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  1. Shed a little more light on this @Keith B?
  2. Some concrete answers and facts Steve which is appreciated! With regards to the bottom division only potentially consisting of 7 teams, surly it isn't to hard to change the constitution? To open it up to have less leagues with more teams etc?
  3. Sorry are you implying that those 16 were the same 16 every week? Ridiculous attempt at trying to justify the impossible again! Most teams require the difference you've stated throughout the season, that's a given, there's your normality and difference !
  4. I'm not twisting anything, your aim to to retain the players with have, but by adding new clubs you won't retain them, you'll end up making them quit as their club will have probably lost 5-6-7 players to a 'new' club, meaning theirs will fold and it starts all over again! It's a vicious circle that until you stop the new teams entering will never even itself out. Stop it for 2-3 seasons and you'll have clubs thriving with players on the pitch, people behind the scenes, clubhouses full and you'll not see any games unable to be played due to teams not able to raise a side! Again by adding new teams you are not facilitating you are thinning the current clubs and teams potential signings far and wide, it has to stop.
  5. As you state 'rules are rules', I am asking clubs to use their votes wisely, back what the public think and have the minerals to say 'NO'! you have already stated that something like this is being looked at and is planned in, but takes time, so I nor anyone else needs to suggest them do they? What are you talking about? If I, an old man involved now with a club can see this needs doing and I'm confident others can see it also, you should also see this and so should the ccfa or is it more about the £££££? Turning teams away would have a financial hit on the leagues and ccfa I guess, quick to take money off of clubs but not so quick to ensure the current clubs best interests are considered!!!
  6. 'Instead of being negative about it'. Hang on a minute young man, do not assume my appeal for no teams to be elected into the leagues as negatively, you are far from being correct (a surprise I know for you). It will be a positive step forward for this to be implemented by the league. All you are trying to justify is that by allowing new teams / clubs to enter the leagues you are facilitating maximum participation, all you are actually doing is watering down current teams and clubs and thinning their potential teams and squads down and down! You are very narrow minded and blinkered towards your own ideas and not the bigger picture, which is what we should all be looking at especially someone in your position.
  7. Unfortunately though on the night there isn't time to go through such topics for each and every new team. I agree with your comment about taking players from one club to another etc, which is why I think entries should cease for a few years, get some stability back to the Trelawny league and local clubs. it is far to easy to enter the leagues in my eyes, just a matter of a vote at a meeting and you're potentially in the league! How on earth is this correct? Personally think all teams wishing to enter the leagues should have to submit a club plan, financial plan to the Trelawny league or ccfa for them to see exactly how much work has been put into this team / club and if they deserve a place or not!
  8. Do current Trelawny Clubs want to see more teams enter next season into the leagues? I've seen a lot of discussion about it and would be interested to see what the 'publics' opinion is on it before the AGM this week, vote away!
  9. Not another one! I have heard of multiple teams now who last season either pulled out of the league or couldn't fulfil fixtures now wanting to enter again/another team! I do think the clubs should make a firm stance on this at the AGM and not vote these teams into the leagues its becoming far to easy for this to happen off of a whim!
  10. I can't for the life of me see how st Ives (10-15 miles away?) complaining about praze (not even 1 mile) away from nancegollen have any right to do so? They probably have more right to play there than you do!
  11. surly you cannot be planning on playing on that 'grass' pitch behind the large sports hall?
  12. Agree, but what is the criteria for grounds for those wanting to enter the combination league? Tom you do not have to come on here and explain anything. Tempo should know better than having a go at a fellow official on here about the decisions they have made, in fact, I may well report him for doing so!!!! Seems the only way to stop these officials contridicting themselves each week!
  13. i do not see the issue in paying anyone, if committee's have the right ambition it is the ONLY way to move up the leagues. as someone else has mentioned there is only so much local talent out there, they will only get you so far. But if the plug gets pulled to soon that is when an ambitious club turns into a club in turmoil !
  14. have you guys been drinking heavily? a huge difference between looking good in a bellow average standard Trelawny Premier league and then stepping up a league or into the SWPL!
  15. Yes! although that hardly narrows things down i know