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  1. Well at least he won something. Massive night in club I for Luke tonight
  2. i heard luke murrey is having a gender change and looking to join a female football team , he is tired of only collecting runners up medals and is hoping by making the change he might collect a winners medal
  3. choo choo , here comes the banter train. love it
  4. I take it Falmouth / penwith is still a touchy subject 🥊🥊🥊😁😁😁
  5. Can't we all agree we ALL love abit of Luke Murrey
  6. Penzance banter 0 - Falmouth banter 5.
  7. Well done pendeen . Lee Angove will be happy
  8. Pidgeon is my new nickname for Keir dent .
  9. Why don't you ask ur mate pidgeon he knows school time availablites
  10. Penryn sch
  11. i was just looking at the div 2 table , if culdrose win 2mro and penwith draw or lose to mabe then culdrose win the league , makes it interesting end to the season in div2 , nobody mentioned culdrose at start of season ,
  12. you lot still going to take on the mighty blue flame football team in july ?
  13. be a close game , i think Tj will have a tougher game against Adam Keenan then he did against Kayne or luke at mabe , I reckon it will go to pens like last week