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  1. What has this got to do with the Chairman. It is what is happening ON THE PITCH that is the problem. The long ball over the top to two of the shortest forwards in the game is ludicrous. When they play the ball on the ground and build the play it works better. We constantly gave the ball away with ping pong headers and clearances out to no-one and no where. The time the ball goes straight to touch from goal kicks or drop outs by the goalie is also a waste.
  2. "Poor Old Russell Keeble" is not a pessimist. I listened to what the Chairman had to say on the Laurence Reed Show and I heard someone who is totally committed to making Truro City FC work and become a sustainable club. There are major obstacles to overcome and issues to sort, as he described. What is the point of constantly having to reply to the griping of a small section of fans just because they are not being told every detail of what is happening. I for one will keep supporting Truro both HOME and Away and will celebrate when it all works itself out.
  3. There is no atmosphere at home games. At away games TISA create a buzz and we need that at home games. There is also no real facilities for supporters in terms of a club shop or a place to generate interest. I agree the prices are too high and I have said to Pete Masters that 200 people at £13 is worse than 300 at £10, the more supporters the better the atmosphere. It would also help if the uncertainty over the timing of Silver Bow could be resolved but I understand that this issue is still ongoing. I am certain Silver Bow will happen, but the delay puts doubts in peoples minds and makes people believe Truro has no future. Whatever happens I will still go to games and support the team.
  4. Dave, like everybody, it is good to see anyone at Truro's games. You are not a Jonah, Truro are going through a bad patch but that will change and they have the players to win games. They just seem not to be gelling and seem to loose their way when things go wrong.
  5. Yes. no money coming in to the club because so called supporters don't bother to come to home games! Whether they are loan signings or permanent does not matter, we need to strengthen the squad. The aim is to move clear of the relegation zone and build for next season. Dave, you have obviously won the bet, but we will wait till the end of the season to see how we finish.
  6. I am not hiding and I was there supporting the team! Yes, there are big issues in the defense and these have to be resolved. Whether this be by signing new players or bringing in loan players does not matter. What matters is we support our team and back the players and staff we have here and now. So. instead of being fair weather supporters or just whingers online, come down on saturday and boost the team!
  7. You are still all talking rubbish!!! Pete Masters is NOT buying Torquay as you have all been saying. As a businessman he acted as a go-between the two parties as both sides trusted him. I do not doubt he earned a consulting fee and I am sure he confirmed that Truro City can ground share for a short time until the council get their finger out and allow work to start at Silverbow! So when are you going to admit you have been spreading malicious rubbish and gossip. Just because one of you says something outrageous and someone else repeats it does not make it true.
  8. No the boulders had not been removed. I understand they have been doing test drilling to see what is under the surface, so not actual building work but at least something is happening!!
  9. I have come past the entrance to Silver Bow this morning and part of the road is coned off and the was vehicles there unloading equipment. There was also vehicle down the lane to the farm next to the new ground, So all you doubters it looks like something is happening!!!