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  1. I feel there is a distinct shift in views on here and that is unfair to St Dominick. Unfortunately in this day and age when managers go they either take players with them or if they finish altogether they leave. In St Dominick's case there are a number of players who are standing down. St Dominick is a small village and have to go outside for managers and especially players. They do not have the luxury of being in a big town or city where there is plenty of talent. In this particular case the manager has stood down for personal reasons and along with a few players who are also standing down it is not surprising that St Dominick have made their decision. As a committee they must do what is best for their club and I repeat their club. They have tried hard to recruit a manager but to no avail so please don't chastise the club for doing what is in their best interests. They have a second team of mainly local lads who play in the Duchy League. It is surely in their best interests to put the needs of their club first. St Dominick have always punched above their weight and are to be a applauded. I am sure they will bounce back but this is just not the time so we should all be thanking the club for their short tenure and wish them well.
  2. I have thought about this for some time. The only problem is who is going to be the time keeper. The game loses at least 15 minutes per half as the ball goes out of play, a delay on taking free kicks, corners, injuries substitutions etc. Good idea for the top level by cant see it working at our level.
  3. Very sad, nice club and nice people. Unfortunately if you can't get a manager or players then in all fairness what is the point. I wish Ken Harvey and the club all the best for the future. On of the few clubs who would phone me up after a match with a report, I wish there were more people like Ken I am sure they will re group and come back again. Will be sorely missed.
  4. If St Dominick leave It will be 16-14
  5. You are forgetting the St Dominick situation
  6. ECPL AGM Thursday 22nd June Looks likie an uinteresting meeting.
  7. Thanks Dave I will do anything to help a club no matter who they are on this site as should anyone else.
  8. Funny that was not what was told to me by someone who was at the meeting. You can bluff and bluster all you like but I am afraid it does not wash. I too will sign off, not now baffled but clear in my own mind what happened. So it is good luck to Tavistock and I hope it does not blow up in your face.
  9. My goodness me. You have certainly tried hard to extricate yourself from answering the question. I think people reading all this must be baffled. As I said in my original posting it is as clear as day that the ECPL manager was put in an untenable position. To tell a manager that he must tale on 8 players from Plymouth along with the management staff and not to realize he would be offended is at best naive. At worst cynical. I hope it works out ok but to tarnish the good name of Tavistock FC was perhaps not a good idea. If the intention was to push the club forward and enter the Western League then I am afraid staying in the SWPL is not being progressive.
  10. Time is moving on. Surely there is someone out there interested in taking on the St Dominick role. Would be a shame to see them pull out of the league.
  11. To be clear regarding facts. The Tavistock Under 18 side were champions of the 'middle' DJM league. Ged's team, along with Saltash Under 18s, totally dominated the top flight of the DJM league and the Parkway Under 18s wanted a new challenge. As far as I understand it there is no lower, middle or upper divisions in the DJM. Basically you stay in the same division in your age group right the way through from the youngest age group, nothing to do with lower, middle or upper.. I have never seen someone write so much baffling information to try and justify their decision. As I said in my original posting it is as clear as day that the ECPL manager was put in an untenable position. A club is a club. A shining example is Torpoint Athletic who for years have had a seem less transition from Duchy, ECPL up to the SWPL. And it starts from their DJM teams right the way through to the top age group. And they are a better club for it.
  12. Makes great reading BUT and I mean BUT. Tim May was put in an untenable situation by being asked to bring in 8 players along with coaches and then expect him to agree. Sorry but reading your posting reveals one thing. You must have known that any manager worth his salt would not accept what in effect was an ultimatum. The club had obviously made up its mind to accept Plymouth Parkway under 18's yet the clubs own under 18's had a better record. So bringing in players from Plymouth over local players did not cross your mind that this could cause a problem. Despite your under 18 manager supposedly requesting that his players were to be passed over by players and management from another team who finished below your home grown team.
  13. I think the review will be on a Monday and the Preview I think will be on a Friday. Yet to be decided. But it wont' start until the season starts in August.
  14. It seems as if the FA are living in a parallel universe. With gates struggling at this level apart from a few exceptions to get crowds of over a 100 and they worry about loose stones. The whole system needs a reality check. The object surely is to encourage clubs to progress not put obstacles in their way.