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  1. Beale you can come sign on for us if you like? Honestly Iv never seen someone so committed to Exiles like yourself. You was invited to the double trophy winning awards night but you didn't show? Exiles have been busy in the transfer market 😏
  2. 😂😂😂
  3. Beale your more than welcome to come celebrate our end of season due tomo. Another solid season from us don't you think?
  4. For mabe to join exiles they would actually have to turn up for one. They got that tired of finishing behind us they changed leagues 😂.
  5. Can't be that good you didn't beat us This year
  6. That's the difference between us and Falmouth you see. We totally forgive your player for getting subbed onto the pitch and attacking our player in the first instance. I hope one day you can do the same. We and the league thought this was all resolved clearly Ian Beale wants to have another inquest
  7. #bealebanta
  8. Exiles 4-1 Culdrose we put thursdays shocking performance robbed today. Personally I think we played the better football for pretty much 90 minutes. We played the football that got us to the top of the league today which we haven't in recent weeks. Proud of everyone at Exiles after a few weeks of not being at our best. We can relax now and enjoy our last game against the current mabe side which is always an eventual occasion 😬. goals Daniel Burt Josh Findlay Danny Earl 2
  9. To be honest I couldn't defend our performance at all today. 80% of us didn't leave the changing room. I kbow we can play the football to beat culdrose mawnan ect but recently we have just gone back to pumping the ball up field. It works against teams struggling but not sides like them mentioned above. We missed josh Findlay today who has been solid for us in the midfield. Think tonight is a wake up call for us. I expect a much improved performance back on our own pitch it will be a good watch!
  10. Culdrose 3.0 exiles quute simply we was awful tonight apart from a select few. Lost 2nd 3rd 4th balls most of the game and kept trying to play long ball which doesn't work against side who can knock the ball around. Just an off night for Exiles. Look forward to the return game Saturday and hopefully seal the league.
  11. Congratulations to mawnan great final again to be apart of. They took a 2.0 lead quickly with us not getting into the game really until the 30-35th minute then things clicked for us nicking one just before half time. We equalised then they managed to get a penalty 5 minutes later to go 3.2 up I then missed a crucial penalty and it finished 3.2 mawnan. Again congratulations to mawnan for a great final! And sorry to my boys should have taken us to extra time!. Hopefully secure the league in the next home game and secure the double for another fantastic season
  12. What are people's predictions for the cup final Sunday?
  13. 15.00 according to fa mate so that's what time I'll be kitting up for 👍🏽
  14. Wendron this Sunday! Not 100% on the time
  15. I was hoping that penalty went under the radar 😩😂