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  1. They both have some good points if you read between all the insults. I must admit I do find it funny the way ECPL bites at any small comment made that goes agajnst what he believes to be true. 😂😂😂
  2. ECPL

    😂😂😂😂 toys and pram spring to mind.
  3. Money in combo

    I play for torpoint and we have won the league the last three years in a row-we all PAY £5 a game to help the club. Goes towards washing the kit. Our linesman get paid for running the line for us-£15/20 I think. In my opinion players should only be getting paid if in the SWPL Prem. Div1 for away games if the miles are racking up then a bit of help with fuel-but the standard doesn't warrant payment for playing.
  4. Are the league now going to anouce the promotion and relegation criteria for the coming season?? I personally think it should be sent out in black and white before a ball is kicked. Or maybe it already is??
  5. Camels swpl side??
  6. So it does! I take it all back. Mitoo is amazing! Hahaha
  7. I agree with you mate. Mitoo is ok but much prefer the fa site. If I'm looking to check the fixtures for my sides I can narrow it down. Also at the end of last season when I wanted to check what fixtures our closest rivals had and when it was so quick and easy to do so. Are both sites going to be used this year or just mitoo site?
  8. Have you a link dave? I couldn't find it-kept saying under construction
  9. Anything come of the no show penalty? Is there going to be points deduction this year?