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  1. As some of you maybe noticed, Trelawny reports are back in the Sunday Indy. I have relied on a faithful few texting in, so a big shout out to those who have helped me with match reports etc. Most notably Redruth, Justin from Exiles, Ant at St Buryan and Leon of Mawnan - but also to the others who've chipped in here and there. It is sometimes a struggle to get enough words out of those few and I would like to give every player and club their moment in the Sunday Indy - it's what we strive for I know!😉 If you are able to text/email in a report/summary of your game - or at least score and scorers as the forum and full time web site aren't often updated by the time the report must go in - then please email me on or inbox me on here, or text me. That being said, this weekend is Flora Day and my head, body and soul may be elsewhere come Saturday night when the report must be submitted. Is there anyone out there who would be willing to write it? I can get any reports I receive to you but I mainly rely on the full time site. The easiest thing would be to email the report to me and I can forward it to John at the Indy. Of course, I will arrange payment to you of 15 whole pounds. Thanks Josh
  2. Takes place today at St Dennis 10.30amKO Wendron United v Saltash Old Boys C'mon Wendron! Thanks to St Dennis for hosting.
  3. Following the sad news that the Sunday Independent has ceased trading, what now for our local football reports? Has anyone any bright ideas? Would the West Briton take it on or is there just not enough interest anymore? I've noticed that over the last few weeks I've had fewer and fewer messages updating me on scores and scorers - so maybe people aren't worried about reading it in the paper anymore? I know that Dave runs the Trelawny Facebook page and updates reports on there so I imagine that this would continue when he comes back from sea? But would there be interest in starting a Trelawny website - one like CTB's Combination page? Just not as full on? I like the idea of Trelawny Reports, but in what format would people like to see it? Online? In a newspaper?
  4. Wendron 3rds v Chacewater Reserves Division 2 OFF Chacewater unable to raise a side.
  5. Thanks! All fixed. Darjcmy fat thumbs and predictive text.
  6. Trelawny League Fixtures Saturday 4th March 2017 Premier Chacewater P-P Threemilestone Lizard Argyle 3-0 St Buryan Mawnan P-P Pendeen St Day Res P-P West Cornwall St Keverne 3-1 Mousehole Reserves Division 1 Halsetown 2-0 Constantine Rosudgeon 0-2 Helston Athletic Thirds Stithians P-P Newlyn Non-Athletico Division 2 Frogpool & Cusgarne P-P Illogan RBL 3rds Mabe 2-2 Falmouth Town Redruth United P-P Mawnan Reserves Storm 0-10 RNAS Culdrose Reserves (played at Culdrose) Wendron United Thirds 4-6 Penwith Exiles Division 3 Ludgvan Reserves P-P Four Lanes Newlyn Lions 4-1 St Erme Probus P-P Frogpool & Cusgarne Reserves St Ives Mariners 5-1 Lizard Argyle Reserves St Just Reserves 3-3 West Cornwall Reserves Division 4 Carharrack Reserves 4-2 Hayle 3rds Four Lanes Reserves P-P Rosudgeon Reserves New Inn Titans 6-2 Troon AFC Reserves Newbridge Athletic P-P Ruan Minor Newlyn Non-Athletico P-P Madron St Buryan Reserves 1-0 Wendron United Fourths League Cup St Agnes Reserves 3-2 Lanner Percy Stephens Cup Hayle Reserves 2-1 Holman SC Reserves Please remember to text in reports/summaries to me on 07957345945
  7. Trelawny League Fixtures Saturday 25th February 2017 PREMIER DIVISION Camborne SoM 3 - 0 Troon AFC Chacewater 1 - 3 St Buryan Lizard Argyle 4 - 3 Wendron United Reserves Mawnan 3 - 1 Penryn Athletic 3rds Pendeen Rovers 0 - 4 West Cornwall St Keverne P - P Threemilestone DIVISION 1 Newlyn Non-Athl 0 - 8 Marazion Blues Gwinear Churchtown 0 - 2 Lanner Rosudgeon 8 - 0 Perranporth Reserves St Agnes Reserves 0 - 1 Helston Athletic 3rds Stithians 2 - 1 Hayle Reserves DIVISION 2 Goonhavern Res 4 - 1 Illogan RBL 3rds Holman SC Reserves 0 - 9 Mawnan Reserves Mabe 1 - 3 Penwith Exiles RNAS Culdrose Res 2 - 0 Falmouth Town Wendron United 3rds 3 - 0 Frogpool & Cusgarne DIVISION 3 Falmouth DC 0 - 4 Probus Frogpool & Cus Res 2 - 2 St Agnes 3rds Ludgvan Reserves 3 - 4 Mabe Reserves St Erme 3 - 6 St Just Reserves St Ives Mariners 4 - 5 Four Lanes West Cornwall Res 2 - 3 Newlyn Lions DIVISION 4 Four Lanes Reserves 4 - 5 Penzance Reserves Hayle 3rds 8 - 0 Madron Newbridge Athletic 2 - 6 Wendron United 4ths Ruan Minor 7 - 2 Newlyn Non-Athletico Reserves St Buryan Reserves 4 - 1 Carharrack Reserves Troon AFC Reserves 1 - 5 New Inn Titans This week's chosen charity will be Jamie's Autism Journey. Jamie is the son of Danielle and former local footballer, Kevin Roberts. Jamie has autism and is on the non-verbal end of the spectrum. Despite not being able to speak, Jamie lights up any room he enters and is such a positive soul, however, the fact that he is unable to comprehend or communicate leads to get frustration. There is new treatment that Jamie can have which may lead to him understanding, communicating and unlocking his potential; however, it is extremely expensive and not available on the NHS or via their local authority. The beauty of this charity and fundraising isn't just that it will hopefully help Jamie's journey, but also raise awareness and support for other families going through similar things. You can find out more or donate to the fund on: or through following Jamie's Autism Journey on Facebook. Please remember to text in results/match summaries to 07957345945 or Thanks Josh