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    I thought Dave Painter and Jake ash were excellent. Special praise for the old timer Steve Simmonds year after year this boy pulls out top performances. His legs might be getting older but his heart for the game gets younger every year. This Bodmin side look really strong, still players to come back into the fold too apparently. If they can stay for they will be a force to be reckoned with this year. As for attendance well ive got to say, having seen the attendance at both Tavistock and Bodmin over the 2 games, no wonder clubs are struggling! If thats the best support our local fans can show when a championship side comes to town then the decline has well and truly set in!.. if people wont get ou lt and support clubs for a big game like tonight they never will. Shocking. I feel for Bodmin and Tavi im sure they expected more.
  2. Major Shock

    I know for certain most clubs where you lend a hand would be more than willing to let you in free, i know there is a few who will get free entry at Bodmin for the Cardiff game for helping out. If more peolle got up and helped at various clubs around Devon and Cornwall then clubs would be in far better health.
  3. Major Shock

    This couldnt put it any better, people need to get involved or you will see a very quick decline of SWP football. I've seen it first hand.
  4. All this talk of Warnock bringing his own brown envelope is sad, maybe just for once people should embrace the fact a high profile side is visiting teams from our league and enjoy it. If you dont like what each club decides to do to attract such clubs then stay away but seriously all this money stuff gets boring. Its not just SWPL clubs paying money...
  5. Be surprised if this is true! Charlie is a great player and can surely be cementing a starting place at Bodmin or a club of similar standard.
  6. Out and about today talking to a few people, a few of the Newquay faithful have informed me the goalie Painter from St Blazey has signed for Bodmin. Don't know if its been mentioned or not? Good signing or not? With the young lad Moore gone from bodmin to Parkway for a couple more notes.
  7. SWPL Dream Team

    K.miller, s.simmonds, m.giles, j.lowry, d.o.hagan, s.matthews, j.rapsey, s.krac, reski, rocky, carter.
  8. Adam Carter on £180 a game and Sam Hillson on £100 a game 😂😂... I will say these are only rumours heard, not confirmed by anybody. Talk of a 6 figure sum of money for Parkway by the end of the season too 😕😕😕
  9. Seein this pop up is kind of boring, its like the money thing which every thread turns into, seriously its tiring, at least use something constructive. Every team pays out far too much money for players and it ruins lower leagues. As for bodmins 2nd team they have moved on, the team has been withdrawn, saga over.
  10. Yes truros player of the year is going to step backwards 😂 dont be silly