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  1. Is that where their first team played until they folded?
  2. Ö Wow Wow Wow take it easy fellas, I can only reel in one at a time. Besides, if you make it too easy, you'll take away all the fun.
  3. Some of these clubs only disbanded a very short time ago. Surely not much has changed, other than starting in a lower league on going on an ego trip. The last time I played at praze in the Sunday league our changing room was appalling, holes in the floor and a big puddle in the middle. Now I know you don't play footy in the changing rooms, but the pitch wasn't much better. Uncut,poor lines, goals and nets falling down.
  4. Interesting way to go about NOT biting.
  5. Oh no. What are SSS and older going to whine about now..... quick boys, make some other nonsense up.
  6. I didn't see or hear any results from these two games. Does anyone know who won what??
  7. MANAGER....Oh that is such a shame, I'd assumed he was just a muppet along for a day out. He should take great pride in his players tonight, they left it all on the pitch for their manager today. He clearly has a talent for footballer management. Hopefully, in the morning, he will realise he needs to work on managing situations a little better.
  8. I was there as a complete neutral. So have no connection to either club.. Penwith deserve to be cup winners, if only for pure guts and glory. I don't know the guys name, but penwiths no.10 ran himself into the ground for his team today. Nine men covered, what is a big pitch at wendron. Football aside, penwith should be ashamed of themselves today. Again don't know the guy, but some great big fat bloke with the manners of a gutter rat let his club down at half time. In front of some of the more elderly members of the league and their wives, calling the very good ref all names that can't be repeated here. Great game, next time, just bring your players,
  9. Now. I don't know the whole story here. And, I suspect not many people on here,with an opinion do either. But man management, is about managing different men,differently. Some of us need an arm on the shoulder, and told how great we are. On the other hand, some ( like myself when I was playing ) need a kick up the arse occasionally. Who's to say Pughie is one or the other. Time will be the only real judge.