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  1. Wow , where did Marypoppins come from. Not been on here for a while. Typical pop at Plymouth Parkway. I can not see those players leaving.
  2. Perhaps he will get a full game there.
  3. That would be interesting. How would St A cope with that . Would shut a few smug fans up lol.
  4. I bet the Plymouth team will be glad to get out of this league lol. ( Away from the Cornish snipers ) .
  5. Crazy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. That's a kick in the nuts then .. Win the league and then lose your top striker.
  7. Ah..... perhaps it is not a joke. Guess its a watch this space.
  8. Now I believe it lol. Perhaps its for a joke .
  9. I do not believe he has put this on his facebook .
  10. Well I heard this from a very good source.
  11. I have heard from a good source , hes staying at Tavistock.
  12. How did you find Mr Hobbs as a second in command Leeds Utd.
  13. LeeRoy.................... Leeds ?
  14. Keith perhaps you could do a Transfer prediction list.