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  1. We successfully did that last year with a few. The reserves have 7 lads that are 18 or under at the moment - Shame as the next crop of youth could have added to that. It is a shame for sure, but best of luck to them next season.
  2. Plymouth Parkway Under 18's and management are leaving us to move to Tavistock. We are equally as shocked
  3. Got really excited when I saw 6 replies to the post - thought someone actually may be interested in the game or had something positive to say Endless posts 12 months ago when we applied to join the league - not much said since, Shame we love a good debate. Anyone for result / score for the game ?
  4. Dissapointing weekend - Could have potentially got our hands on 2 trophies and were let down by Nanpean for a league game on Saturday and the weather for the cup final. After already having no fixture for 10 days before Saturday, I think our lads will have forgot how to play by the time we next kick a ball . No fault of the League, Callington or Bodmin for the rain I guess - one of those things. More upset about Saturday to be honest
  5. Don't know what you mean......
  6. If anyone is at a loose end on Bank Holiday Monday, Bodmin Town play Plymouth Parkway at Callington Marshfield Parc 3pm Kick off. Should be a good game and afternoon for all.
  7. Arguably the member clubs allowed the Plymouth teams in ! Also why is it ok for us to Travel to places like Nanpean, Bude and Camelford but perfectly acceptable for them to cancel on us. my point is it is slightly unfair that on the day we were due to be presented the trophy - at Home - we have had a team cancel on us ! Everyone knew what they signed up for before a ball was kicked back in August !
  8. Plymouth Parkway vs Nanpean is likely to be a Home Walkover as they are struggling to raise a side ! Very Annoying as Parkway were due to receive the league trophy after the game. Therefore if that is the case we will be trying to arrange a friendly so the lads that have played all season can have a proper presentation of the trophy. Unless Morwenstow fancy playing 2 games on Saturday and want to swing by after playing Elburton since they're in the area ? 👀 On a side note - I know I'm not the first to mention this but there has to be some stricter rules in place about not fulfilling fixtures - this is now the 3rd team that have decided to not travel to Plymouth to play us this season !
  9. Does the wording of: "Roy Radford Division One Cup Plymouth Parkway v Bodmin Town" Indicate that Plymouth Parkway are the home team? As both teams wear yellow - Surely this will mean Plymouth Parkway wear home colours and get the home changing room ?
  10. Anyone at a loose end come along for a beer and a cheer as Plymouth Parkway host Morwenstow. Long trip for them mid week, so would be nice for some people to play in front of
  11. Hasn't Lewis scored something like 22 goals from the wing? Not sure how many assists he has as well but surely any club would be interested in those sort of stats? Imagine if there was also a free scoring CF to go with that support from the wing. Could possibly have been looking at both.....