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  1. MORTGAGE ADVICE BUREAU ECDPL Fixtures for Saturday 19th August Premier Division Bere Alston United 15 St Blazey 0 Callington Town 1 Saltash United 4 Liskeard Athletic 1 Plymstock United 1 Looe Town 3 St Austell 4 Pensilva 0 Torpoint Athletic 8 Polperro 0 Plymouth Parkway 3 St Stephens Borough 0 Tavistock 2 Division One Bude Town v Mevagissey Elburton Villa v Nanpean Rovers (Postponed) Newquay 2 Morwenstow 6 Roche 1 Lakeside Athletic 2 St Teath 0 Lanreath 3 Wadebridge Town 5 Millbrook 3
  2. Anyone know who scored in the Exmouth 2 Saltash 4 game. Club phone has been engaged for nearly an hour
  3. Anyone know who scored for Ludgvan at Millbrook ?
  4. MORTGAGE ADVICE BUREAU ECPL FIXTURES Wednesday 16th August Premier Division Plymouth Parkway 2 St Stephens Borough 0 Saltash United 2 Plymstock United 2 St Austell 6 St Blazey 0 Division One Newquay 3 Bude Town 4 St Minver 3 Wadebridge Town 2
  5. MORTGAGE ADVICE BUREAU ECPL Fixtures Tuesday 15th August Premier Division Launceston 2 Pensilva 2 Liskeard Athletic 0 Callington Town 2 Division One Elburton Villa 2 Lanreath 4 Millbrook 3 Lakeside Athletic 0 Morwenstow 4 St Teath 0
  6. 1ORTGAGE ADVICE BUREAU ECPL Fixtures Saturday 12th August Premier Division all matches 2:30pm kick off Pensilva 1 Saltash United 4 Plymouth Parkway 1 St Austell 2 Polperro 1 Bere Alston United 1 St Blazey 2 Launceston 2 Torpoint Athletic 4 Liskeard Athletic 0 Division One all 2:30pm ko Lanreath 7 Millbrook 1 Nanpean Rovers 2 Wadebridge Town 15 (Fifteen) Roche v Bude Town (Postponed)
  7. ECPL

    I thought I would come on for the last time as a contributor, although I will continue to produce fixtures and results for those who wish to keep up to date with the ECPL. What I would like to say is this. I have been a regular contributor in this forum for some considerable time. During this time I have come across a number of people who do not wish to converse in sensible discussions. I have often questioned these people who seem to think that taking the P*** is worthy of discussion. Unfortunately they are only worthy of contempt. I have gone back over a number of cases where their answer to a serious question is responded to through infantile comments. Some may say that I have over reacted. Sorry but you are totally wrong. I have tried to be constructive but I will never allow anyone to get away with ridiculous infantile comments. If that is what you want on this site then that is fine by me. I will not be involved again. It is a site for valid constructive discussion. Unfortunately some people think that it is some sort of childish play thing and cannot stand somebody having a different point of view to theirs, especially when they hode behind a fictitious name. Everyone knows who I am. Again, no problem. Enjoy your plaything as I look on in amusement.
  8. I have now had enough of Dave Deacons interference on this site. SO I WILL NO LONGER BE POSTING ANY ITEMS ABOUT THE ECPL unless this man comes on here and apologizes. WE DO NOT LIVE IN A COMMUNIST STATE.
  9. Dave Deacon.  We do not live in a communist state.  It seems you once again are acting above yourself.  There was a sensible discussion going on about Vospers.  But no you act like a child again and interfere.  You should be ashamed of yourself .  . .  

  10. How dare you Mr Deacon. Who the hell do you think you are. This was a sensible discussion spoiled by an idiot. But no you have to put your oar in. This story still has a few miles in it yet. We do not live in a communist state so get off your high horse and let free speech prevail;. You have no idea what went on at Vospers. So unless you have something sensible to say KEEP OUT OF IT .
  11. St John. You are a silly boy. How is it when you lose an argument you go off on a tangent. I was talking about the decision by the FA. Seems you were unable to answer the question. The Vospers players decided to follow their manager, nothing to do with the league . Please get it right. I am sure there is an organisation that can help you.
  12. Oh St John you are so full of knowledge. It must be very difficult speaking out of your backside. Let me enlighten you. It was the FA who insisted that it would be a two county league. If clubs came down from the SWPL they did not want to go into a park league which is the P&D league. And yes to accommodate all the clubs wanting to enter it became a two division league. Now can we please stop this nonsense about the league being to large it is down to the FA. Indeed there are a large number of clubs falling over themselves trying to join what is a very good league.