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  1. Truro City,season tickets.

    I have already renewed the bet when I paid you last season. I will be glad to get my £10 back!!!!
  2. Truro City,season tickets.

    No, but I have talked to them direct. They are all positive about the future for TCFC, unlike some of the doom and gloom merchants on this forum.
  3. Truro City,season tickets.

    Just so you know, this is "Official". We are a small Club staff wise so everybody who cares mucks in and does what they are best at. In most of your cases that is bellyaching, picking holes and acting like old women. You have only to see the photos on Facebook of Supporters putting in time and effort at the ground. If you can get off your high horses you could come down and help!!
  4. Truro City,season tickets.

    All monies will be done either by cheque made out to Truro City Football Club or by debit/credit card using the clubs pdq machine. I am NOT collecting money and take exception to the implication made. What the Club does with the money will be to further the Club. If you have no other task in life but to be harpies of doom and gloom then that's an issue with you. If you are supporters of the Club then get behind the Club and Team and want the best for them. In response to how to get Season Tickets then contact via enail me (russellkeeble@yahoo.co.uk) or the Club and give your details or post in the form attached.
  5. Truro City,season tickets.

    If you want Season Tickets contact me russellkeeble@yahoo.co.uk.