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  1. Swingletree. Apparently they played at a ground called Muffin Park. The story of its' naming is convoluted. At the time the ground had a groundsman called Mervyn.and the Northern Irish Ewing brothers were managing the team and said Mervyn's name in a strong N. Irish accent (try saying Mervyn with a strong Northern Irish accent). A new Scottish coach joined the team and couldn't work out why the groundsman was called Muffin by the coaching team (and of course by the rest of the team as the nickname had stuck). When it came to naming the ground the obvious was "Muffin Park". Now, Muffin Park has returned to its' old duties as potatoes or cattle grazing.
  2. Swingletree: A Friend of mine who used to play for them (Chris Neve) sent me this message: Out towards Bray Shop. It was called Muffin Park!! When we first started we played at Bowling Green park!!
  3. The pitch at Golbordon was used until quite recently for youth football; a beautiful place to watch football. It is about 4 miles out of Callington. There is still a North Hill FC (http://www.clubwebsite.co.uk/northhillfc01/94694/Home). They have a lovely little set up. Anyone know where Swingletree palyed? It is a pub on the way out of Callington on the Launceston Road and I remember they got into the first or second round of the Senior Cup a few years ago. I live in St Ive (the one between Liskeard and Callington...(as the man from Parcelforce found out a few years ago when he phoned me from outside the Sloop and asked me if I lived upalong or downalong...er about 60 miles upalong!) and the old St Ive football club ground is now the park. A picture of the St Ive team from the 1920s or 30s appeared in The Cornish Guardian a couple of years ago.