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  1. When do we find out who and How many teams will be going up/down for the new season?
  2. Hi all mawnan reserves now have the option of a 3G pitch. They have availability for the 19th and 26th of July. Will be 6.30 onwards. If any local teams teams are available please contact Ben 07801436338 or message me on here. Cheers
  3. @WendronOfficial hi guys. I've tried getting hold of the fourth team manager to organise a pre season game. Is there a contact I can use. Cheers ben
  4. Hi mate I don't suppose tms would be interested in a freindly? At the moment we can't play at home if you have a pitch available? If not no problem cheers ben
  5. Mawnan seconds are just can't play at home
  6. Hi all mawnan reserves are still looking to fill a few dates for pre season friendlys. So if anyone knows of any local teams that can play at home. Then please get in touch. cheers
  7. All good for the 22nd pal. See you then
  8. Yes should be fine mate
  9. Yes mate. If you want to Let us know a date and time that would be ideal.
  10. Hi all. They have a couple booked in, but would like to get a few more friendlys together for pre season. Unfortunately at the moment they have no home pitch to play on. But are more than happy to travel and to half the costs for refs etc. So please Contact Ben Roberts on 07801436338 if youre available and also what dates. cheers
  11. Mawnan reserves are in the same position so if anyone else is in need of pre season please let me know.
  12. A big bid is being reported.
  13. I've heard there actual name with be penabe united
  14. Hi mate mawnan reserves will definitely be available for any ore season contact Ben 07801436338. cheers
  15. Lies