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  1. best of luck finding someone who can put up with the abuse on a weekly basis, thick skin needed
  2. I thought you had a couple of linesmen?
  3. I thought this site was about individual opinions, why do people get so wound up. Life is too short for petty squabbles
  4. What was the lineup for Liskeard?
  5. Who do you think will struggle to avoid relegation?
  6. Some interesting choices, maybe a few dark horses to add to that?
  7. Who will be the title contenders in the Premier and west divisions this season?
  8. Major Shock

    I seem to remember Dobwalls lost their whole squad to a local rival less than a month before the new season started in the same division as Penryn. They took on a new manager who I believe took an under 18 side to the club. They finished in the top half of the league and the club has managed to maintain their status ever since. I feel sorry for a club that find themselves in this position but this seems to be happening on a regular basis. Foxhole had a strong side in the peninsula league that suddenly fell apart as did Wendron who have since rebuilt. Edgecumbe and St Dominic have also withdrawn their senior side amongst others in recent seasons. There doesn't appear to be any loyalty anymore in local sport?
  9. Lack of cash is a major concern for most clubs whether they are junior league or the more illustrious senior clubs. They either need a generous sponsor or a hard working committee that brings in revenue from fundraising activities. At the top end paying players must surely cause no end of problems if clubs want to be competitive in an attempt to win trophies. There have been a number of cases in the last few years where clubs have tried to buy success only to find that when the money dries up there is no loyalty from the players and they are back to square 1. Surely a club needs to build its infrastructure and generate adequate income to gradually climb the ladder to achieve success without breaking the bank. After all it is meant to be an amateur competition.
  10. SWPL Goalkeepers

    What about Steve Nute SW league, SWPL and Argyle?
  11. Immoral behaviour

    At the end of the day players and managers move clubs for whatever reason. I am sure that everyone wants the best for their team and sometimes it is at another clubs expense. It will all be forgotten when the new season starts. Hopefully all of the original players at the club will get a game somewhere. All the best for the new season