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  1. As i said ... a rumour.. never said i believe it.
  2. Just a little rumour i heard... The Rugby club wanted Peter Masters to fund the stadium with the college, but the rugby club wanted there name only on ownership! Peter masters is not stupid. Hes a business man
  3. Excellent read as always, as we have yet another Cornish club joining the FA Vase trail next season in godolphin, maybe we could see an interview with someone regarding there future plans?
  4. Pull out and theatrical fall? Interesting observation, the bodmin winger was left with a gash to the side of his left knee after the challenge that led to the penalty, interesting... You are the ONLY person thats complained about spitting. I think a trip to specsavers may be in order... The officiating at this level is weak and the fa should be the ones to act on this, go and watch officials at truros level, far far better. Maybe swpl has a problem not bodmin. Also i was down Helston a few weeks back where i heard with my own ears, Sid Taylor told his whole team he wants them to get in the refs face and intimidate him and make his life hell..... MAYBE YOU NEED TO LOOK AT HOW BIAS YOUR REPORTS ARE.
  5. It would be good to see Mr Carey back in the game. It would be unfair for me to speculate about somebody else.
  6. With all due respect, i cannot see Alan Carey managing anywhere again. From hearing recent talk, the well travelled Mr Carey probably isnt in the greatest position to manage, however i wouldn't wish to start any rumours as i have no proof of how he is at the moment.
  7. But this doesnt go to swpl? It all goes to the already overly paid FA Yes plus food for all of them
  8. More than likely Dave, however do you not think maybe this should be reconsidered in light of the decision. also given the current 'twentys plenty' campaign for away fixtures at the top leveldo you not see £5 for a step 10 game more than enough.
  9. Cornwall FA decide to charge more than Truro City FC.... Good luck getting a decent attendance on Easter Monday down there 😅😅😅😅
  10. Its a shame such threads have to descend into squabbling over officials, unfortunately i have heard it too many times this season on my travels, there is very little problem with officials below SWPL premier. Once they get to the countys top league they seem to grow an ego bigger than the changing room doors they go through.
  11. I trust you know many better grounds?
  12. Did you hear the discussion between linesman and referee?... no you probably didn't he said to me 100% he never once mentioned giving a penalty to bodmin that was the decision of Steve Annis. He told the referee in question that the goalkeeper had kicked out when the bodmin full back dived in. Mr Annis decided because contact was made a penalty was to be awarded. What you have to ask, if falmouth were so aggrieved, why were they then sloppy enough to lose the game. Just like Falmouth the other night, they are to defeatest once the going gets tough in my opinion.
  13. Still the Falmouth "rumour" lives on... I know the person in question and if you ask the right people you get the right answers. The penalty was awarded down at Falmouth by Steve Annis who was in charge that night, nobody else. The linesman in question was asked to stand in due to an injury, has ran the line on previous occasions and never given a bias decision, he is a football fan just the same as most of us. The decision given by the linesman was to ask Mr Annis to speak to both the Bodmin full back that night and the Falmouth goalkeeper due to both kicking out. Mr Annis deemed that the keepers contact was enough to award a penalty. So surely you should be questioning the ref not the linesman.
  14. The main point yet again is fans care, players care and management care. But the main talking point is do the FA care because yet again the main talking point of an entertaining game of football is officials... i presume the same linesmen, and referees will go unpunished and continue to make such appaling decisions.
  15. The age old debate, officials again! I had the pleasure of visiting a few different games/grounds over the past week, including camelford v ivybridge yesterday and st austell v bodmin last week. I really believe it is becoming a serious concern with the standard of officials at this level. Some of the worst decisions ive seen on a football pitch are been made. Some of these are costing clubs points. Ive witnessed linesmen having conversation with spectators and missing action. Ive seen referees throwing cards around and losing control of numerous games. Something needs to change soon because these games are no longer football matches they are run by people wanting to be centre of attention. As for the respect campaign and the meetings set up by the fa to try and help matters, thats gone very quiet.