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  1. Hahaha
  2. And just like the bank, they will want that money paid back to them. It was a condition of the previous contract with Helical that they (Helical) would repay them their loans when they move out of Treyew RD. No wonder they were so keen to move out even if it meant going to Torquay. Of course they were hoping to not only get their loans back but to also inherit a c£6m stadium into the bargain. It's not looking so good for the great business men now though is it.
  3. It's not the bank that's the source of the loans.
  4. Just filed and show debts up from £632K in the previous year to £804K up until June 30th 2016. So these debts projected at that rate would suggest they are currently at £1M. Although as the latest year (not shown in the latest accounts) is believed by some to be the one where the club (company) owners were faced with financing the club out of their own pockets as opposed to being subsidised by developers then these debts could have increased at a greater rate. All hail the Saviours !
  5. Why don't these multi-millionaire owners of TCFC just crack on and get Silver Bow built themselves. The unresolved reserve matters are only blocked by financial issues so they can cough up and send in the bulldozers. They could then truly be considered saviours of the club rather than people that just want to cash in on Developers speculation. Basically if you want your own stadium get on and build one.
  6. I believe they only cleared around £450K in debt. The rest was written off by the Creditors. The current owners have created more debt in the club than they themselves have paid off. That's a little detail they over look when trotting out the usual saviours speech.
  7. Or another way to look at it is that the owners, by divorcing the club from the community and failing to develop any kind of commercial activity beyond matchday therefore making the club unsustainable and taking the easy money from developers which to a large extent, funded the club until the start of this season have proved, that they are not fit and proper people to run a football club. The alienation of loyal supporters is totally their fault.
  8. I thinking he is dragging out the announcement about staying at Treyew Road for another season so he can claim he has pulled off some master stroke (no pun intended) when the reality is that JIL would have no interest in evicting Truro City when they are nowhere near having anybody ready to move in.
  9. From the planning application associated document " The site currently benefits from outline planning permission for Truro City Football Club's replacement football facilities and conditional planning permission for a replacement dwelling and associated buildings. The fact that these permissions are capable of being implemented is a material consideration." "The reports were produced to accompany PA15/03405 - Outline planning permission for development at Silver Bow, comprising the construction of a replacement football pitch....................The site area for the current application is the same as that of the approved outline permission." Close enough?
  10. It's the Official Supporters Club that should be "drilling to see what is under the surface"
  11. Perhaps, in your privileged position of Official Supporters Club committee member you could just simply ask the Chairman and kindly let us all know, what exactly, is happening and when? Also be interested to know if the forthcoming ownership change at Torquay has any baring on any future ground sharing arrangement?