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  1. Tempo - only meant it as a compliment to your lads (not to interfere with club setup) and real shame that your club has two teams in adjoining leagues Postman - that was my point - hopefully clubs will take a strong stance on the viability of the new teams seeking a place in the league - where there players are coming from and how it will affect pitches / facilities etc.
  2. Tempo / Ells - I have a feeling that the current League 3 is where most adjustments will be made - at the moment with vacancies and teams who have confirmed pulling out of the league - I reckon the league will need at least 4/5 new teams to fulfil the constitution numbers in each division. I personally think that any team in this years Div 3 could play in Div 2 and any team could take points of any other - the other leagues were closer but clear winners and losers. As an aside its a real shame that Frogpool Reserves don't swap with their firsts as clearly better? I know several clubs will be against new teams entering the league, for obvious reasons, but I also think clubs voting at the AGM should do so based one overriding factor - does the new team mean players taken from another team, causing it problems or problems with pitches / refs etc. I know Probus is looking to enter a new team but also that they have their own pitch / facilities and all are new players to the League (along with current Probus players) they also have a qualified referee if needed and CCFA qualified assistant referee - that has got to be different from one set of players leaving a club and setting up at new team on existing pitches??
  3. Chappers gave a very honest interview when he stood down, which made perfect sense. For him to go back now would surely not be the right thing, for him - Nanks and Kelvin may be a bit different as they appeared to go 'as a unit'. Are they looking at going back or is it more panic as no-one else applying for post? Hope they sort it soon, need a big club in mid Cornwall.
  4. Home Waters - there are several threads with a similar theme, it's like 'herding ferrets', the ECPL committee are all committed and knowledgeable about the issues affecting clubs, especially in the East of the County, it would be so much simpler it they proposed the changes, in a coherent fashion, got it debated and then clubs could simply propose, second and vote in quick time at meetings - yes / no and move on. Even simpler would be a quorum of the committee to look at issues affecting league clubs, make recommendations and if necessary hold a meaningful EGM - rules can be changed and promptly where necessary - it does not take a whole season.
  5. Tempo - Combo / ECPL are not senior football. They are allowed to play in senior cup by the ccfa - as ccfa would be involved in any change to league structures then it could be negoaited if that's what clubs want.
  6. I thought that was the case but following ECPL's response I assumed the ECPL League had not adopted all the standardised rules (I believe leagues can opt out of some rules).
  7. So St Austell have no management team, yet, to shape next season. Have lost Harry Evans and always rumours about Goldie and Liam going to Helston - could be a long pre-season for them.
  8. CTB - think you are right, was just using that as a demonstration that non Reserve sides, certainly in the East of the County have little chance of promotion - they have to come top 2 against clubs with very strong set ups. Yes it has happened in the past but not recently Just looking at a discussion point, lots of people come on the forum and say leagues are weaker, problems with player retention etc etc etc - but very few solutions are suggested. The answers are out there and people like yourself, John and even ECPL have the greatest knowledge so perhaps the best chance of offering solutions?
  9. ECLP - thank you for providing clarity John - a very valid point, I would just counter by asking when has a team from the Combo and ECPL both been promoted in the same year. Also I believe Bere Alston sought promotion this year to SWPL West from the ECPL - they came 4th so we're not eligible - however two Reserve sides, who cannot get promoted, finished above them - had there been no Reserve sides in the ECPL then Bere may have been promoted.
  10. It does surprise me a bit - there has been discussion about Combo / Trelawney joining (subject to rule amendment and a couple of yeas off), and yet nothing about ECPL / Duchy. Surely the discussion should be about a league in Cornwall that is a suitable feeder league to the FL step system (SWPL West) across the county. In theory (and I do accept that current league rules / AGM's etc have a massive role): 1. Remove all Reserve teams from feeder league - they can't get promoted, but effectively block other local clubs progressing. Create a Reserve league, with the purpose of generating feeders for existing senior teams. 2. Create ONE feeder league across the county - (whether run under the auspices of Combo or ECPL doesn't matter) - yes teams would have to travel, but they would if they want to progress (SWPL West covers the combined geographical area of Combo and ECPL). Allow promotion from / to the feeder league in the same way as SWPL deals with promotion. Furthermore have the same league rules as they SWPL (theirs are directed by the national FA and would ensure continuity across the county). 3. Leave the Trelawney and Duchy leagues as they are to allow smaller recreational football to flourish, based around teams that cannot travel across the whole county. 4. Very contentious - ban all player payment (expenses) below the one feeder league and Reserve League (make it CCFA recreational Rules where payments would mean expulsion) - travelling would be small so no need for expenses. I was told yesterday of a team at Trelawney 4 level paying £50 a game to some players - that's killing local football / teams. I am clearly missing something as it seems so simple and obvious to me?
  11. Very sad that a team of Bodmins stature cannot keep a Reserve team playing at ECPL standard. The reasons for the current Reserves leaving (and going to Wadebridge?) has been well discussed on the forum, but surely Bodmin could have looked to create a 'new' Reserve team?
  12. I am assuming the Tavistock chairman or First Team manager have watched this youth team? Whilst the statement from the chairman is very inclusive, unless they retain 7-8 Reserve Team players or proved players at this level, then Tavistock Reserves are in for a very, very long season.
  13. May sound daft but it appears there are more managers up for 'transfer' than players at the moment - St Austell, Helston, Godolphin, Porthleven - and that's just the last couple of weeks??
  14. £210 for the number of games in this league would have to be considered as very reasonable, every SWPL game if £5. Whether that constitutes 'good value' is very much a matter of opinion, based on whether you support TCFC or not. I would love to support the 'senior' team in the County, however to sack a successful manager in Steve Tully, to have so many players on loan, very limited local players, no Reserve Team and no youth policy - let alone the amount of venom that appears to exist between groups of supporters and the club coupled with the tainted financial history - in answer to the question posed - I won't be paying £210.
  15. Looks like Div 2 and Div 3 could both go to the last game of the season to decide winners and Prem (other than CSM) / Div 1 have been hotly contested - means the leagues are settling down. Well done to all involved.