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  1. 'Like I said I'm not saying anthing. Everyone there saw it.' a slight contradiction there my son! 😂
  2. nice to see an official, slating.....another official!
  3. "I'm not going to harp on like i usually do because enough has been said about referees today. But, i will voice my opinion..." Jesus Christ, and that's a short reply? 😂
  4. Again, it happens at this very time in rugby, managed by officials with old pea whistles and Casio watches so I'm sure it is not as complex as you are making out?
  5. Is just a matter of when they announce this not if, a shame really, they could of already been there taking the club forward instead of whipping teams in the lower leagues!!!!
  6. Mabe 1st (and many of the others involved) are off to Falmouth town next season which doesn't surprise me! another pre season merry go round of players and managers, leaking their poor old clubs in their wake! the Trelawny league AGM should be interesting this season with the amount of gaps they'll have to fill I expect all clubs in division 4 will gain promotion at this rate! 😂
  7. I'd thought it may be beneficial for the CCFA and leagues to liaise with the local rugby officials and see how they manage it during and after games?
  8. could somebody just clarify how many senior players can play for a combination team if their parent club (SWPL West/East/Prem) do not have a game? is it 2 or 3 ? quite a vague rule / law as far as i can see but having witnessed a few games recently and done a head count some teams seem to be playing 2, and others 3?
  9. name the 'senior' players?
  10. i have heard a few decisions you have made have been 'dubious', it is now clear you have problems with your sight!i was referring to Ludgvan, but i wont jump on you for this too much, that is the difference between me and you....................
  11. Bunch of big time Charlie's! Ahhh bless you 😂
  12. Agreed, any truth in the rumours regarding a large contingent from carharrack combination team heading to wendron next season? For the firsts I assume (surly wouldn't go into any other team?).
  13. are these all 6:30ko's? may take in the Holmans / illogan or ST Day game!
  14. sorry i'm lost, you said 'Lizard are in poll position', i cant see how this is thats all?
  15. Which league table are you looking at? Lizard are 5 points behind WC having played an extra game!? Between the 4 applicants for combo football it will be west Cornwall the first out of them and lizard the second, clear as daylight to see that happening even with CSOM still having plenty of games in hand and may still pinch the league! But WC and lizard will be in the top 4 and gain promotion. Newquay coming down on their own which is a lucky Escape for Culdrose / illogan / mullion!