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  1. Mousehole did it with the right connections and limited or zero budget
  2. Why did Dobwalls only end with 9 Players?
  3. Not much chance of playing at the Marsh looking at the forecast.
  4. Hi Karaoke I didn't expect to see that result? what was the game like, was it as one sided as the score suggests? Who scored the goals?
  5. Dobwalls 5 Penzance 4 I decided to call in to Dobwalls as I was passing through and certainly got my moneys worth. The home team were awful in the first half and Penzance took advantage of their lacklustre performance by helping themselves to 3 uncontested goals. Whatever was said at halftime the hosts looked a different team after the break.Midway through the second half Dobwalls scored twice to put the visitors on the back foot. A long range shot was only parried into the goal to level the scores and two further goals looked to have won the game for Dobwalls. With time running out the referee awarded Penzance a penalty to reduce the arrears. He was later heard to say that he had got it wrong which is unusual for a referee. All in all the game was played in good spirit although things got tense towards the end as you would expect but the official handled it well.