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  1. Mr B - your support for the man in the middle is admirable and much needed, but this is a football forum and if someone believes that an official had an off day - they are not challenging the value or credibility of the official, just commenting on how they saw a game. Everybody makes mistakes or has great days - it's not personal it's just opinions. Sometimes a blinkered view that you can't say anything undue, serves more to undermine the officials - I watched a Swpl Prem game today, didn't agree with a lot the ref did, but he was very consistent and 'honest' and everyone walked off at the end of the game feeling the game had been played fairly, irrespective of result.
  2. But that is NOT the rule - (CTB you know the rules?) the rule is within a competition - Trelawney and SWPL Prem are different - this has been raised before and it appears that some clubs / teams are looking to profiteer from others. Seriously, looking to disadvantage Helston 3rds players, who are not SWPL players is unfair and is an issue for the Trelawney forum, not the important issue of why a club's structure like Helston cannot raise a team of senior players. Helston First team and club should and will be heavily sanctioned for failing to fulfill two consecquetive fixtures - surely though all football supporters in the Dutchy should be looking to support Helston not coming up with 'relegate' them!!
  3. Combo Rule was (2012 season), " A team shall not include more than three players who have taken part in a more senior competition match during the current season, unless a period of 8 days has elapsed since they played. For the purpose of this Competition a more senior competition is one at Step 7 or higher in the National League System" Not sure if it has changed now, I thought it been removed all together and only applied to 'higher ranked players' playing in Dutchy and Trelawney Leagues? Certainly in the National League system there is no such rule.
  4. TT - no it's at Tavvy, which is no major inconvienence for Bodmin as a lot of the squad are from that way and I think Bodmin will actually win that one - however I think the league will be wrapped up before that game. Tavvy have Godolphin at home on Saturday - Godolphin are poor (at present) and I can only see Tavvy taking a comfortable 3 points and increasing their goal difference. Bodmin are away to Cullompton on Monday and with Cullompton being able to draw on the Bristol Manor Farm striker, Stamp, and others, as they did against Camelford on Tuesday night, I think with tired legs and a long journey - this game might be one too many for Bodmin. Actually hope it goes to the wire, as good for league.
  5. Camelford 4 Exmouth 2 Cullompton 2 Bodmin 1 Launceston 3 St Blazey 0
  6. Just a small point, IF Tivvy Reserves do decide to stay (and it appears they can if they choose) - when Newquay played Godolphin and the game was abandoned due to two serious injuries - Newquay decided to 'give' the game to Godolphin (I know it was 3-0 and was the right thing to do) - at that time Tivvy Reserves were leaving the league and Newquay relatively safe in second bottom. Those three potential points (had the game been replayed and Newquay won) - may have potentially given Newquay enough points to pass Witheridge. Can they 'rescind' their decision to shake on the game and conceded it? The point. being, would they have conceded the game if two teams were going to be relegated (probably)?
  7. Camelford 3 v 0 Ivybridge Town Falmouth Town 4 v 0 Torpoint Athletic Launceston 1 v 1 Cullompton Rangers Newquay 2 v 1 Exmouth Town Plymouth Parkway 3 v 0 Helston Athletic St Austell 2 v 1 Tiverton Town Reserves Tavistock 7 v 0 Godolphin Atlantic Witheridge 0 v. 3 Saltash United
  8. I was a bit sceptical about this, however also on their Twitter feed is 'The board have told us if we can raise enough money to fund ourselves next season, they are more than happy for us to continue!' The rumour was that the Reserve team had a very large playing budget, so if the players are really committed to playing and the playing budget goes down, as a Reserve Team with all the facilities in place - they cant be looking at too great an amount in sponsorship to keep afloat to stay in the SWPL Prem - or at very least taking voluntary demotion if travelling costs too much? Looks like Newquay will have to really push for too final wins, just in case - Witheridge have Saltash and Bodmin left so can't see them getting anything
  9. Bodmin Town 2 v 1 Saltash United Well done to Bodmin - nothing really between the two teams, other than Bodmin taking their chances and Saltash not. I thought Simmo was commanding for Bodmin, Sully's work rate, as always, very impressive and Carter up front had two 'half chances' and scored twice - fantastic spine to any team. Saltash's left back (I think it was Callum Hall) was exceptional and for me, even on loosing side, was man of the match (I left before announced - probably given to AC for goals). Good game for the neutral - especially last 10 when the Ashes threw everything forward.
  10. Callington Town 3 v 1 Torpoint Athletic Cullompton Rangers 2 v 2 Camelford Ivybridge Town 2 v 3 St Austell
  11. Plymouth Parkway 2-1 Torpoint Athletic
  12. Exmouth 3 Tiverton Reserves 1 Launceston 1 Bodmin 1
  13. Beacon - first thing is that it's a game of opinions for spectators. In my opinion, there is no way that it was ever a penalty - someone mentioned the Bodmin winger having a 'gash' to his leg - he must have fallen on his Oscar - if you want to see injuries, speak to the Camelford winger who has stud marks and cuts all over his legs and back. I don't condone Camels players complaining, it's unnecessary and never changes a decision - but I can understand why and it was done without foul and abusive language - and the player got carded for it. As for Adam Carter, who I think is one of the two best strikers in the league - disappointed to see him 'leave an elbow' in the young Camels keepers throat and then fall to the floor as if fouled - he's much better than that.
  14. First win in 13 and against Launceston who are very difficult to break down - will make it a far better closing week to the season for Callington - well done
  15. Rambler - nice to see that the abuse and intimidation or the other clear penalties in my report were right then as not mentioned by you😇 I know what I saw and that was not through the same Rose tinted glasses that you and Leeds appeared to share yesterday. My main point was (and I have made it about teams other than Bodmin as well) continual abuse and intimidation of officials has to stop - the weakness in officiating is by not dealing with that - if they stopped the intimidation and abuse they would find it easier to do their actual job of managing the game. Why would Sid make such a comment - because he, and most other managers, see some teams do it week in week out - and it works for them!! I actually believe in fairness and consistency of decision making so the best team on the day wins - how naive am I!!