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  1. Weather permitting, Plymouth Argyle play Saltash United on Wednesday 8th February 2017 at Coach Road, Newton Abbot at 7.30pm. With the match being played in mid-week, will Plymouth Argyle look to play their normal side or will they look to book a place in the semi-finals by fielding a team made up of mostly first team players? Personally, hope they don't, as it would demonstrate they are looking to win the cup, by any means. On the same evening, Tiverton play Exmouth,who would pick the winner here. My guess Exmouth will come out the winners. The match on 22nd February between Bodmin Town and Mousehole could be a very one-sided affair, which should see the home side progress through. Finally, 25th February, St Austell play hosts to Credition and here I see St Austell being too strong. The semi-finals could bring some very tasty matches.
  2. I have often wondered how accountable football club committees are. Do they not have responsibilities? Are they able to run up debts and then simply walk away? Whilst I have every sympathy with Millbrook football club, I do find the actions of the previous committee culpable and they should be named, if they are responsible. After all, someone is responsible!
  3. How on earth does a village football team get itself into £30,000 worth of debt? This is serious money by any stretch of the imagination and calls into account those involved with the club in recent seasons. Did no one have any knowledge that the club was heading for the precipice? To raise £30,000 or even the initial £9,000 is totally eye watering, to say the least. But I wish those involved in trying to save this little club the very best of luck.
  4. This "antics" of players "rolling around and screaming at the ref at every opportunity" truly demonstrates the "girly" attitude of some of the modern day players. What has happened to the "men of steel" attitude? I personally think these players ought to "man up" and simply "brush" themselves off and get on with it. When I played, I would simply ask the player who fouled me, if that was the best he could do and get on with the game. The lad Trott at Saltash clearly demonstrates the will to get on with it, despite being on the receiving end of some harsh tackles.
  5. Meaning what Mr Deacon? But of a "cheap shot" from you there and I truly expected better. Are you insinuating Matt Cusack would lower himself to foul and abusive language to the officials?
  6. Down this way I have heard it will be Lee Hobbs as manager, followed by Glynn Hobbs and Shane Krac.
  7. One has to applaud Darren Gilbert for fielding a side on a £5, a pasty and a pint of bitter per player. How does he do it?
  8. It will be worth the journey to see Darren Gilbert perform again at Saltash. Never fails to cause embarrasement to his club and supporters
  9. Thanks to leedsunited, I am sat in the armchair with a broken arm. Ha Ha, so Bodmin Town don't spend big money.
  10. You have a very valid point there BAGMAN. But you could say the same for Saltash. If I was playing for saltash, I would not be happy having to travel to the bowels of Cornwall on New Years Eve and would give me even more incentive to come away with 3 pts.