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  1. Fair point Tempo but the trial is only for Step 7 leagues and below so having neutral assistants is going to be far from commonplace. And as a referee i'm sure you know the answer to your second point.
  2. The League constitution as set in Rule 2b is for 14/14/14/15/15 with a provision under Rule 12 for 15 in the Premier Division. There is no proposal at the moment to change this. Having lost teams in Divisions 2,3 and 4 that leaves 14/14/13/14/14 and there are likely to be two further withdrawals from what we know at the moment. There is also a scenario where two could be promoted to the Combination with no teams coming down. Simple maths tells us that if all of that comes together then team numbers would be down 7 on the start of this season. As zebedee points out it's looking likely at this stage that there will be no more than 4 up in some cases but, as every season, we won't really know until very close to the AGM what the final situation will be and what potential options we have for viable divisions. That's just the perks of operating at the bottom of the tree. All those of us involved can do is smile through gritted teeth and keep working the options until we have a complete picture. Then it's up to the clubs.
  3. 28th June at Holman with a 7pm start.
  4. No problem PP. I was going to post about this anyway after we discussed this at our committee meeting last night you just beat me to it! Some good points raised here and that's why we need to have the teach ins described in Mark Ives's e-mail above but unfortunately time is against us. I don't believe a manager, unless he was a named player for that match, would come under this as that would be a misconduct report not a caution and possibly him being removed to the changing rooms etc. if serious enough. Yes it's an additional admin/management burden for the referee during the game but there will be training for them. I don't think anyone can fault the ultimate objective and hopefully as everybody gets used to it the number of players sitting out the game for 10 minutes will greatly reduce which in turn will take away much of that extra referee admin. As long as you have human beings involved in this you are never going to get clear black and white. For many and varied reasons we all have different tolerance levels and referee's are no different. So long as his/her approach is consistent throughout the match you can't really complain too much. Let's not forget where we, and they, are in the pecking order of things and why.
  5. Just to emphasize that Temporary Dismissals (sin bins) will only be used for cautions (yellow cards) for dissent. To quote from the e-mail sent to all Step 7 leagues and below: Dissent accounts for 24% of all cautions at the Grassroots level of the game. As mentioned, the intention is to change the behaviour and impose an immediate sanction on the player; so whilst referees will still be required to report the incident in order for the RESPECT sanctioning to continue and to record cautions for continual misconduct purposes; the caution administered will not attract the normal £10 administration fee as cautions for dissent currently do. This puts the focus on changing behaviour. The system imposes an immediate sanction on the player for a caution for dissent who will then undertake a period of a 10 minute temporary dismissals (period amended for youth games accordingly). The full operation of the system will be explained in a full training session to the nominated Leagues, Clubs and Referees. The training will be in the form of online WebEx sessions and potentially attendance at League meetings. The League has to inform the FA by 20th May whether we wish to take part in the initial trial commencing next season thus the canvassing for the clubs opinions. Please channel your thoughts either way through your club secretary.
  6. The timeline for notifications is in both the Combination and Trelawny League Rules. Rule 12d and readily available on the Trelawny Full Time site if anybody fancies a read.
  7. I agree Bobjfh. An 'inquiry' was made but clarification had already been sought in anticipation of the question due to the wording of a particular rule. We now have the definitive answer as opposed to speculation/presumption and guesswork.
  8. Not quite correct CTB. In situations like this what you are presuming above does not role down out of the National League System and into the recreational leagues. Both Helston Reserves and their Third Team could have played on Saturday without fear of any sanction. This was confirmed by the FA Governance Department today.