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  1. Helston swpl squad v st ives is 7pm
  2. Think we are all still hungover. Cracking night had by the whole team and some supporters back in st.ives, a cracking game of football by both teams that wanted it badly against each other, still abit surreal to be honest, the manner that we won it but overall I think just deserved it, and I mean just. Very equal game. We always knew it would be with last weeks 0-0 in the league. Tough game tomorrow now at helston and a game on Saturday, 3 games in 6 days when you don't have a reserve team is hard.
  3. Redruth linesman outstanding today, gave a goal that got cleared off the line which the ref wouldn't have been able to give but he was honest and gave it. Told the ref a foul was committed by his own player which led to a yellow card ( ref had given a goal kick) not many linesmen would be as honest as Redruths today, so bravo and well done.