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  1. It's easy to check how many games they have played just look on their club website. As far as only mentioning these boys I have also put names forward from Bodmin and st Austell who I think might be able to step up. Three or four of the players I mentioned are already playing at Truro or In a higher league. If you actually read my past posts I have been promoting young players who I think are good enough from this area to step up but if you would rather the same players doing the merry go round in the summer with the same 5 or 6 teams who want to win the league but never go up when they win it then that's fine. I don't need a personal assessment of why I have mentioned these names my reasons are purely to see young talent to get noticed. Now what reasons do I have for mentioning the Cornwall U18s easy there is a lot of young talent who can play at a higher level. Let's not go down the road of knocking people wanting Young to talent do well.
  2. Before replying checked my facts all 3 started every game they were available for. Please don't think I am picking on your knowledge of the game but I think it's worth noting that in the playoffs 1 of the three mentioned made the first goal and another scored it and I would just like to mention all three came from the peninsula league and everyone had a chance to sign them. All three I am sure will be asked to resign and in my opinion have been a credit to peninsula football. A little credit should be given to not just levy for the goals but also to Mike landricome and Nick Hurst for making the grade at this level and now will be playing at a higher level than most of your peninsula players who you continually wax lyrical about. This is obviously only my opinion, but seriously gentlemen we have an abundance of talent out there from Cornwall and Plymouth it's about time we recognised these players and started making it our business to promote them to the higher leagues as no one in the peninsula wants to step up to the plate. Truro City and the like please take notice some really good good players are from you're locality why look any further?
  3. Just browsing through last years merry go round of predictions 11-6-2016 Leeds united thinking the two landricombes and nick hurst weren't enough to win the southern league. OK nearly right but they were good enough to get them promoted ooooooppppps!
  4. I have seen Tiverton a few times this year and I think they would have done better than Truro in the league. They have some quality players consisting of youth and experience just look how they destroyed Salisbury even though their budget was no where near what Claridge was having to fork out a week. They go up this year so will only be one league below Truro, a long way off I know but it wouldn't surprise me if they made the playoffs with exactly the same side every player is quality.
  5. Maybe time to look at some local talent who could step up to the plate. Well done Truro for avoiding the drop looking forward to seeing who stays who goes and who will be brought in, like I said i would love to see some local talent as well as experienced and loan players given a chance to make the grade.