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  1. RESULT: Frogpool Reserves 1 - 2 Mawnan Reserves (AET) A good game between two good footballing sides tonight. A scrappy sort of opening 15 minutes where neither team struggled to get a strong foothold in the game. After this, Mawnan looked the better side for the rest of the first half, taking the lead. Frogpool looked good on a couple of occasions with good passing moves, but just couldn't quite compete on the same level as Mawnan. Frogpool continued to struggle at the start of the second half. However, once Frogpool equalised then they looked the better team. They threatened on a number of occasions and had the upper hand in the game. The game finished 1-1 and went in to extra time. Not much in it really apart from a good finish from Kier Dent. How he scored I don't know as it was from a fairly tight angle. On the whole Mawnan probably deserved to win the game and make the final. However, being from Frogpool the lads should hold their heads up high. A great achievement for themselves as individuals and a team, but also as a club. Good luck to Mawnan in the final.
  2. Yes Nigel. Michelle took him to Barncoose originally. However the injury was too bad for them to be able to treat it, so they had to head to Treliske instead. I do believe Nick had to wait there a while, but did get seen in the end. All sorted now I think. He got back home in the last half an hour after having 12 stitches.
  3. I echo Nigel's comments further up this topic. Frogpool dominated in most, if not all areas of the pitch today. However, despite this Chacewater worked hard all game and did create a couple of chances. They could well have scored one or two as well. I know Dave Rowe has received stick from some on this Forum, but I thought he had a great game today. Spoke to players before and after the game. Played advantage where needed, and blew up when he could see nothing would come out of a possible advantage. In all honesty, don't think he made many mistakes, if any, at all. Best wishes to you Dave as a referee and all at Chacewater for the rest of this season.
  4. It is the most sensible solution. In reality, both clubs would like their own brand new stadiums. Unfortunately, that was never going to happen. So this was the most logical solution to go with. As I've said on other platforms, my only concern is the pitch. What surface will it be?
  5. I don't agree with Lee Hodges' outburst at all. These sort of things should be kept and dealt with in house. But at the same time Dave, he must've known for a while that he wouldn't be able to play. Even at Frogpool, as soon as I know I won't be available for a game, even if it's a month or two in advance, I let the manager know. Sometimes the player has to take a little responsibility. But to say he's not up to the fight isn't on really. And let's be honest, football isn't everything. Sometimes other matters may have to take priority for a game or two.
  6. I do wonder whether some referee's tell players to raise their flag in the air when it's offside and keep it there until it is noticed by the referee. But at the same time, surely players should know that anyway?! But like Fish said above, offside is offside, whether the flag is raised high enough or not. It's better to take a few extra seconds to come to the correct decision rather than make the wrong decision.
  7. Going back a bit fudge!
  8. It was a decent game today and Truro were solid in most areas of the pitch. They quite easily matched Ebbsfleet today. And to be honest, apart from the last 15 minutes or so, Ebbsfleet were shoddy for a team who are supposed to be at the top of the table. Cracking free kick from Ben Adelsbury, which the goalkeeper Nathan Ashmore had no chance of stopping. Truro never really looked like conceding from then until Ebbsfleet equalised. They then put Truro under a little pressure in the remaining few minutes, with Tom McHale pulling off some outstanding saves. But yes, a solid Truro today. They just needed another option going forward.
  9. I see what you mean. The table certainly does favour those around you. And they have got more games to play whereas you have very few left to play. You have come along way for sure. With the current squad, plus additions if you choose to, things will only get better. They can't get worse.
  10. Scott, more often than not the two teams at Frogpool will play each other in a friendly just before the season starts. You can never read a huge amount in to that though as neither team never normally has their full strength team. However, I do believe that the gap at the moment is the closest it's ever been between the two sides. Anyone who's played the Reserves over the last couple of seasons will know how much of a difficult team they are to beat. That is compared to previous seasons before that anyway. Tempo, don't be too defeatist! The season is far from over yet. As the table is so tight at the top of Division 3 it's still impossible to tell where anybody will finish. Any of about 5 teams can still win it.
  11. Frogpool won't get relegated from Division 2. Well, not this season anyway. It's a complete farce if we do. Realistically, the lowest we'll finish is 10th. That's 4th from bottom. There definitely won't be 4 teams getting relegated. It'll be harsh if the Reserves get promoted but can't go up. Because if you finish in the promotion places then it's only natural you go up, as that is what you've earned, the right to be in a higher division. However, unfortunately that won't be the case. Unless of course the First Team ever got promoted to Division 1 or relegated to Division 3.
  12. Ron Manager, I totally agree when you say we can't give in to the developers. Too many times they get what they want. I just think it's a complete farce all this stadium talk. Realistically we should be building it now. ex-chairman, I personally think we are in need of a Stadium for Cornwall. Without that, Truro City and the Cornish Pirates don't have a bright future ahead of them. Not saying they won't have a future, but it won't be a good one, I'm sure of that. This is all in the current circumstances anyway.
  13. If the deal for the Stadium collapses then there will be no future for sport in Cornwall. It's as simple as that really!
  14. Attitude is definitely a problem in my opinion. I agree we need more youngsters that are willing to do their bit off the pitch rather than just on it. But it's whether the young people of today are willing to do that. My view? I don't think they are. Like Tempo said, we are very lucky at Frogpool to be honest. A lot of people are willing to help out in many areas off the pitch. Those that do help are both at the start of their career and at the end.
  15. Updated list further up the page of what is still available. It's a great package deal. Comment on the topic or message me for further details.