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    All credit to the Bodmin helpers and staff who put on a first class presentation for the Cardiff game. Well done one and all. Right from the excellent playing surface through to selling programmes in the pouring rain, the effort and genuine commitment was there for all to see. It is almost impossible (and unfair) to try and judge the Bodmin team performance against a quality Championship side like Cardiff, so I'm not even going to try. Friendlies are training shifts first and foremost and I am sure Mr Gilbert has his hands full with pretty much a new team this season in any case. I think everyone who attended not only got wet through (I certainly did) but will hopefully appreciate the hard graft and effort this SWPL side put into this fixture. They did the league proud which was more than echoed by numerous Cardiff supporters during the evening. A worthy event for Cornwall football and I count myself lucky enough of having been able to attend.
  2. Counted 23 heads dotted around the wooden fence surrounding the pitch, mostly Bodmin die-hards. Very nice pitch, rest of the ground was basically one set back building housing changing rooms and toilets (my apology if it had more, I didn't enter the inner sanctum) I knew there had been summertime changes within the Bodmin squad but I was still surprised to only recognise 3 of todays players from last seasons campaign, one of those was none other than Darren Gilbert.... as a stand in goalkeeper? According to a couple of Bodmin supporters I enquired with, this was pretty much a first team squad minus Jake Ash & Steve Simmons (plus the keeper no doubt). Bere Alston were 3 nil up at one stage and pretty much coasting. Darren was giving it a few expletives from his 6 yard area. Bodmin appeared disjointed and lacked cohesion, the proceedings could be described as decidedly frenetic. They struggled to calm the throttle and put some quality on the ball, everything was crash, bang, wallop which suited the home side mighty fine (no disrespect intended). In fact Bere Alston looked the better side for the first 70 minutes of the game. Last quarter Bodmin got their act together and really applied the pressure. Bere Alston tired and were struggling to hold onto the victory. Finally Bodmin were starting to create and execute a string of attacking moves rather than just hit and hope. The home side deservedly held on to gain a major scalp (if there is such a term in consideration of a friendly match). It should have been 4-2 really as the referee blew up for full time as an airborne shot whistled past Mr Gilbert into the Bodmin net. No goal was given, the final result remained Bere Alston 3 Bodmin Town 2. Quirky, surprising and enjoyable, well worth the ride out.
  3. Counted 107 at Lux Park last night. Always a nice kept ground and it looked a picture in the early evening sunshine (clouded over a bit later on). The pitch looked lush and green, the grass was slightly long but surely not a tactic to slow the pace of the game, I'm not reading that into an early season friendly. Probably more to do with everything growing so fast in our current humid environment. My first look at the newly assembled Parkway juggernaut. Plenty of comments overheard from various sources (some in tracksuits) that this Parkway lot were the best side in the league? Not sure about that yet, bit too early to judge supremacy factors from a leg-stretcher run out. Personally thought the 8-1 scoreline was a little cruel on the young Liskeard side who competed well throughout the game. They showed some genuine promise for their upcoming league campaign when much lesser lights than Parkway will be in town. They more than held their own for reasonable sections of the game only to be put to the sword by some clinical finishing. To be fair this game could have ended 5-10 and nobody would've been surprised. No Glynn Hobbs on show tonight but plenty of other big names got some important game time. Interesting to note a lot calmer less animated Parkway bench than what the boss got up to at Bodmin last season? There was enough quality and style about Parkway to identify them as an impressive looking side but like I hinted about earlier, its far too early to start talking in terms of them being this seasons runaway head-honcho's.
  4. Went along to Kimberley Park and am pleased to report Saltash provided a spirited and decent performance against an Argyle side containing first team credentials. There wasn't much in it until midway through the second half and Saltash had more than a few opportunities to take the lead. They did the SWPL proud with a very competent showing. The pitch played like a bowling green and the club put on a great spread for all the Argyle supporters, Saltash displayed tremendous application to ensuring everyone had a jolly good time. Here is a cut and paste from what I commented upon regarding the match on the Argyle PASOTI website: Chips, Pints and Muggy Summer Football.These are leg stretchers and nothing more but we're all desperate for a day at the match, no matter what the circumstances (both players and supporters).Thought Lameiras was a bit special for Argyle today and should have a wonderful season, quality player, other than him, everybody seemed (how should I say) in need of a run out?All credit to Saltash for presenting a great playing surface, especially in consideration of their respective league status and for all the supporting facilities league supporters often take for granted. They played damn well as a team, were unfortunate to not score and certainly gave Argyle a testing competitive workout. I was surprised how few people knew they were unlucky SWPL runners up last season and finished way above Parkways mediocre performances.By the way, has anyone got the official attendance please?