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  1. Even though the season has just finished we are looking to get our pre season games arranged starting from the end of June onwards to get our players ready for the new season. As our club has cricket through out the summer we will be unable to play games at home so if anyone from the trelawney leagues or duchy leagues are willing to play us for friendlies at there place from the end of June onwards plz contact me on here or ring our manager Ben on 07801436338 so we can arrange a date, many thanks
  2. I was also watching today, apart from all the antics that were going on the sidelines it was a great game to watch! Penwith are a great side but really with the players mabe have got and for penwith to play basically an hour (that's including extra time) with 9 men Mabe should of been good enough to put the game to bed! But great credit to penwith for winning with 9men and also watching from the sidelines u wouldn't of even realised that it was 9 v11 half the time because both sides were still creating chances! Going to the penalty, Completely agree to let a 17 year old lb take a suddden death penalty when u have senior attacking players who were available to take one was very harsh on the lad I thought and maybe the other more experienced players should of stepped up.
  3. Would of done my usual match Report after the game on Wednesday but after drinking 🍻 to the early hours of Thursday morning celebrating our cup 🏆 win I was In no fit state to comment then or yesterday lol! Going back to the game. I thought Wendron were the better side first half and deserved to go in 1-0 at half time they were stronger when it came to challenges and first for every second ball. Im not quite sure why we never got going first half, maybe it was nerves, as some of us haven't won anything in a while and we didn't really express ourselfs like we usually do. But second half I thought we came out a better side, we changed our formation which I thought benefitted us switching to two up top and we just look alot more confident and comfortable because of it. So going on to our goals after Keir Dent had grabbed a fine later winner in the semi final against Frogpool to get us there it was down to his brother Liam Dent this time to grab us a superb second half hat-trick (the last one being the pick of the bunch) to win us the cup! Even though he grabbed the goals and will get the headlines no doubt, it was a great team performance that won us the game and it's been this case for much of the season and thats where Managers Ben Roberts and Lee Harris have to take major credit as when they turned up for pre season they only had 3 players that were there from last season. So they had to build a whole new team and to do as well as we have in the league and win the cup is a fantastic achievement! Not only have they formed a great side, the social side and the camaraderie they have built within the squad also is second to none and I for one and have enjoyed this season on and off the pitch more than any previously and I am already looking forward to the start of next season! Where hopefully we will bag some more silverware! MAWNAN FC!!
  4. Should be a good game next Wednesday between two good sides. We have beat them twice already in the league this year but as you all know that doesn't mean anything as it's a Cup Final and anything can happen in a one off cup match! Looking forward to it Though!
  5. Got to give Frogpool credit where it's due they made the game very difficult for us and are a great young side who play good football and will only get better! Got to agree though I did think we edged the game on a whole and did deserve the win! But only edge it just may I add. On to the final now next Wednesday, which is a fantastic achievement for us being a whole new side this season! Good luck to Frogpool for the remainder of there season, good bunch 👍 Mawnan goal scorers Brodie Kemp x1 Keir Dent x1
  6. U belong on a stage Mr Geach 👏 😂👀
  7. Arthur Pearce Cup Semi Final We take on Frogpool Reserves tonight in the semi final of the Arthur Pearce Cup at Wendron, 6:15 kick-off. Should be a good game for the neutral as both sides are a footballing side and like to play football the right way. So if u are looking for something to do on a nice sunny (hopefully) evening come up at watch what will hopefully be a good game of football between two junior sides!
  8. Mawnan 1 Mabe 3 Gutted about the result, as I thought we matched them for 80mins but we gave away two late penalties which they converted, which was probably down to tired legs as we have played 3 Tough games in 5 days now (why the fixture couldn't be played sat where we both don't have a fixture is beyond me) thought a draw personally would of been a fair result in my eyes! But fair play to Mabe who are a very good side. Luckily now we have a 2 week rest to get everyone fit for the semi final of the Arthur pearce cup on the 24th after having 5 or 6 regulars missing again tonight! Mawnan goal scorer Keir Dent x1
  9. Div 2 Mawnan 2 Fallmouth town 1 Big game in division 2 tonight with 4th playing 5th and I believe now after the win tonight that guarantees us a top 4 finish (may be wrong) this season with still 4 games to go which in a very strong league this year with new managers and practically a whole new team, with only 2 players here this year that were with the seconds last year is a fantastic achievement so far this season! Not to mention also a semi final in a cup still to come! Going back to tonight's game it was a tough game, as Falmouth are a very good side with some great players. Thought we had the better of the first half and created the better chances and deserved to go in 1-0 at HT. Second half was a bit of a different story even though we got the goal early on to put us 2-0 up, it was more backs against the wall job especially when town cut the lead in half to make it 2-1 with about 15mins to go but thought we defended brilliantly tonight and probably just about deserved the victory over all. Good luck to Town for the rest of the season!
  10. Obviously we were involved at the beginning of the season when one of the Town players suffered an unfortunate leg break. Never like to hear about a player breaking a leg because as we all know we don't get paid to play and it now means the player losing out on work and money! Just like to say we hope the player involved has a speedy recovery and Comes back stronger, thats from everyone involved at Mawnan.
  11. Fourlanes 1 Mawnan 4 Arthur Pearce Cup Was a difficult game for us yesterday as the pitch wasn't great (but at least we managed to get it played which is the main thing) and we had 6-7 regulars missing which was a shame. Fourlanes were a physical side and put it about in a fair way, but I thought we were the footballing side and that showed in the end with the goals we scored and thought we deserved the result! On to the semi final now which I believe is against Frogpool which will be another tough game but one we are looking forward to! Good luck to fourlanes with the rest of the season 👍 Mawnan goal scorers Olly Growcott-Smith x1 Dave Thompson x1 Christian Blundell x1 Keir Dent x1
  12. Fingers crossed clijah is good to go, going by the weather forecast there is no more rain due over that way today apparently which is a positive.
  13. Yes are 3 subs were Ian grant, Scott Kellow and byron wood, like I said byron was carrying a slight knock and granty said he was available if we needed him but didn't want to start and just wanted a run out towards the end as he hasn't played much this season. So if we had said no to Liam, granty and Scott we would have went with bare 11 so if anyone would of got injured we would of had no subs and would of had to play with 10. So for us to say to them we didn't bother getting in other players as we thought having 11 would be enough judging by your Results! That in my eyes would of been a little bit more disrespectful. We stuck with In the laws by only having two senior players could of started both but we didn't and like I have said previously took Liam off at half time and to say him scoring 6 is disrespectful is also a joke! What do you want him to do go through one on one for example hit it wide and say "did it on purpose as I believe I'm to good for this standard" or pass it back and say "there is no point in shooting as I'm to good" again that would be more disrespectful to the opposition in my eyes! Also u say we should have looked at the opposition beforehand. 1, They arrived late at 6:10 and we needed to kick-off at 6:15 (or the ref wasn't gonna play it due to light, which was fair enough) so we didn't get a chance to even see them beforehand, also once again that in my eyes would be more disrespectful as like they say u shouldn't judge a book by its cover. I just think personally u are trying to make a mountain out of a mole hill no one was saying anything to the other teams in our league when they were beating teams by bigger scorelines whilst fieling players that you say are to good for this level!
  14. To clear a few things up we asked Liam if he was available to help us out on Monday as we only had a bare 11 available at this time, as everyone knows what it is like mid week to raise a side. we had 6 regular players missing few various circumstances last night. In the end we managed to have 3 subs 1 player who hasn't managed to feature for us all season but who we signed at the start , another that is the 1st team manager and was just looking 4 a run out and the other who is a 16year old lad who has been in and out of the side all season who is still adjusting to mens football (but who will be one to watch for the future) carrying a slight knock. So no regular starters were dropped for Liam. Plus knowing the managers well that is not the there style to do things like that! Also and like Liam said they took him off at half time and brang on all 3 subs to be respectful to the opposition when others would of probably left him on to score 10+
  15. Yes it is he signed for Mawnan at the beginning of the season for cover so if we were ever short and also so he could play in the same side as his brother