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  1. Arsenal were much better than Chelsea all over the park, thoroughly deserving the win. In real time, I thought handball and offside. After replays, I again thought handball and offside. Watch a little longer, I think the handball could have gone either way. It wasn't deliberate (in my opinion) so the referee was correct not to penalise... The offside again could have gone either way, depending on your interpretation of the offside law. However, I think that the goal could have either stood or been disallowed and no-one would really argue. A very good game I thought.
  2. I believe the referees will be punishing simulation more from next season. The FA will be reviewing moments in the game where it appears that a player has dived, punishing with a two game ban. The referees would much rather deal with it on the day rather than have the FA deal with it after the game; it would mean that they have all missed a key incident in the game. There are four of them working as a team, they just need to work together to try and deal with simulation when it arises. The referee yesterday was massively helped by his positioning, which was spot on during the game. I'd have liked to have seen Costa cautioned for dissent when he went off on his rant, but that's a personal preference. I think it helped that both teams just got on with the game, on the whole accepting the decisions made by the officials.
  3. The decision to award the goal yesterday is a great lesson for all of us. Many, many referees would have blown for offside yesterday. The lawbook clearly states that the player is offside if he attempts to play (or does play) the ball. How many times do we see it at our level a player who is in an offside position (but not interfering with play) penalised? A fantastic lesson observed yesterday with a great piece of refereeing, aswell as good play between the two arsenal players involved during that final phase of play.
  4. From the Trelawny Facebook page, @ian beale Well, with just one more game to go until the end of the season, let's reflect on the final league standings for the 2016/2017 season. Thank you to everyone for your participation this season, from clubs and players, to referees and the league committee members. Premier Division Winners: Camborne School of Mines Runners Up: West Cornwall Division One Winners: Helston Athletic 3rds Runners Up: St Agnes Reserves Division Two Winners: Penwith Exiles Runners Up: RNAS Culdrose Reserves Division Three Winners: Probus Runners Up: Newlyn Lions Division Four Winners: New Inn Titans Runners Up: Rosudgeon Reserves Percy Stephens Cup Winners: Mawnan Runners Up: Penwith Exiles Arthur Pearce Cup Winners: Mawnan Reserves Runners Up: Wendron United 3rds Dunn Cup Winners: Mawnan Runners Up: West Cornwall League Cup Winners: Helston Athletic 3rds Runners Up: St Agnes Reserves Lockhart Cup Winners: Penwith Exiles Runners Up: Mabe Russel Hall Cup Winners: Newlyn Lions Runners Up: Probus Jubilee Cup Winners: New Inn Titans Runners Up: Carharrack Reserves Golden Boot Awards Premier 1. Christoper Bullock, Pendeen Rovers. Goals 37 Apps 26 2. Adam Keenan, Mawnan. Goals 36 apps 35 Division One 1. Sam Long, Newlyn Non-Athletico. Goals 43 Apps 31 2. Alex Ralph, Marazion Blues. Goals 35 Apps 29 Division Two 1. Luke Murray, Mabe. Goals 49 Apps 27 2. Michael Clark, RNAS Culdrose Reserves. Goals 43 Apps 19 Division Three 1. Joel Snape, Four Lanes. Goals 39 Apps 31 2. Joe Ashton , St Day 3rds. Goals 30 Apps 26 Division Four 1. Hal Davis, New Inn Titans. Goals 68 Apps 26 2. Ben Coleman, Wendron United 4ths. Goals 28 Apps 20 Sporting Awards will be awarded at the AGM. We look set to lose a few teams from the league during the summer; I would like to wish the players and club members all the best for the future. I very much hope that you all remain within the game and move on to other clubs in order to help strengthen the Cornish footballing scene. The Trelawny League AGM is to take place on 28 June 2017 at 7pm. All member clubs (and those seeking entry into the league) are to have club members in attendance.
  5. The Trelawny League AGM will take place on 28th June 2017 commencing at 7pm. All clubs currently in membership are entitled to send two delegates to the Annual General Meeting with only one being allowed to vote. Any club failing to attend without satisfactory reason will be fined £25. Clubs who have withdrawn their Membership of the Competition during the season being concluded or who are not continuing Membership shall be entitled to attend but shall vote only on matters relating to the season being concluded. Calling notices, agendas and Officers reports will be sent to clubs no less than 14 days prior to the meeting. On a personal note, I would like to take the time to thank Steve Carpenter for all his hard work over the past few years. Steve has been an integral part of the Trelawny League, carrying out his work to an extremely high standard. I am sure that I speak on behalf of everyone involved in Cornish Football, particularly the Trelawny League as I wish him well for the future. I very much hope that as soon as he gets back to the UK, he will again look to become involved with the league. His departure will be a massive loss to the Trelawny League. Thankfully, he will be on hand to offer his advice and guidance to his replacement, which is testament to him as a person. All the best Steve. Also departing his chair on the management committee will be our Fixtures Secretary, Gerald Sobey. Gerald has been around for many years and has always carried out his roles within the league to a high standard. Hopefully with his new found retirement from his league duties, Gerald will be able to have a few extra holidays. Again, Gerald will be on hand to offer his knowledge and guidance to his replacement. I wish Gerald all the best for the future. Thank you to both Gerald and Steve for your services.
  6. Mandy, a massive well done to you also.
  7. Of the games I've reffed this season, I've seen some blinding football being played by women. Some absolutely fantastic goals scored also. I believe they play better football than most of the teams at our level. The passing and the moving, the build up play from defence to attack often puts the football I regularly play/officiate to shame. They play training ground football, as do youth. That said, I do have to agree with @Keith B in the sense that I don't believe that men and women being in the same team would be competitive (on a physical basis). I certainly wouldn't put in a challenge on a woman like I would a male. I can see where he is coming from. A huge well done to Mandy and St Agnes, aswell as Cornwall FA for their hard work.
  8. @Steve Carpenter and Gerald Sobey have been absolutely fantastic for this league and they will be a big loss for us all; that said, they will still be in the background offering advice and guidance to their replacements. I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say we wish them well for the future. Hopefully once Steve returns from his holidays, he will be back with us. Not only is he extremely knowledgeable, he's a bloody nice guy aswell!
  9. Tempo, just to answer your question from before... The referees watch would stop During the temporary dismissal to allow for the usual bits; substitutions, ball out of play (where the delay is quite long). The dismissal is ten minutes playing time. As for running down the clock, that's completely up to you as a team. So long as you don't infringe any laws, the referee can't (and shouldn't) penalise you. Best way to stop any problems... Don't allow your players to become a problem. I think this trial will be a success in the sense that it has the potential to reduce dissent.
  10. I've just seen on Facebook that you are advertising (to recruit) a full committee for TMS... Isn't it better that you have these people in the chairs with their feet firmly under the table before you start thinking about putting another team in? These people will be the ones that run and control your club, yet at this moment in time it's non-existent. Isn't it better to have solid foundations in place before you start building; otherwise your project is likely to collapse very quickly. I personally fully support teams/clubs wanting to join the league but they have to a structure to them and a plan. Grounds, kit, a committee etc. You are more likely to get accepted into the league if you can assure everyone that you have the means to sustain.
  11. This thread pretty much sums up social media and how ridiculous it can be at times!
  12. Why not? All change as of next season. Referees will be allowed to wear a choice of colours (nominated by the FA) when there is a chance of a kit clash. FA moving forward with the times. Until now, if a club wear a strip which looks black (or is black), they would have to all change... It's only common sense to think that instead of having 16 men change their shirts, one man does so instead (or on the flip side you could say the clubs shouldn't get dark kits). A good idea.
  13. What's the highest number of cards you've dished out in a game for dissent? My highest is two... That's not hard to police. Usually after the first card, people get the hint. If a team is losing players because of their gob, I'd like to think that the manager would step in and actually manage the players.
  14. I'm not going to justify that with a bite