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  1. Wasn't pretty, wasn't fancy at Launceston last night but Bodmin had more than enough in the tank to see off the home side. Launceston were uninspiring indeed and barely had a couple of half chances throughout the entire 90 minutes. Still, Bodmin had to win and that's just what they did, even fluffed a couple of penalties in the process. Not a great game for the neutral, a scrappy affair lacking cohesion and quality. As for Launceston making it interesting, forget it, never in doubt. Unfortunate that both Adam Carter and Dan Sullivan worsened the niggling tweeks they initially picked up in Mondays Cup Final. Adam Carter has an achilles problem whilst Sully has a thigh issue, both have been told to rest but that's not easy with all the games coming up next week? Tough run in for Bodmin and fatigue (plus injuries) will be critical. Goal difference is in favour of Tavistock so there needs to be a defining moment for Bodmin, everyone is going for the head to head between the two clubs. Not many people are flagging up that difficult looking away game Tavistock have got over at Plymouth Parkway? Could be difficult that one? Still a number of possible outcomes depending on results.
  2. For those of you struggling to find something to do, this might kill 5 minutes....... I've put a brief Cup Final visit report and a few accompanying snaps on the 'Where's The Tea Hut' site. All strictly independent of course. Here is a link: http://wherestheteahut.blogspot.co.uk/
  3. Congratulations to Darren Gilbert and a quality Bodmin Town side. Credit also to a spirited Saltash performance, they were certainly knocking on the door in those last ten minutes. There was little to choose between these two heavyweights, they've been nip and tuck all season and this game portrayed it in full. As a neutral, 2-1 seemed just about a fair result but it could have gone either way, there wasn't much between them in my book. Slogging the Match Shed down to Helston was a bit of a bind, fortunately the long journey back wasn't quite as bad. Initially I thought the choice of venue so far south was a touch mad, however, having witnessed the set up at Helston, including a first class playing surface for this time of year, I can understand the reasoning. All praise to Helston they've got a really good non league ground down at Kellaway Park, they proved first class hosts for such a prestigious event. Well done indeed. They also made a big effort to include the younger generation, never seen so many ball boys (all remarkably polite) and some great half time fun with the little kids matches. You'll read plenty of well detailed match reports about the big game I'm sure, however, if you have trouble sleeping or get incredibly bored at work I shall be putting a Cup Final visit report on my 'Where's The Tea Hut' site over the next few days (when I get the chance). It'll include a few snaps of the proceedings as well. Thanks to Helston AFC for a great setting and both Bodmin Town and Saltash United for a spirited Cup Final. An enjoyable afternoons football.
  4. I'm a rookie watching SWPL football, I've done 2 seasons now so I'm certainly no expert. My apology to the more educated posters on this site. I'm just recording this as I see it as a neutral admirer of non league football. Bear with me...... In right of reply to a club getting a lot of undue stick (whom I have nothing to do with) please allow me to state some facts from what I have seen on the pitch this season. What never ceases to amaze me is the amount of stick & abuse Bodmin Town get for what I will politely classify as 'ungentlemanly conduct'. Every week somebody with an allegiance to one of the SWPL Premier clubs has a go at Bodmin for being out of order with officials, swearing and being generally nasty. Usually when Bodmin have won. Seems Good Friday is no different. Some of the comments may very well be accurate, however, kindly take a good clear look outside of your goldfish bowl, almost every single club in the SWPL is guilty of the very same tactics, it is a sad part and parcel of modern-football' and how it has infected even the non league aspects of our game. I have seen a lot of games involving the top 6 SWPL Premier sides this season. In the interest of an independent viewpoint may I now ask you to fasten your seat belts.... the likes of St Austell and Saltash are by far the more sneaky manipulators of officials in my humble opinion. And that is as a pure observer of the games I have seen and as a neutral. I'm not saying that as a sensationalist statement, it is to make people realise that Bodmin are not some deviant horrible club swimming against the SWPL tide, even your favourite Aunties clubs are at it! Mr Gilbert is a character true enough but what you see is what you get. He is a good manager but he also has a unique personality, what do you honestly want? We need personalities like this in the local game. Some of the ridiculous diving, late tackles, endless voices in the referees ears from certain clubs is by far worse than I have seen from Bodmin Town to date (you know who you are, just wish your supporters did too).. Perhaps people in dodgy built glass houses shouldn't throw stones? Let Mondays Cup Final take place in the true spirit of the game.... not corrupted by various unfair remarks and slurs against the holders. Give the Bodmin Town abuse a break, not only is it boring, take a look in your own back yard for a change?
  5. Went along to Dobwalls 0 Liskeard Athletic 1 Head count 82 With no disrespect to the efforts and obvious commitment of both sides, the match was truly awful. A morning of misplaced passes and endless hoofing. Glad to get back in the car.
  6. Went along to Lux Park for Liskeards 2-0 win over Wendron. Always liked this ground. Came here years ago when I lived up on the Pennine Hills (long way for a night match, mind you, they were playing Bodmin). Friendly tea room again, friendly people all round. 70p for a tea in a mug, 40p for crisps, stacks of pasties in the warmer. Liskeard created over a dozen scoring chances in the first 30 minutes, looked mighty impressive, went 1-0 up and the game died. Wendron got back into it second half but lacked the killer finish. 2-0 was a fair result. Think Liskeard deserve to be a little higher up the table but they've still got some games in hand. Was tempted to travel to Bodmin initially for the Match Of The Day v the Argyle lads. Decided against it (once again) because of the insane roadworks on the A38 and the bonkers redevelopment work in the town centre. The muppets who sanctioned these crazy job creation schemes should have been taken to task at the planning stage. They'd have been sacked in other parts of the country. What a waste of money, criminal. What will they dream up next?
  7. Just going back to the Tiverton Town situation briefly: Personally (no disrespect intended) I do not feel the SWPL Premier Division should be sporting reserve grade sides from any club, whatever their respective status. This includes the likes of Tiverton Town and Plymouth Argyle. I appreciate there may be FA bureaucratic baggage affecting what individual leagues can and cannot rule upon, however, I do feel reserve sides certainly erode the culture and image of what is our flagship division in a much respected league which is often viewed with envy nationwide. For me the SWPL Premier Division would be much better placed (and respected) with no infiltration's from either reserve sides or development squads.
  8. Seeing we are now in the title run-in period I went looking for the possibility of a dramatic upset today. At least that was the plan. Seems I made a major boo-boo going along to watch Launceston 1 Tavistock 5. Despite Launceston taking a 1-0 lead after 15 minutes this encounter was never in doubt. It was an appalling match certainly not helped by the conditions. How I lasted the full 90 minutes I do not know. Worst game I've seen for years. I counted 72 lost souls drowning in the drizzle, most got some shelter in the stand and about half the crowd seemed to be from Tavistock way. The match was very low quality with hardly 2 passes strung together throughout. Tavistock had the intention to play football but the weather deprived anything of note, they at least got the ball in the net 5 times but the whole affair was very much kick and run, huff and puff stuff. They are better than this but will still be exceedingly happy with those valuable 3 points. As for Launceston, perhaps I caught them on a very bad day but they appeared totally clueless over the 90 minutes. They got their goal on a long shot fortunately bobbling into the net and after that early glimmer of resistance there was pretty much zero threat whatsoever. They really did look tactically empty. It was hard work watching it never mind playing it. The continuing abysmal South West weather had a significant part in making this encounter a real dog of a football match. I was glad to get back in the Match Shed and drive home. Allow me to add my sincere congratulations to Sticker for an amazing title win. Not seen them yet but I am certainly looking forward to sampling the experience. Enjoy it!
  9. Just got back from Saltash United 3 Plymouth Argyle 2 The home side obviously had a game plan for the visit of the youngsters and it just about got them home. Whether I agreed with it (as a neutral) is a completely different matter. I suppose brute force and sheer physicality won out over a side trying to play football. On a badly rutted pitch the ball was bobbling all over the place and certainly affected any real attempts to play any form of a passing game. Perhaps this is why Saltash went with the hoof and chase strategy as their junior counterparts tried to play out from the back. Saltash added some significant ingredients to the mix by persistently appealing to the Referee and crowding around him at every opportunity. Not good to see the home bench continually yelling at the Official to book Argyle players for the slightest technical offences (there certainly weren't any bad Argyle challenges to moan about). I think their objective was to distract the Referee from some very hard and often late tackles that the home favourites were putting in. Don't get me wrong, Argyles young lads are in this league to learn about the physical aspects of the game but some of the stuff Saltash were trying on was well out of order. The 3-1 half time scoreline flattered Saltash. A deflected opening goal after 40 seconds plus the benefit of a penalty certainly helped their cause in a half that was pretty much even. The second half definitely belonged to Argyle and the nerves set in for the home side big time. Further increased moaning and crowding out the Referee coupled with even more dubious challenges led to a flurry of yellow cards and one of the Coaching Staff being sent off. This was a junior side they were playing not Bodmin Town or St Austell? Next up we got the time wasting, more kicking the ball away, more flashing of the yellow card. Goodness me there is competitiveness to get the win but this was taking the spirit of the game to extremes. Argyle piled on the pressure (between the incessant interruptions) but despite getting one back to make it 3-2 they just couldn't get that equalising goal, despite plenty of near misses and hitting the woodwork. The home supporters cheered with relief at the final whistle, no wonder. They got out of jail tonight and sneaked off with a valuable 3 points in the process. Not impressed by what I witnessed of the much praised Saltash experience tonight, suppose this is what they call winning ugly?
  10. Thanks to Chris for an accurate little summary of the proceedings. I was also at Poltair Park for what promised to be one of those really special SWPL games that you look forward to for ages. Always found St Austell to be a friendly ground with helpful people always on hand to provide a welcoming match day experience. Today was no exception, first class. Despite the anticipation of something special 'football-wise' I thought the first half was a bit of an anti-climax to be honest. A scrappy niggly affair with little genuine entertainment for the supporters. The goals eventually livened up the game and with a 1-2 lead Bodmin were in a great position to plot out a half time completion plan to see out the second half. The mist and the deepening fog seemed to drift in a whole new agenda for that second half, to catchphrase the famous western 'The Good, the Bad and the Ugly' that's exactly what we got in an intriguing highly watchable 45 minutes of no holds barred compelling football. I'm not going to duplicate what Chris has already reported. All I will state is that two individual specific flaws counter-act what St Austell and Bodmin are seeking to achieve this season: In the case of St Austell they are far too theatrical in falling over much too easily, time and time again I have seen their usual-suspects rolling all over the floor like they've been shot. I ask the question 'why', in the majority of instances they've hardly been touched? They are a damn good side with some really good players, they don't need to rely on these dubious flop on the floor tactics. All it does is enrage the opposition and open them up to wider claims of diving and cheating. I'd like to think St Austell football club can be better than that. As for Bodmin Town, their key deficiency is basic discipline. How many times has the pot boiled over this season, how many points has it already cost them. It is not a sustainable code of conduct to win trophies (unless you gamble on luck, which won't last very long). Far too often certain individuals hit the self destruct button and get the red card for their misjudgement. Ultimately they lose matches and pick up unwelcome suspensions, daft is too easy a word for it. The 1 point will not have done either side too much good today. Time to reflect upon internal performance issues. If they can fix their all too familiar problems that 1 point would soon become 3? Good luck to both of them.