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  1. Dear Perranwell Football Club, I have been told by Simon that there are rumours going around that I have been posting comments on this forum under another name..... that is absolute bollocks and I am angry and upset that anyone could think it. I have been part of Perranwell Football club since I was able to walk and Dad has been at the club for over 50 years. maybe these People need to get their facts right!
  2. Hi All, I am not sure if I am in the majority or minority, but how often do you see comments on this site which are not constructive, but at times downright rude. Is there any support for asking the site to only allow users with their "actual" names on their accounts? I know we will get some of the "freedom of speech" comments, but if you have something to say, why hide behind a made up username? Even mine would have to be changed from Fish to Brian Fisher, but at least everyone will know who has made any comment.....it also might stop some people making spiteful comments because no one knows who they are. Just a thought, but probably too hard to manage for a local social media site with huge numbers contributing. New Season just around the corner, so good luck to everyone
  3. sorted now with Chacewater...local...good club....good pub after
  4. Hello, Fixtures are out and TMS do not have a game in Div 1 until 26th August. Anyone not have a game on 19th August and fancy hosting us at your place....costs shared for ref. Thanks
  5. Trelawny AGM

    Let's move back to football matters and not air dirty laundry in public people. The vote went against TMS 2nds and that's life, (we don't want to get into a Brexit or Scottish Parliament debate on whether it was right or wrong). There is an appeal process available to teams not successful on constitutional grounds, so TMS committee have discussed this and will let relevant parties know their decision in due course. Thank you to all the words of support for TMS and most of the other "constructive" comments from people who did not vote for us this time. TMS will have a second team in one format or other next season, either on Saturday afternoon at Malpas or Sundays at Malpas......all will become clear in next couple of weeks...so watch this space But for now let's talk football and for my first team at TMS we have our first pre-season match at Perranporth 2nds on Saturday 8th July 1pm kick off.....if fancy watching, drinking after or players coming along to see if they will fit into my squad
  6. good news to see Perran back with a 2nd team.....33 years ago when I played in Falmouth/Helston 1 with Chippy Carpenter......before making my "mark" in the combo team 😊 even though TMS did not get in Div 4, I wish the new Perran 2nd team well 👍 ignore the idiots on here 😉
  7. Trelawny AGM

    cheeky 😉 we have a fall back plan to join the Sunday league with our second team. We are considering an appeal....but might not be worth it mate. One way or another we will have a second team next year....😊
  8. Hi Everyone, How do we apply to enter a Sunday league side for the coming season? and how many/who are currently in the league
  9. Trelawny AGM

    footballfollower thank you for your comments/support but TMS committee will look at decision after disappointing decision not to elected our 2nds into league....and decide next steps. my first team is looking really strong this year and really looking forward to new season In Div 1.... football is all about opinions ⚽😊
  10. Hi all, Threemilestone AFC pre-season training starts Tuesday at 6.30pm prompt at Malpas, Truro if any new players want to come along....Div 1 this season, and hopefully if elected a Div 4 second team... a great bunch of lads and lots of youth this season.....so always looking for anyone who likes their football and their socialising. also Thursdays at Perranporth beach 6.30pm if you want to get fit!!!
  11. ok. a good piece of work. as long as get tally's right for 95/96 and 96/97 where I scored 12 and 15 goals respectively
  12. Think these records are wrong Cornish....looked at my goal scoring stats and miles out.....where did you get information from?
  13. New Season start date?

    cheers all. was just working out whether to book a friendly for 12th August or leave it spare for season start.....shows how bored we are when spending time working dates out in the close season......don't you just love football
  14. Any idea when we think the first league game of season will be? 12th August? sorting pre-season friendlies.
  15. Hi All, I am trying to sort out 5 or 6 pre-season friendlies away from home, (as Malpas not available) for Threemilestone AFC, (1st's), who will be playing in Div 1 Trelawny this coming season. Looking for any teams from Premier to Division 4........happy to help pay towards any costs incurred, (and we will spend money in your clubhouse after) Happy with mid-week or Saturday's.....just want to get the diary booked early. Look forward to PM or text/phone message....... Thanks Brian 07739 788650