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  1. Newquay v Bodmin Town to be played at WADEBRIDGE on Tuesday 7th March, 7.30 kick off.
  2. Rappo started his career as a 13 year old. He scored his 2000th (and 2001st) goal at the age of 49. Over a 36 year playing career, that's an average of 55.5 goals a season. I've seen a few of them. As a fan, as a team mate and as an opponent but I'm glad I saw the important 2000th. Will Rappo re-take up refereeing?! He had a spell around 2000 and was pretty good at that too...
  3. Glad to have it on video!
  4. I wondered how long it would take and I'm surprised it wasn't the first to be announced - Bude have a walkover against Mullion.
  5. Maybe it's the money (or lack of) talking...
  6. One game conceded already!
  7. Halsetown v Marazion Blues postponed?
  8. How come two games were abandoned? Queens Rangers v St Merryn St Cleer v Tregrehan Mills
  9. Newlyn Dolphins, didn't they just change their name to Lions? Camborne Town
  10. More than likely although they might already have somewhere in mind.
  11. As long as the Combo committee are happy with it. By the way, Holmans have done an excellent job with their new structure.
  12. When I last went they rolled out covers for them and one of them blew over and nearly landed on a kid walking past. Apparently they were the ones Falmouth Athletic used.
  13. Lizard and West Cornwall would probably do what Perranwell do and rope off the pitch. Dug outs would be needed at both, again Perranwell have a good temporary solution which could be utilised at both grounds.
  14. I mean they were numbered alphabetically: 1=Bodmin, 2=Falmouth, 3=Newquay, 4=Saltash
  15. Definitely worth a shout! 9. Most Consecutive Hat Tricks Masashi Nakayama scored hat tricks in four consecutive games in 1998. Four in a row! He tallied 16 goals in those four games. He was also the first Japanese player to ever score for his country in a World Cup that year. It was in a loss to Jamaica, but, eh, who cares. Nakayama was on fire in 1998.