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  1. SIN BINS in the TRELAWNEY LEAGUE this season

    I think you have this the wrong way round Graham. IFAB (formed 1886) writes the Laws and the FA can't tinker with them without their approval. It's abundantly clear that you're not a fan of this trial but i's happening so all we can all do is approach it in the right manner and with an open mind. Anybody who thinks that the current level of dissent (24% of all cations) is acceptable needs to take a hard look in the mirror. I'm sure that the overwhelming majority would agree that that level is far from acceptable so it's then a matter of what can be done to reduce it. This is how trials like this come about. And they don't come about through some random process. To quote from IFAB's own web site 'We regularly consult with football associations, leagues and competitions to survey their needs and gather new proposals to improve the Laws of the Game. The proposals are thoroughly discussed with different expert teams within The IFAB.' So there is a clear route for law change proposals to be submitted - League FA Rep to County, County to the FA and FA to IFAB; no doubt with consultations and wider discussions at each level. For me the interesting bit was that IFAB were happy for the FA to trial this for all cautionable offences at Step 1 and below (the FA chose to only go for dissent at Step 7 and below) and that seems to indicate a thought process along the lines of the punishment being served at the time of the offence. We can only wait and see how that develops, or not.
  2. Money in combo

    Think you'll find that that is only for an officially appointed Assistant Referee which you're very unlikely to get other than for cup semi's or finals. The only qualified assistants are qualified referee's as there is no official FA training for AR's. The scheme run by the Combination League is an excellent idea to get those volunteers that run the line as 'Club Assistant Referee's a good idea of what they're supposed to be doing but I think you'll find that the course itself has no official FA standing.
  3. Trelawny AGM

    Not so sure that this is still the case Bob. Although the fund that the grants are paid from is called 'Grow The Game' this is an historic title from when it was indeed the intent to generate new clubs/teams and 'grow the game'. As I said in an earlier post the emphasis at FA level has certainly moved from growing to sustaining though there will almost inevitably be churn with clubs folding and others popping up. I'm pretty sure (though I may well be wrong) that a couple of clubs that I know of have had grants for new teams that have been predominantly been the previous years U16's. Flexi Football is very definitely not targeted at existing players in existing teams and there will be restrictions. It's played mid-week under lights in two periods (pre and post Xmas) with a maximum of 8 teams in each period. New clubs/teams looking to get established, players not currently playing on Saturdays or at all and post U16's that aren't ready for open age football are the prime target areas. The loss of players coming out of U16 football is huge and is one of the key areas of concern. I understand where you're coming from Jacob but to be blunt a plan wouldn't be worth the paper it was written on. I could form a club tomorrow, spend an hour putting a plan together, present that at the AGM, get accepted and after a season decide to abandon everything. The League has a development plan and the Charter Standard system, whilst not perfect, meets the needs of any other plan that a club may produce and the annual health checks that this system requires guides clubs along best practice. It also opens up avenues of support if your club starts to struggle for whatever reason and a number of our clubs have taken advantage of that support over the years. I agree and it's what we did when we started Stithians all those years ago. However, for many good reasons, it's not the model that many want to follow and then you come up against how do you enforce it as the pathway into Saturday football. That would take a lot of working through and I suspect may come up against some regulatory obstacles.
  4. Trelawny AGM

    A not entirely unreasonable idea and one that is partially being addressed by the introduction of Flexi Football. This is being rolled out across the County and is aimed at specific targeted audiences one of which is newly formed teams with ambitions to progress into Saturday football. The aim is for them to can get themselves established both player wise and financially before making that step. The FA model is for this to come under league umbrellas (i.e. in our case it would be Trelawny Flexi) and the option to run the west Cornwall Flexi League under Trelawny will be put to the clubs at the AGM. If that is voted down the CCFA will run it. The constitution can be amended but there are timelines that we are obliged to adhere to. Any change put forward could now only take place at the commencement of 18-19 season and even then past experience tells us that you're realistically only talking about a maximum of 15 teams per division. The FA briefing I attended about the reduction in participation across ALL team sports across the country and indeed Europe was quite sobering. Over the last few years it's been about a managed retreat but but I do believe that we are now pretty much stable in our part of the County. There will always be turbulence at the end of each season, there always has been in more modern times but I'm pretty confident that we've now bottomed out.
  5. Trelawny AGM

    Fortunate would be an understatement Paul!! The average number of players per team last season was 37 with the lowest single team club figure being 23. I'll be away for the Junior Cup final next season but we have some strong teams down west that I'm sure can put a dent in your record.
  6. Trelawny AGM

    There is nothing anywhere that requires clubs to have a 5 year plan. If this requirement were to be applied then, if you're looking to ensure club longevity, it would also have to apply to current clubs. All new member clubs have to achieve Charter Standard status within a year and this is the FA vehicle that attempts to ensure stability. As for Sijames arguments the following may help in fleshing out the bigger picture: The League Constitution is for three divisions of 14 and two of 15. There have been no proposals to change this. With the clubs/teams being promoted to the Combination League, resigning at the end of and withdrawing during last season there will obviously be vacancies in the bottom division. When combined this is not too dissimilar to the situation that the FHL and MDFL had every season. The loss of clubs/teams every season is always a concern but the reasons vary greatly and players moving from one club to form another has only happened on a very small number of occasions. At the end of every season about a third of all players do not re-register for the following season. Between 25% and a third of players change clubs from the end of one season to the start of the next. A further 10% transfer during the season. About a third of all players change their address each season. Given the last three points virtually no club can guarantee keeping the same players or numbers that they had the previous season. The focus from the FA has moved from 'growth' to 'sustainment' due to the national and international picture. To refuse entry to any club or team would need very, very good grounds. Without them an appeal to the FA would almost certainly be successful. To suggest that stopping new clubs joining will stop the drop off is, in my view, naive and will rapidly result in the League shrinking even further. If this policy were to be applied this season the bottom division would have 7 teams. That is clearly not sustainable so then what? At the level we are operating at the game is about having people playing for enjoyment and that's what we are here to facilitate. This is an unnecessary slight on those that run the game locally and does not reflect well on you I'm afraid. Apart from the fixed costs the only other expenses are those incurred by misconduct or failing to comply with rules and regulations i.e. they are with the control of the clubs. The loss of a £35 League affiliation fee is hardly going to break the bank. There are many other flaws in the points you raise above Sijames but I'm not going to go on forever. Quite frankly if yours turns out to be the majority view and it prevails at the AGM then I'm glad I'm going to be out of it.
  7. What new teams are applying to join?

    A fair point and one I don't necessarily disagree with but to a large extent you are asking them to prove something that is very difficult if not impossible to establish. As I've said above, about a third of players don't re-register for the following season. A not too dissimilar number change clubs at the start of each season and then there are well over 200 transfers per season. Over the years of Trelawny the lack of players is only just the biggest reason quoted for clubs/teams folding with 22 putting it forward as the reason; 20 folded due to a lack of volunteers to run them and there's been a net loss of 8 to the Combination League. Add to that a small splattering of other reasons and you can see its far from straightforward. In the end players will go to play where they want to and without holding players to their current club, which we are not allowed to do, no club can give a guarantee that they're not going to have players joining from other existing clubs. And lest we forget, there are @4000 players out there who have registered at some point but are no longer playing. Getting only a few low hundreds of them back into the game would make a big difference and therein lies the challenge!
  8. What new teams are applying to join?

    I'm sure your right but it just seemed a high average per team (54) when the Trelawny average is only 37 and many of the same arguments apply. Mute point in the end - it is what it is.
  9. What new teams are applying to join?

    Yes it would Paul but as the Combination doesn't use Full-Time in the same way it would be a very large piece of work to find out. Given that we're all fishing in the same pond I suspect it'll be around the same proportion. On average since Trelawny started about a third of players don't register from one season to the next - and another 25-30% change clubs every season. Also 1080 seems quite high but is perhaps indicative of what is now needed to field 11 on a Saturday. Retention of post 16 players is a major concern within the FA and there are some initiatives on the way (Flexi football will be discussed at the Trelawny AGM for example). Typically about 15% of players in Trelawny each season are in the 16 to 19 year old age bracket.
  10. Players signing for two clubs

    Spot on Dave and it won't change. The legal technicalities and FA regulations of it center around whether a player is under contract or is a non contract player. A non contract player can sign for as many clubs as he wants (but not in the same league) subject to the 7 days approach once he has signed for the first club. The question was asked about 3 years ago about registering for one club and one club only. A very firm 'no' came back. A contracted player on the other hand can only play for the teams of that club unless loaned under the arrangements in the Standardised Rules.
  11. Players signing for two clubs

    Sorry Dave but that's not correct. FA Rule C2a, the bulk of which is reproduced as Trelawny Rule 8i, is very clear. The first bit states that players who are not under a written contract to a club may be registered with a number of clubs at any time. The second relevant part states: 'i. During the current season any Club wishing to approach a Player known to be registered with or having played for any other Club must give to the secretary of each such Club, seven days’ formal written notice of the intention to approach the Player. Formal written notice of approach need be given by........'
  12. New Season start date?

    Yes Dave. The exemption they have is not unique to our League and is also applied to other university teams in other areas/counties. Pretty much yes.
  13. New Season start date?

    I suspect the start date will be the 19th or possibly 26th August as historically this has been the case but, as mentioned, this will be set at the AGM. Rule 10a then comes into play: '.... Irrespective of this date, all teams shall commence League fixtures on or before the first Saturday in September'.
  14. Failed Step 6 grading list (2017)

    And to complete the hat-trick of incorrect statements a random check with Companies House will tell you that Cornwall FA is on a par with Devon, a tad ahead of Dorset but way way behind the likes of Somerset, Lancashire and Essex. As for the tongue in cheek comment about blazers, they are of course bought by board and Council members not the CCFA.