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  1. New players

    2mro is also deadlift night in the gym , but il sign on
  2. New players

    il sign on if you need a centre back /left back .
  3. Sin bin confussion.

    any ref caught using the sin bin rule pre season , will be banned from football activates and sent to north korean labour camps where they think about what they have done . bloody refs think their above the law sometimes
  4. Pre season friendlies

    Blue Flame will play you
  5. i like people not knowing who i am
  6. Trelawny AGM

  7. Manager required

    will there be much of a squad left
  8. Trelawny Goss

    Well at least he won something. Massive night in club I for Luke tonight
  9. Trelawny Goss

    i heard luke murrey is having a gender change and looking to join a female football team , he is tired of only collecting runners up medals and is hoping by making the change he might collect a winners medal
  10. Wats happened down there pal??