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    A big well done to the Penryn lads.
  2. Major Shock

    I think big Al hit the nail on the head and one of the biggest problems is the travelling maybe he is right and they need to look at the leagues,Helston or should I say Sid and Ritchie lost four or five players to our second team because they were unwilling to travel from 10/11 o'clock in the morning and get back at 7/8 in the evening and as your all know failed to field a team on one occasion, so is it the money or is it the travelling that is causing a shortage of players,as for Penryn yes its a shame but something wasn't right we used to see there 3rd team watching and drinking at Helston if they had no game and they were the Penryn locals.
  3. So where have Falmouth signed four players from this week ?maybe there are two Penryns in Cornwall
  4. Truro City,season tickets.

    Your sounding like Diane Abbott now
  5. Wasn't Stu Massey and Steve Jewell connected to Penryn not so long ago,transfer window should be really interesting,oh and nice of you to think Helston will do well in the Vase this season talking about all the travelling.
  6. You might well be right but i think both were struggling to make the team this season Matty stepped in at the end of last season to help with promotion but started from the bench most games and Charlie is having problems with injurys and fitness,the boys that have signed look like good signings but lets wait for the first game and then Theo you might want to retract your rash statement