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  1. So they had a few more teams. Thanks for that. Unfortunately there aren't as many footballers around. Interested to see if anyone else thinks 16 is a better number going forward? Cheers
  2. Yeah we have to be fair but last season was a struggle and the few before that I think. I'm interested to see how many agree that 16 would be a better number- it could mean less leagues but more of a 'proper' season. Always worth a mention at the AGM I suppose. Going back a good few years- Falmouth Helston League and Mining League era- did they have the same numbers as the Trelawny league roughly or were they different?
  3. Fair point Wendron Official. I agree. 20 may be too extreme a change and it could end up being a nightmare to fit in with postponements in the winter etc. I think a league season should be at least 30 games though- less opportunity for my Mrs to take me shopping!
  4. Thanks Red, White & Black. More games in a season would be good for this standard in my opinion. 16-20 teams in a league? What's other people's thoughts?
  5. Is it two up two down between the neighbouring leagues or does it depend on how many teams are withdrawing and coming into the league setup? Obviously if a number of teams pull out or setup then numbers in each league could change? Can anyone shed any light on this for me please? Thanks in advance.
  6. Plenty of U turns between local clubs I'm sure.
  7. Penzance or whoever finishes next to bottom in both Div. 1 East and Div. 1 West are safe. If Tiverton Reserves didn't pull out there would have been a play off between whoever finishes next to bottom in both leagues. But that is no longer the case. So only the bottom team will go down.
  8. Only one going down Rodney. If Tiverton Reserves didn't pull out then Penzance would have gone down but due to this situation they stay up.