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  1. Our last game is next week and I will be letting them all know if they don't already about the options around them to play! TMS sounds like the best option for all the guys that live in and around Truro, so hopefully that might be the choice they make. Just to clear it up, Newbridge has nothing to do with the TMS team folding, and it's a shame if you that could have been the cause, Truro is a very large city and should be able to sustain a number of teams.
  2. Kieran is a credit to himself, very honest and passionate! He is a very capable young player that will give his all to the team he plays for!
  3. I understand your concern, it's not a decision I have taken lightly and have put a lot of thought in to it. I'm not sure how other teams run, but having done every role single handedly for the 4 seasons, it's a massive ask to find 1 person with the time to do it, more so to find a group willing to! It is a real shame, but I've looked at all the pro's and con's and come to this decision with the support of the current players. It's been a great journey but sadly one that can't continue. In regards to Aaron, he is a determined, commitment to the cause person and will give everything he has to a team!
  4. I have come to the decision that Newbridge Athletic will not be taking part in the Trelawny League for the 2017-18. The club itself will no longer continue under my management or any other. After recently starting a new job, I will no longer be able to commit a lot of my time to the club and feel it is the right decision all round. It has been an amazing journey over the last 4 seasons, I have met some fantastic people, been to some great places and created lasting friendships. I would like to thank everyone that has played for Newbridge Athletic, past and present, It's been a pleasure! I hope that all my current players will move on and find themselves a new club, it would be good for them to have different options! Monty Newbridge Man I will be looking at playing when I can next season (or even take up the whistle) if anyone would be looking for a part time player.
  5. We are all sorted now, thank you though!
  6. I have sent him a message, just thought I'd try and make an effort to help out .
  7. Tuesday 18th 18:15/30 kick off at malpas park! If someone is available to ref our game at home against Newlyn-Non Athletico Res, please get in touch. Cheers Monty - 07515171119
  8. I just want to reiterate how immensely proud I feel about the way my lads played today as I wasn't able to make it. Making the trip to Ruan with only 7 and every one of them putting in a massive performance!
  9. Div 4 Newbridge Athletic v Ruan Minor Postponed, pitch waterlogged.
  10. Newbridge 2 - 6 Wendron 4ths not a great game for us, we played some good football as we have all season and created chances which we didn't take. Wendron on the other hand finished everything available, apart from some good saves by our keeper! We move on and look for our first 3 points in awhile next week! Thanks to the Wendron lads that came back to the pub, it was a welcome sight and as always good banter and good food. Newbridge goals: Monty 2 Newbridge motm: Monty. A big thanks to Anita for stepping in and controlling the game for us today, great job!