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  1. Liking the Sticker AFC twitter account showing a photograph of their newly built electrical switch room for the new floodlights etc, Leaning against the wall is an advertising sign for a funeral director, well i suppose all the cables are dead at the moment !!!
  2. My info on that is that the current surface ( stone free ) has passed muster for ground grading at step 6. However as we have seen in the professional game, those who are of the mindset to cause problems will always find a way to do so, throwing coins is one problem that is almost impossible to stop, and can cause as severe an injury as a stone. I'm not advocating stones for all, just trying to highlight the futility of such a rule.
  3. The question was: Which funding comes from the C.C.F.A. not through the C.C.F.A., such as the Football Stadia Improvement Fund. In other words, do the C.C.F.A. have accessable funding for grassroot clubs that is distributed by themselves, and at their discrection?.
  4. Which funding comes from Cornwall F.A. and what is the criteria for applying please?
  5. No idea why the 5 clubs have been threatened with demotion, BUT it,s not necessarily the pitch itself that is the problem, but the lack of certain facilities, or the condition of existing ones that cause problems for some clubs.