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  1. 100%, hopefully Smokie has dried out, I was going to come over and say hello but he looked so dejected! It was a very good game to watch, despite only two first team squad players and no Messrs Warnock or Bellamy, but their players were and that was what mattered. There was a definite clash of styles, St Austell were well organised, structured and very powerful, Cardiff were technically excellent, quicker and had much more possession - which was clearly expected by St Austell who geared up to counter. Cardiff were very composed and St Austell very vocal. I thought the Cardiff captain, number 4 was real quality and he dominated midfield, never stopping and moving the ball all around the pitch - it is testament to St Austell that their fitness kept going for 90 minutes. I would disagree about St Austell player performances, for me Goldie was outstanding and covered every blade of grass, twice - it's a shame he got 'injured' towards the end in putting in a totally stupid diving tackle, in a competitive match it would have been red, as for me it marred a great game. Eddy is a class player, fit / strong and great fast runs, again if he could just temper the silly stuff, but that appears in his nature. However, one player was massive - Giler. He will not be happy about either goal, but his reading of the game, composure and direction to other players is second to none in the league. He may be getting older, but he would be my first name down in any league XI, he controlled the back 4 and marshalled the midfield as well - not the pretty stuff but what gets results like last night. 2-2 was probably fair, I feel if Cardiff took some of the chances their possession created it would have been different, but St Austell battled so well no one would complain and Watts nearly scored a cracking free kick (no surprise there). It was noticeable though and to be expected, Cardiff used their subs and brought on real quality, if anything better players (some a lot younger than 23) - St Austell did not have the same depth - each substitute weaken the team from the starting 11, they all played their part but will be surprised to see any of them making starting appearances, barring injuries - which is why I can't understand Wearns move from a regular starter at Falmouth - he must have reasons and George Roberts would start in any other team. Worth the fiver and whilst I still think St Austell will struggle to be top in the league, due to lack of depth, they would be a good bet for Senior Cup / League Cup and Vase run on one off matches.
  2. Major Shock

    Cant think of any local teams that could afford you!
  3. I didn't mean to distract from a good performance by Bodmin, and am always 'happy' to pay every week to watch SWPL games - but - £8 for a 'leg stretcher between mates', compared to £10 for a whole days entertainment with band / kids entertainment and watch a FL team at Parkway seems too much. I appreciate clubs wanting to raise some funds, but pricing it too high keeps spectators away - lets be honest, according to Leeds, Bodmin don't need to raise too much money preseason anyway as they hardly pay anything for their players.
  4. Does anyone know the attendance last night? I was going to watch but to be honest I thought paying £8 for a preseason friendly at this standard was over the top.
  5. Dave - as an administrator of the forum please continue to enforce and terminate pointless offensive threads. ECPL and St John have issues and no-one else on the forum wants to see their continual slights at each other - let them exchange personal details and they can do it in privacy, without ruining everyone else's enjoyment.
  6. In the Prem, if you accept that most of the top third will remain the same (couple a lot stronger and some noticeably weaker), the remaining 2/3rds will all take points of each other on their day. A lot depends on which teams can put decent runs together to occupy the middle third and who wont get sucked into the bottom third battles. From last years bottom third - Newquay needed to strengthen, but I have not seen a lot of that so far. Witheridge, already struggling, have lost several players, whereas Ivybridge appear to be promoting themselves as improved as are Callington. Helston had a bad end to the season and looked to massively improve but must be concerned about the loss of recent signings. Camelford, despite bids from 'bigger teams' have retained all their young players and will be stronger this season, Godolphin have lost players but 100% still feels they look okay. Sticker and Stoke Gabriel will both be on a high and usually promoted teams do well in their first season promoted (repromoted), so should be okay. As an outside bet for relegation - Argyle Reserves, last season, very strong and great footballing side supported by first team squad players, this season, none of their last seasons year two or three scholars will be playing, so they will be a nearly all new squad of 16/17 year olds (more like the West team of two years ago) and now the first team have been promoted will they risk playing their players in the SWPL? In short, unfortunately I think it will be Newquay and Witheridge.
  7. It's all a bit of fun - other than can't see Parkway not winning ( if they do biggest waste of money since Andy Carolls transfer fee!)
  8. Prem 1 Parkway 2. Tavistock 3. Saltash 4. Exmouth 5. Launceston 6. St Austell 7. Bodmin West 1. Elburton 2. Mousehole 3. Porthleven 4. St Dennis 5. Wadebridge 6. St Blazey 7.Wendron
  9. Funny how people can all see the same game differently when it comes to picking out players. Putting things in perspective, Sticker a SWPL Prem side playing a Roche team from 3 leagues lower and made up with a few returning injured players - there was only one outcome and it was more about performances in a first preseason (that said Roche did create some good chances). The lad Bowyer has real class, but he missed at least 6 'gilt edge' chances - he won't get that many chances in a league game during the season so needs to work the rust off quickly. The lads Mc Avoy and Bultler looked good, but for me the most classy player was Duff in midfield, good feet, vision and distribution. Was also impressed by the lad Kenny, good pace an distribution. However a lot of others, purely on last nights performance need to get themselves firing again - Sticker had a big squad there and some players will need to improve to keep their places. Sticker won't surprise teams next season as I am sure every Prem team will show them the greatest of respect on their 2016/17 performance and I am sure they will do well at the higher standard, but they dropped off a bit last season having won the league comfortably and need to regain their form to finish a realistic mid table. A good team to watch as they play nice football and I look forward to watching them again soon.
  10. 100% - follow the A38 and turn off right into Saltash (in the dip before you reach the main Saltash rbt). Follow that road into Saltash (straight across a mini rbt and passing the Ploughboy Inn on your left). At a major junction with lights - turn right (onto Callington Road). Follow that for half a mile and sign for Police Station / Sports centre on right - you're there!! If you're coming in off the big roundabout by Waitrose / Service - follow the Saltash Road, go over a rbt - you come to the above major junction but would go straight across.
  11. A bit bold calling Charlie the best lb in the south west - he is a decent player but there are other good lads out there - I believe Ed Timmonds has gone from Falmouth to Helston to Bodmin so that may account for Charlie moving. Launceston are quietly building a strong squad though - not attracting much attention but could be looking at pushing top 6 next season??

    Kev - let Leeds fork out the fiver before you tell him it's usually Callum's 6'6" dad or Stan his granddad who come along to watch!!!

    Sorry I thought loosing Lowry and Sims was the two greatest goal scoring threats they had? Their keeper last season was very good and probably should be given more time. Dont think I am having a go at Godolphin - I love watching them - just thought they struggled end of last season (and the season before) - just not convinced they have enough for the Prem??

    I wish Kev and the G's best of luck this season, but on who they have lost, and will lose and who they have brought in they are, in my opinion, much (much) weaker - and they where flagging for half of last season. I'm sure a great coach and club will bring the best out of them.
  15. Trelawny AGM

    Fish - I know all the effort you put into TMS and your initial move there was at the time of planning for a Reserve team with your youth team. My comment was more to encourage those lads affected not to be too disappointed - most clubs would happily give them game time - if your plan is Sunday football, great it keeps them playing. I don't think an appeal would help you as the discussions between the teams voting don't appear in the minutes (well they didn't last time I was there) - only the number of votes for/against (not which clubs they were). One can only assume there were legacy issues about TMS - but why you and not the others is only known by those in the room voting. Good luck if you do though.