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  1. 3 laws 4ryan 8rooney 10lane 11richards
  2. best thing you said in weeks lol keep up the good work ,,zxzzzz
  3. 3 pros started that day where you get 4/5 who knows ?? and you only never moaned cause you won yer numpty lol didnt moan lol you lot never stopped moaning from the start of the game untill the end never heard any thing like it at a game in my life , the ref and lines men was bullied into giving decisions officials need to clamp down on these kind of tactics its not good for the game ,,
  4. never heard witheridge moaning and argyle played 10 pros that night ,, they looked forward to the evening of football ,, is there anyone connected with bodmin that dont whinge ???????????
  5. the captain should all so get the trophy for top whinger on the pitch zzzz moan moan moan ,, and the goal was disallowed through the ref and lines man being set upon and intimidated by bodmin players , i wonder how many points bodmin gain by these tactics over the course of the season , no wonder we struggle to get refs with the likes of bodmin about , disgracefull .