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  1. Thought he was suspended for several games at the end of the season ?
  2. If this is true , as the post below states , how many times has this lad signed for the above team ? I for one would like to know the forums view on this. Excellent player , with a potential red card waiting to happen.
  3. Wrong post title , but has he really
  4. I heard the grass was that long David Attenborough was looking for the Fookarewe tribe.
  5. Ivybridge Town FC

    Is the lad Hanrahan staying ?

    £10 a ticket with entertainment, value for money. I think a trip across the water for me Saturday. May even take the wife and grand kids out too.
  7. So does that mean the Plymouth Parkway game against Argyle will have the other split team ? Be very interesting where the neutral will go ? I wonder who will have the bigger crowd ? My money is on Plymouth Parkway. Either way good for local football.
  8. Zimmermann spends half the season on holiday lol
  9. Sam Hilson ! If that is true then that is ridiculous. He is just an average player.
  10. Wow , that is a big game.
  11. Ivybridge Town FC

    Just thought it was a strange thing to start a topic on, that's all Villains. I am sure all teams will be doing the same . Were you expecting people to comment ?
  12. Leeds , how come the exodous Sir ?
  13. What does Leeds utd think about his players going to Plymouth ?