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  1. Madron f.c

    A little vague..!? Forged documents? Late registration?
  2. How does it work with suspensions then? It's changed a lot since my day it used to be days, but now it's games? Seems 'Kevin Morris' was suspended for yesterday's game but played? Or am I reading it wrong?
  3. Get real, wake up and smell the coffee!! The step is still big between Trelawny prem and combo. You boys are and will be way out of your depth this season with the current crop of players you have. A bit of a leveller now you've stepped up, and found your match which will be too much.
  4. What's the game to catch out of these lot? I've had enough of the SWPL overpaid players I want a good old fashioned grass roots game of football! What are the kick off times also?
  5. Chacewater Reserves

    It's wayyyyyyy to easy to enter a new team nowadays that's why established clubs are folding!
  6. Why was there a lino for this game anyway? As in, he's a full time referee anyway is he not? Seems strange to then do a club line when he hasn't games could lead to a few awkward moments if he has them anytime soon!! on another note how come I saw some of the Falmouth lads wearing mabe tops?
  7. Mousehole

    Yet another Cornish club tinkering with something that they have no right to tinker with..! ill be very surprised if in 5 years time, their 5 year plan has been accomplished.
  8. Classic case of on the night you guys were not good enough! I am sure the opposition had fouls and decisions given against them that heaven knows could of led to goal scoring opportunities! Always the way when you're on the losing end of a result, get on with it and concentrate on your next game 👊
  9. Ruan Minor Friendly Results

    Some money getting paid down there I believe also,£50-75 a game for some!!!! Ridiculous!
  10. You're a referee right? Take the strain off of the 'full time' officials and do it yourself!
  11. i am not so sure they'll have as much joy in the SWPL Prem mind you! Port were poor, 4-0 down on the half hour mark mainly from the long ball, and defensively Port have a lot to work on. The chunky No 9 (Carey's lad?) up front didnt create a great deal for port and the ball came back as much as it went up! they did play some better football in the 2nd half, but as previously mentioned Helston made numerous subs and showed some of the Combo lads off i believe. Helston will feel they did a job last night, but a combo team would of scored 3-4 past them in the first half take nothing away from the finishes, but 1 on 1 chances that easily are just not what you expect to see at this level. i'd like to finally mention that if the officials have any intention to stamp their authority as they should this season, and ensure the officials in the lower leagues who go along and watch their games have something to inspire to then they should start acting now, last night the officials took a huge amount of abuse from the Port bench. i heard certain words and 3-4 other non swearwords which were all worthy of being sent from the sidelines, no action what so ever! ridiculous! especially when this bloody sin bin rule has been brought in, only for those a league or two higher to not even adhere to the current discipline guidelines. i dont care if this official has higher a tolerance level than others, this shouldnt be the case, consistency that old chestnut, stick to it! Mr Carey you are an embarrassment to the club, a man who's been around enough as you should by now learn to keep your mouth shut. You has numerous 16-17-18 year olds (by the looks of it) on the bench behind you, what sort of example are you setting to them, to your supporters, youngsters who have nothing to do with either team being taken along by parents / grandparents to watch a game? you should be ashamed of yourself, and the officials need to get a grip of this or you stand NO CHANCE of getting any respect at the Trelawny level if you dont sort it out here!!!!!!
  12. GK Wanted

    classic! Ground - tick Kit - tick Outfield players - tick GK - O S**t
  13. You're only as good as your last game! You can't bleat on about 'remember when we beat......we had some good players......such and such 'normally' plays for us'...!
  14. I have to agree it was like watching a Sunday league outfit for the majority of the game! And if it wasn't for st day lending multilple players throughout the game and taking the micky infront of the goal it could of easily been 15+! Long old season ahead for holmans who look favourites for relegation! stayed for the second game which was much better. What an earth was that referee wearing though!? Bright lime green top hanging down around his knees isn't there any sort of standard that these officials to be adhering to? Almost matched his decision making, 2 penalties award in the opening 10 minutes, the first being very very soft, and the second an obvious collection from the keeper but gave it against him, mind boggling! Tackles getting heated, he left far to much go and it ended In a few handbags!
  15. 'Goliath v David' at Bickland tonight

    I took my grandson along to watch this after seeing it advertised on here and to taste Bickland Park for only the 2nd time & I must say although the score line suggests an absolute drubbing (it was eventually), Troon played outstanding in the first half, only 1 – 0 at HT in fact! Kept their shape extremely well and looked like a side who wanted the ball even against a team leagues and leagues above them! The 2nd goal went in on the 61st Minute and the legs seemed to go from there, and the floodgates opened up. All in all got my £1’s worth, some splendid goals from Falmouth including a scissor kick which my grandson did enjoy. But again Falmouth certainly had to work for their wages this evening! Agreed, very easy to think because you've spanked a lot of mediocre teams in pre season you'll walk the league, when in actual fact you'll have a rude awakening!