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  1. Thanks Dave. Good result.
  2. Are all these players Cornish ?
  3. Very over rated. Yellow card collector and lazy. Sorry , just my observation. ( He does have talent though ) .
  4. Fyneboy not at the club any more I believe ?
  5. So Parkway down to 1 striker , who is actually a winger ?
  6. Good effort going on there Pastyman. Saltash have always been a good team ( most seasons ) . They deserve this this. I heard the crowd was a large % of Plymouth Parkway fans ?
  7. Coming up the rear !
  8. Interesting how well Saltash are doing , not sure how much this is due to Dane Bunney ?
  9. I was expecting Mr Hilson.
  10. Typical , the newbees are on here now.
  11. It was on the cards. Enter Mr Hilson.
  12. Not really coming up with the points that they require to fulfil the Chairmans expectations ? I wonder if Mr Hilson would be interested in the challenge ?
  13. Perhaps a change of Management is needed at Plymouth ?
  14. Rock , are you suggesting Plymouth Parkway are not a footballing team ? A bit harsh if you are. Is that sour grapes as your lad could not get in their starting 11 maybe ?