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  1. Is the a fact or your opinion?
  2. Or third place offered promotion. 16-14 makes it easier for fixtures and cups maybe. Callington were promoted after finishing 5th a few years back.
  3. Hope not
  4. Agree mate. No disrespect to any of the liskeard sides or the potential side this year but on paper-the ex tavi lads should give the club better footballing options. And if that is the route they want to go as a club then it's correct move. Just think the way they have gone about it is very wrong. If that is what they wanted to do then they appointed the wrong manager at the end of last season. They had he option to appoint the Ewing brothers instead of Jon-but went with Jon to keep the local ethos through the club.
  5. Agree completely mate-but as you can from what I put above-up until mondays AGM that was not the clubs main objective. If they were looking for a side and a manager to keep the local lads playing with a clear development for the junior sides to come through. I get exactly what your saying and agree-when I was dropped from the first team at liskeard and decided to leave it was to then challenge myself in a better side and try and win things which I didn't think would happen with liskeard which is why I play for torpoint. Don't live there but get involved as much as I can with the club and have given three, leading onto 4 more years commitment to them.
  6. They may well do-and I see and agree to a certain extent. On this occasion, from what I am led to believe-it was agreed only Monday at the AGM that both the 2nds and 3rds would be made up of local lads working hard both on and off the pitch for the club, which was the direction of the club when I was involved 4or 5 years ago and from friends still involved was led to believe it still was. they then appaoited a manager for this exact reason. Then a few days later go back on this in a complete U-turn. It's not the Caliber of the players that I have the issue with, it's the morals and loyalty from the club.....which is what this topic was originally based upon.
  7. Better than big sam!
  8. It was what I helped MQ strive to get for years there mate and was the whole point of getting a third team for the 18's to go into and for the kids side to have something to aim for a progress into. Seems a shame for the club to loose that base.
  9. Wasn't putting fault with you at all mate. I was just a bit surprised after the way you felt you had been treated you would move to a club that has just treated another squad the same. Out of the frying pan and into the fire maybe. Especially with the strong 'local players' liskeard seconds have always had and the direction the club has been going with the use of local lads across all three teams, I was surprised they have moved away from this. I hope they don't go back on this after this season and you as a squad end up looking for another team again 🤣🤣
  10. Maybe you can use and edit slightly to use yourself. Wouldn't need much editing mind 😂😂
  11. Think was aimed at jayjay not you dad x
  12. Didn't mean it was immoral for you as management and players but more from liskeard as a club-much like you felt when tavi did similar to you. It's a ruthless game
  13. Nothin surprises me in football, but few of my mates play and have played at liskeard for years and now feel pushed out. Lads that played in a good east Cornwall side, a side that went down and a side that came back up, loyal lads. The lads that were coming in were stepping up from lower leagues but were all local and were looking forward to the challenge. Bet they all feel let down
  14. Just ironic that this thread was started on 'immoral behaviour' and a clubs committee should be hanging their head in shame, and it now appears that side are now on the ones handing it out....
  15. Tavi seconds from last season being binned off for parkway under 18's, liskeard appoint a new manager end of last season who leaves his position at another club-gets a new squad together of local lads (as the club asked) only to be told this evening his services and team no longer required as tavi seconds from last year-management and 15 players are coming in instead.........or so I've been told 👀