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  1. He seems to be playing for plymouth hope in the p and d league quite a lot at the moment
  2. He can't stop scoring now I knew he would come good
  3. Final score 2-1 crediton a truly awful.game of football
  4. 1-0 crediton half time a truly dire game
  5. I once managed a djm under 11 team who conceded 100 goals in six games the worst defeat in that run being 26-1. we actually finished the season with a record of played 18 lost 18 goals scored 9 goals against 227 the plymouth herald ran a story about the team. Needless to say I resigned at the end of the season lol
  6. Good on him well done
  7. Full time 1-1 argyle the better team but tavy deserved the draw for pure effort alone.
  8. Half time 1-0 tavy hobbs, argyle at least 70 per cent possession with a very strong team big crowd as well
  9. Tavy vs argyle should be a cracker
  10. Watched elburton vs plymstock finished 2 each quite a good game actually plenty of fiesty tackles and in the end a fair result
  11. The boy is top drawer no doubt, give him the right service and he will score goals at any level.I have watched him since he was 14 and he is an incredibly gifted footballer
  12. What was the score today please
  13. I predict at least 1 goal today for rocky and a win for truro
  14. Several of u have said he's a youngster he is now 22 or 23 if he was 18 I would take your point, he is an exceptional footballer he can use both feet and he has an incredibly quick football brain, play him with up top with a big man and he will score goals no doubt about it