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  1. I'd swap my mrs for footy any day! She costs me much more than £12 a month!!! If you're viewing this... I'm only joking dear
  2. That's where sponsorship would come in. I formed a club only two season ago and have been involved with junior football for 14 years now; I know how hard sponsorship is to get. As you rightfully state though, there are plenty of running costs involved including insurances, affiliations etc. You would need to be extremely fortunate at this level to not pay subs at all. That is why I have so much respect and time for this league and most of the people in it. It takes a huge amount of hard work to run a club, usually with very few people.
  3. I know exactly how it is mate. If I had my way, no-one would have to pay subs anywhere. We shouldn't have to pay to take part in a sport that we love at a competitive level. But, we do so because we love the game; and there is no other way a club at our level could be sustainable if players weren't asked to contribute to the costs. I don't want to take too much of this results thread up talking about the problems we face, but I really do hope that more is done in the near future to save grassroots football.
  4. Believe it or not... it's my understanding that compared to the national shrinkage rate, we aren't doing that bad. Much worse in places further North. Regardless, it is frightening how participation has decreased over the past five years in our league alone.
  5. I agree with you. I recall us talking about this during the week. More needs to be done for grassroots football. Through my experience with some of the guys up at County, I know that there is nothing more they'd like to do than throw money at grassroots clubs. But they (and their funds) are governed by the National FA; they've also had their budgets slashed by the NFA. Its the same across all walks of life (including mine in the military), cuts are being made left, right and centre and we are all expected to suck it up and deal with it
  6. Marc has had a great season so far which has been correctly rewarded with a County Cup final appointment. He's a credit to the Trelawny League.
  7. A few of the teams that have folded in recent years (some of these are also the whole club), and their grounds since 12/13: Falmouth Albion - Dracena Perranwell Reserves - King George V Playing Field Gulval (firsts and reserves) - St Clare Sennen - Sennen Junior School Trevenson United (First and Reserves) - Pool School, Camborne School and Camborne Rugby Club Praze and Beeble (First and Reserves) - Nancegollan and Praze Titans - Park Road and Camborne Rugby Club St Ives Town Reserves - The Saltings, Lelant Falmouth Athletic DC - Dracena Cury - Jubilee Playing Fields Porthleven Rangers - Helston School Mousehole 3rds - Newlyn Coombe Redruth Athletic - Clijah Croft Newquay Reserves, 3rds and 4ths - St Columb Minor Lizard Argyle Reserves - Beacon Terrace Constantine Reserves - Trebarvah Madron Reserves - St George's Playing Fields Mullion Thirds - Clifden Parc Marazion Blues Reserves - Gwallen Lane Gwinear Churchtown Reserves - The Royal Standard Camborne Park - Park Road Ludgvan Reserves - Fair Field Newlyn Dolphins - Newlyn Coombe Trelander - Boscawen Park / Truro School Troon 3rds - Grouter Park Camborne Athletic - Roskear Park Railway Locomotiv - Clijah Croft Camborne Town - Roskear Newlyn Dolphins That's a massive amount of clubs The majority played at local authority pitches, but some also played at clubs that own their own facilities. There are also some clubs here that have folded, come back and then Folded again, Camborne Park for example. One of the main problems for the clubs (and this is completely of my own opinion and not the leagues nor anyone else) is that local authorities charge a massive amount of money for their pitches. Clijah Croft, I believe is anywhere between £800-£1000 a season (correct me if I'm wrong), Camborne Rugby Club ( Boundervean Lane) was over £1500 a season. We need facilities to be affordable for our clubs, unfortunately there is very little money in grassroots football down here and a very small amount of investment into lad. Clijah Croft and Boscawen Park (Malpas) being two of the only multi-pitch council owned facilities. This is just from a quick look through the tables on Full Time so I may have missed a few.
  8. Hayle 3rds done exactly that against Troon Reserves not so long ago. They played with seven men and completed the game! That speaks absolute volumes. Shak, I absolutely understand what you are saying, especially with the situation for Chacewater last season. Unfortunately, this is the fairest way for it to be done. It's a difficult one because either way you look at it, one club will feel aggrieved. What you have to bare in mind is that our league rules have to meet County and National regulations. @wazza1999 what we need to do is find more people to get involved with football. We've lost over 4000 participants just in the Trelawny League since it was formed between Mining and Falmouth Helston leagues. That's a huge amount of people. Where are they now? What are they doing instead of playing football? As clubs, we need to work together to try and get more people in our catchment areas back to playing the game
  9. Wazza, that's how it is nationwide. I understand what you are saying but nothing can be done to change it. Would you rather a H-W result in 10 goals being awarded to the non-offending side? Imagine it on the flip side... imagine if a team were relegated on goal difference that was down to the league awarding goals for a H-W. A goalless win is the only way that it can be done fairly. I know it's not ideal for exactly the reason you give, but it is by far the fairest way of doing it which would have the minimal effect on all clubs. I hope that Threemilestone can recover.
  10. St Agnes Reserves v Trispen - Postponed
  11. Pendeen Rovers v Threemilestone - Postponed
  12. Referee Reporting In order to improve & streamline the reporting process where a referee is awarded a mark of 60 or less, Club Secretaries are now to complete the "Adverse Referee Report Form" and forward it directly to Ray Brown, Cornwall FA Referee Development Officer at the address on the form. The Trelawny Registration Secretary is to copied in on the e-mail. This form can be found on our News section of the Trelawny Full Time website Referee Marking System It's very important that the club representatives who mark the referees after the game do so in an un-biased manner and without personal prejudice. The referee marking criteria below (and on the Full Time website) give clear guidance to those marking the referees based on their performance and application of law along with their match control. If your game has contained some moments where your judgment of the referee is based on a particular incident(s), don't mark the ref straight away. Allow yourself the time to cool off before marking; alternatively, get an opinion from others who were at the game The mark awarded by a club must be based on the Referee’s overall performance. It is most important that the mark is awarded fairly and not based upon isolated incidents or previous games. The table below acts as a guide for the overall mark. Club officials should use the full range of marks within each category to help distinguish between different performance levels, e.g. within the 85-76 category a mark of 84 indicates a better performance than a mark of 77 and always look at the game as a whole and not isolated decisions. 100-86 Referee demonstrated very accurate decision-making and controlled the game very well using management and communication skills effectively to add value to the game. 85-76 Referee demonstrated accurate decision-making and controlled the game well using management and communication skills to contribute positively to the game. 75-61 Referee demonstrated reasonably accurate decision-making and despite some shortcomings generally controlled the game well. Below 61 Referee demonstrated shortcomings in the accuracy of decision-making and control which affected the game. When a mark of 60 or lower is awarded, a report must be sent to the Registration Secretary who shall retain a copy and forward the report to the County Referee Development Officer. The purpose of this is to assist Referees to improve their performance levels, so the comments should be as helpful as possible. How To Decide On The Referee's Mark 1. Control And Decision Making • How well did the Referee control the game? • Were the players’ actions recognized correctly? • Were the Laws applied correctly? • Were all incidents dealt with efficiently/effectively? • Were all the appropriate sanctions applied correctly? • Was the Referee always within reasonable distance of incidents? • Was the Referee well positioned to make critical decisions, especially in and around the penalty area? • Did the Referee understand the players’ positional intentions and keep out of the way accordingly? • Did the Referee demonstrate alertness and concentration throughout the game? • Did the Referee apply the use of the advantage to suit the mood and temperature of the game? • Was the Referee aware of the players’ attitude to advantage? • Did the Referee use the assistants effectively? • Did the officials work as a team, and did the Referee lead and manage them to the benefit of the game? 2. Communication And Player Management • How well did the Referee communicate with the players during the game? • Did the Referee’s Level of involvement/profile suit this particular game? • Did the Referee understand the players’ problems on the day e.g. difficult ground/weather conditions? • Did the Referee respond to the changing pattern of play/mood of players? • Did the Referee demonstrate empathy for the game, allowing it to develop in accordance with the tempo of the game? • Was the Referee pro-active in controlling of the game? • Was the Referee’s authority asserted firmly without being officious? • Was the Referee confident and quick thinking? • Did the Referee appear unflustered and unhurried when making critical decisions? • Did the Referee permit undue questioning of decisions? • Did the Referee deal effectively with players crowding around after decisions/ incidents? • Was effective player management in evidence? • Was the Referee’s body language confident and open at all times? • Did the pace of the game, the crowd, player pressure affect the Referee negatively? 3. Final thoughts • Always try to be objective when marking. You may not obtain the most objective view by marking immediately after the game. • Judge the performance over the whole game. Don’t be too influenced by one particular incident. • Don’t mark the referee down unfairly because your team was unlucky and lost the game or some disciplinary action was taken against your players
  13. Thanks for the correction Scott I'd like to think that they will be able to meet the criteria considering they've applied (I know it's not always that simple). We will have to see soon when we carry out the visits to the grounds.
  14. Those were announced ages ago (unofficially of course). It's going to be an interesting final two months in the Prem; Camborne School of Mines, St Day Reserves and Mawnan I'm sure will do their utmost to scupper the applicants' chances.