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  1. Good effort No game counts for nothing though; you're now a game sharper and a game fitter!
  2. This rule is like a condom... It's better to have one and not need it rather than need it but not have one! I run a Sunday side, if it weren't for this rule, I'd have been screwed because I have many lads to keep in the game. Only only have I had 5 subs and not used them all, that was due to the nature of the game where I didn't want to throw fresh, cold legs into a rather feisty game, purely to protect them
  3. Proud of you boys! I'm just sorry that I can't be there
  4. I can't get on any Social Media to congratulate the lads so if anyone sees this from the club, please pass on my congratulations. I'm gutted that I'm missing all the fun
  5. They are deemed to be senior players if (I make no apologies for directly quoting League Rules, it saves any confusion): Trelawny Rule 8.c i. Teams in this competition shall not play more than TWO players in any one game who, in the current season, are adjudged to be commanding a regular place in a team competing in a higher ranked League. Note: 1. A player shall be deemed to be commanding a regular place with the higher ranked team if he has played in the teams preceding 3 fixtures, including cup matches, at the higher level or has taken part in more than 50% of the higher placed teams fixtures. A player shall not count towards the 2 allowed once he has played 3 consecutive games for the team in this league. 2. For the purpose of this Competition ‘Higher Ranked’ Leagues are the Cornwall Combination League, the East Cornwall Premier League and Leagues forming the Football Association Pyramid system i.e. the Peninsula League and above. 3. Where any doubt exists over a player’s eligibility in these circumstances the Registration Secretary will provide guidance. Trelawny League Rule 8. n Clubs with more than one team in this League shall not play more than Two players adjudged to be, in the current season, commanding a regular place with the higher placed team in a lower division or lower divisional cup match. Players from the clubs team(s) or any other clubs team(s) playing in a higher ranked league (Rule 8c) shall count towards this total. For any club infringing this rule the penalties at Rule 8o shall apply. Notes. 1. A player shall be deemed to be commanding a regular place with the higher placed team if he has played in the preceding 3 higher divisional or cup games or has taken part in more than 50% of the higher placed teams fixtures. A player shall not count towards the 2 allowed in the lower division once he has played 3 consecutive games for the lower placed team. 2. ‘Any player classified as a ‘lower division’ player under Rule 8n(i) on 1st April shall retain that classification for the remainder of the season.’ 3. Where any doubt exists over a player’s eligibility in these circumstances the Registration Secretary will provide guidance. ii. Players may not take part in more than one match for their club in this League on any given match day unless the match in which they have started, been used as or named as a substitute has finished.
  6. So by FA Rules, that now means that the fixture will be reversed and played at Riverside?
  7. Waterlogged?!? Crikey! It's 35C here with no clouds in sight
  8. We'll have to see. There'll be many arguments for and against. Imagine the stick we'll get when we issue a yellow or a red "no you should be using the sin bin"... I recon it would be good if it's managed.
  9. Instruct, no. We can advise, many do so. Sin Bin would work if you had a fourth official or an assistant with a separate watch who could pay attention to it. Most referees wear two watches as it is, you'd have to have an extra watch per player for this to work.
  10. Grassroots rugby referees use them and they seem to work well. Only issue is, a decent set costs in excess of a thousand pound. I don't agree with more powers to the captains. Sin Bins would be good but a nightmare to control. I don't agree with withdrawing a yellow card in the penalty area for stopping a promising attack (although this is dependent on intent). If it's a clear cut foul which is awarded a yellow card anywhere else on the pitch, it shouldn't be withdrawn. The idea to stop a red in the area was to prevent the triple jeopardy situation. Withdrawing a yellow card has no effect.
  11. Sin bins to become reality? The 131st Annual General Meeting (AGM) of The IFAB took place today at Wembley Stadium and was chaired by Greg Clarke, Chairman of The Football Association.The British representatives as well as FIFA’s delegation unanimously approved a future IFAB strategy, using the Laws of the Game to develop the game by focusing on fairness and integrity, increasing universality and inclusion, and embracing technology. A major initial feature of the strategy will be the behaviour of players and, in particular, the role of the captain and how her/his responsibilities could be enhanced to help improve on-field behaviour and create better communication between players and referees. Methods to tackle time-wasting will also be considered as it is an area about which many fans complain.The members strongly supported this initiative as the next step in delivering “what football wants” following the extensive revision of the Laws of the Game. Other major areas which The IFAB will focus on include handball and a potentially fairer system for kicks from the penalty mark.Central to the IFAB strategy is also a robust evaluation process for potential future Law changes and initiatives.As part of the ‘what football wants’ approach, the AGM extended the “Modifications” section of the Laws allowing national football associations more freedom to modify the organisational Laws for the lower levels of football e.g. number of substitutions and duration of play, to help them develop their domestic football by encouraging more people to take part. National football associations will decide at which levels the modifications are applied in their domestic football. This does not include competitions involving the first team of clubs in the top division or senior ‘A’ international teams.Additionally, as part of “Modifications”, the proposals to allow temporary dismissals (sin bins) for yellow card offences were approved for youth, grassroots and disability football, as it is the case for return substitutions.The AGM also approved the use of electronic communication systems in the technical area for player welfare and safety, acknowledging the importance of technology in assessing potential injuries with the help of medical data and video material.On the topic of video assistant referees (VARs), the AGM was updated on the first phase of experiments, including reports from the workshops and more than 20 test matches organised to test the VAR protocol which was approved one year ago. The members also received detailed information on the key learning areas which will be incorporated into the ‘live’ experiments starting in almost 20 competitions from around the world in 2017.The ‘success’ of the change from a red to yellow card for a penalty awarded for the denial of a goal-scoring opportunity if there was an attempt to play the ball, led the members to extend the principle by removing a yellow card for a penalty kick awarded for a ‘stopping a promising attack’ if the offence was an attempt to play the ball.The AGM also approved the development of the first minimum safety standard for electronic performance and tracking systems (EPTS) which will regulate the safety of devices worn by players on the field of play.The IFAB members (the football associations of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, as well as FIFA, representing the other 207 national associations) take turns to host the AGM in rotation. Any decision requires a majority of six out of eight votes at the AGM. The decisions taken at last year’s IFAB AGM are available here.The modifications to the Laws of the Game made at today’s AGM will come into effect on 1 June 2017, except for competitions which have started before that date.The 132nd Annual General Meeting will be hosted by FIFA in February or March 2018
  12. There's nothing in the ruling that I have quoted above that states you need a proposal seconded. The proposal would go to the committee, who would discuss. Those proposals then go to the clubs to consider at a later date. At the AGM, these rule proposals are spoken of and then a vote takes place to determine the outcome.
  13. It was probably just a lapse in concentration. It is rubbish that it happened and let's not beat around the bush, it was a poor mistake to make. But it was made, he didn't mean it and he was clearly a little uneducated on that part of the law. He's human. These incidents are very rare (such an error) but they do happen. But publically slating the guy really isn't going to do anything except possibly lose the County another referee. I think the discussion on this matter has run its course now. On a side note, I actually think it's been quite a fair discussion of an incident which doesn't occur very frequently. Well done on your score by the way, get yourself on the course
  14. I see where you are coming from but I think you're a little bit blinkered here. The lawbook is a big read. Just before the start of the season, just under 100 changes were made to the laws, with over 10,000 words removed. It's still a good sized book. That is a massive change. You really can't expect a junior referee to read and memorise that book and to apply it all verbatim in every game. That is where experience comes into play. Experience is something that this referee doesn't have. That comes with time He made a mistake. Yes, it could have affected the game in the sense that a goal may have been scored, but it certainly didn't affect the result. This "mistake" took place over the course of a minute. That gives the team 89 further minutes to put the ball in the back of the net. They didn't achieve that. That isn't the referees fault. No-one is defending the referees decision. It's hard to defend something which is clearly incorrect. But, what I'm defending is a colleague getting some stick on a forum when we all know he isn't going to reply or attempt to defend himself. We are short enough of referees as it is and a public humiliation aimed directly at them really isn't going to help the situation. If clubs and players (I still play, so Im speaking for myself here) want a higher standard of referee, referees who rarely get decisions wrong, then we need to seriously improve our game because we aren't going to get those officials In these leagues, especially with no neutrals on the lines. Even the professionals get things wrong from time to time. We are human after all.
  15. Have you ever read the lawbook? Try memorising it. Then try to recite it. Then try and apply it. Some laws really aren't that simple. Have a go at this and let us know how you get on http://areferee.com/soccer/test1.php?quiz=20&ran=1&t=648