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  1. Hi MQ My comment wasn't aimed at Liskeard in particular but towards clubs that struggle to stay in a division on a regular basis. In my humble opinion teams would enjoy their football at a level that they can compete without the worry of avoiding relegation. How often do you here clubs that are doomed looking for lifelines to retain their status?
  2. My thoughts entirely Dave In my humble opinion if a team is not good enough to win enough points to stay in the premier league and finish in the relegation positions they should go down. Liskeard struggled to stay in the premier league in the previous season so their young team may benefit from playing in division 1 and gaining experience and confidence by winning a game or two. Why do clubs clutch at straws when they clearly are not good enough at that level? Looe should be promoted as next in line.
  3. Would Mike Newcombe give up his well run empire?
  4. Can you honestly see Mike Newcombe agreeing to an amalgamation with the ECPL? In my opinion the Duchy league is far better administered than its senior potential partner.
  5. Heavy fine I suspect will be put on Vospers by the league?
  6. To give vospers their due, they battled hard on saturday and were unlucky not to have shared the points although that would't have kept them up I believe?
  7. not surprising now that they are relegated
  8. not a bad week for dobwalls
  9. Congratulations to Dobwalls