of a joke really..
  15. To be fair i think the scoreline slightly flattered Wendron as we hit the woodwork 3 times and missed plenty of chances and taking off 3 key players in the last 20 minutes to give everyone a runout disrupted us a bit don't think they would of scored if i kept my strongest 11 to the end..