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  1. Just read on twitter that Ollie Knowles has gone too.
  2. They gave it out over the tannoy at 670 odd.
  3. Dan Sullivan to Parkway,doubt that Adam Carter is going there.
  4. 100% we have Tavy away mate.
  5. Had no traffic whatsoever,Bodmin to Helston with no hold up's whatsoever.Must have caught it just right same on the way home
  6. Don't forget the 'Tiptoeing through the Tulips',useful skill that.
  7. I can only repeat what I have been told and that is that the reserve team have been bringing their own cases of beer into the bar and drinking that.I think a committee member needs to make some comments on this matter. have u not seen the numerous tweets asking for new people to get on board' NOBODY has turned up once ..
  8. Always two sides to every story gents.
  9. 100%cornish,I agree that the Plymouth team fielding 10 pro's is not on and feared this would happen when it was announced that they would be joining the league.I'm trying to find some evidence to back this up but I think it was the councils decision to ban dogs on the grounds that dog mess wasn't being picked up by people exercising their dogs on the Priory Park pitch and not Bodmin Town FC.
  10. Every chance you get you bring this up.Everybody knows dogs aren't allowed in the ground,if you're that concerned about seeing the game with your dog beside you pay for a ticket and stand outside the fence.It's see through.