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  1. Friendly result

    Newlyn Lions 6-3 tms
  2. Pulling out?

    How come nothingwas said at the agm bout marazion pulling out the league? Already 1 team down fromwat I've heard just pointless
  3. Penzance Reserves training

    Are penzance hiring that pitch too now?
  4. Friendly

    Not that it's any of your business but like I said it's on the 8th which is our first friendly so as we dnt train or pre season an " easier" game as ur making it out to b Is far from it like jolly has said they are going to be up for it for fitness so it'll give my lads a good game n not that it's ur business s the rest of our games r div 1 or higher just need one lower league to blow away some cobwebs
  5. Friendly

    No, just as a side who don't train all season n very doubtful will do a pre season or do any real warm up before any games , I just would like a div 4 side for our first friendly
  6. Friendly

    Lookin for a Trelawny 4/duchy4 side for a game on 8th July , if any interest on me cheers newlyn lions
  7. Hi there id b very interested at newlyn Lions, we are happy to host n split costs for ref costs
  8. Hey just requiring about What league you play in? Cheers