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  1. Four Lanes AFC are after a friendlie on the 26th August. It must be away but we will pay the ref cost.
  2. As we play on a council owned pitch we can't play on our ground and host even though we would like to. We are willing to travel and happy to pay for the referee. Can play midweek or either day on a weekend.
  3. Due to pulling out our reserve team on a Saturday we are looking for as many Sunday friendlies as possible for next season to keep the players we have left over fit in case they are needed to play for the 1sts on a Saturday. If anyone is interested please leave a message and I'll get in touch 👌
  4. Four Lanes are not putting a reserve side in next season
  5. I think that is the postponed game below it...
  6. Penwith in my opinion say what you want about them, but they are a very good side. I'm going 3-1
  7. Lizard Res 0-6 Four Lanes Nathan Williams x3 Joel Snape x1 Shaun Wilkins x1 David Welfare x1 Ref was top standard today and thanks to Lizard for the food afterwards. 👌