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  1. This is comical, only in Cornwall would a team get away with this! ๐Ÿ˜‚ I guess if this slips through the net then it'll allow other teams to be able to do the same in the coming weeks? One rules for all and all that? At least there is now a spare official for another fixture ๐Ÿ˜‚ @Steve Carpenter how can this be allowed to happen considering there is potentially x30 grown men capable of marking a pitch to get their game on?
  2. some big time charlies out on display during this match, at time it was embarrassing to watch considering the level they are playing at (and many clearly way above their footballing ability level!).
  3. lets be honest, whilst they are beating teams who are less capable than themselves things will be all rosy, rise a division or two and start losing games as they finally start to play at their level and this is when we will see if the leopards have really changed their spots or not, time will tell..........
  4. good luck with your deployment and stay safe. dont tell me you are taking on more? you must have a very understanding partner! what are you taking on? are you not playing? refereeing? single handedly turning clubs fortunes around?
  5. @B_D You must of played for at least 10 of these?
  6. lets be honest, the standard of these leagues are continuously declining, why the 'ground gradings' etc? from many of the 'senior' clubs i have visited this season most of them do not have what i see is required to be playing at this level. These rules are for new teams applying but would i be right in saying that if you are already in the league and were so before they brought these laws in you are exempt?
  7. This does smell a little fishy! Who was the official who inspected the pitch and made the call? Be interesting to know!๐Ÿ˜ฑ
  8. Who called this off the club or a qualified official? Before 12pm? I thought it had to wait until then to do this it's hardly been hammering it down!
  9. The point of my 'trelawny' league comment exactly! O to be a naive commitee member! ๐Ÿ˜‚
  10. Even in the Trelawny League you'll need someone to run the line......
  11. Ah the elusive โ€˜Dangerousโ€™ / Dave Bartlam (OR Bartlam_Dave) returns and rekindles this friendship, where have you been? Is it true you have left Wendron FC already?!
  12. they'd been in by now if they were going to apply for anything! it will be as i stated, Penz down from SWPL(W), no one up to the SWPL(W) from Combo, 2 teams down from Combo to Trelawny Prem which will certainly be Newquay + either Penryn/Perranporth/illogan or maybe even Mullion? this will be the toughest to try and predict, the rest is more about when than who, and West Cornwall up from the Trelawny League as they will certainly finish above all of the other applicants for combo, it will be good to see some new faces in the league in my opinion!
  13. is this going to be what happens at the end of the season (roughly?):- one team down from the SWPL(W) Two teams down from Combo to Trelawny Prem one team up from Trelawny Prem to Combo given that no Combo teams have applied to go up?
  14. absolutely disgusted that some teams either didnt nominate any players (do they not have nay faith in their lads?) or that some clubs didnt want to take part in this fixture! this should be the pinnacle for any combination player, granted maybe just the younger ones who haven't tasted this experience yet, those clubs should be ashamed of themselves especially considering the very worthy charity this in aid of. credit to those organising this fixture, hosting it, and the officials.
  15. surly will happen again this coming weekend? will they pull out the league @andy howes?