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  1. Oh yeah 😂😂
  2. Shame you couldn't make it tonight might have changed your opinion! 😏
  3. Penwith Exiles 2-0 CSM We put our dismal Monday performance against Holmans to bed tonight we battled from the word go against a very strong CSM team. A game played in good spirit throughout and some decent football played. A goal either side of half time seen us beat the team looking good for prem title this year! Hopefully this answers a few more questions tonight! Good bunch of lads at CSM and good luck to you on the rest of your season Daniel Burt 1x Own Goal
  4. Is this mabeandpenwithfootballforum? i wonder if a post can survive without one being mentioned 😫😫😫 😂😂😂
  5. Even if they did put it on you wouldn't show! 😂. Enjoy the sun 🌞
  6. You had the winner of Hayle res vs Redruth res. Hayle won 2.0 👍🏽
  7. 😂😂. All this bitterness yet you call off our home fixture says a lot tbh! Have a chat with the league get the fixture back on and then you can come down to our place? We would love the chance to play you guys again!
  8. Haha! Everyone has their own opinion I suppose!, best let the results do the talking! Again good luck to you in your final fixture 👍🏽👍🏽
  9. 😂😂 your right we couldn't! No arguments there at all! We have been waiting for one of them games as every team gets them especially when your on a 19-0 league run so we are happy to get the win! I'm sure if you brought your 1st team players down for our home game instead of calling it off you might have seen a few more goals 😬. You can't say you can't see how we should win the league off one performance on which we still took 3 points 😂. Each to their own tho! 👍🏽
  10. Holmans 0-1 Penwith Exiles We travelled to Holmans this evening expecting a tough game and that's exactly what we got. The extra men Holmans brought in from the senior team really made it difficult for us tonight. It was a very stop start game with not much attractive football being played which played into the hands of Holmans. The keeper fumbled a 25 yard effort about 38 minutes in and that's all that really happened. A few men missing in key areas for us and illness with a few players on the pitch but no excuses with the game or how it was played. Very happy to be leaving with 3 points. Good luck to Holmans for the rest of the season from all at Exiles. Daniel Burt 1x
  11. Look forward to seeing even more new faces in the final then!
  12. totaly agree, on a personal I thought the mabe centre backs (older boys) got it abit more than some of the other players. I had a couple of mabe lads moaning about these "higher standard" players. also a couple of the "higher standard" played she telling me I take it to seriously. Maybe the reason they are out the league title this season?. All in all sets up for a brilliant final!
  13. Mabe brought in a few of their boys for the first fixture which we won 3.1. Don't get me wrong it's a decent team but the results against them this season they haven't been in the game!, I'm not surprised to hear about the belittling ect. I expect the final will be fiercely contested and a great watch! And hopefully bring a couple of their boys down a peg or two (AGAIN). Can't beat abit of rivalry
  14. We didn't see any of this arrogance in the 3.1 and 4.0 results when we have beaten them at their place this season? I wonder why 😏. I hope they bring this arrogance to the final because we will be looking to buried mabe again! Unlucky to you boys at illogan I honestly expected a closer score line after the midweek match! Good luck for your remaining league fixtures!! And hope to see a few of you boys at the final! 👍🏽👍🏽
  15. Yes hopefully I'll be able to get up to watch the semi! After the 1-1 league result it should be a good game. Looking forward to the Monday fixture big couple of games left for us to try and get the job done early. Would be nice to have the title before the final of a couple results fall our way. Nothing certain in football tho Iv seen to many strange things happen 😂.