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  1. SIN BINS in the TRELAWNEY LEAGUE this season

    What a shot in the arm this is for the Trelawney League, recognition from the FA, I wouldn't be surprised if most members even thought the FA were aware they existed. Many involved at grass root level complain they continually get ignored, it has to be good to know their prayers could now be getting some answers. The manner the FA are approaching this matter is sensible spreading the net far and wide because the way officials and players are treated varies country wide. Just a thought - Will the FA be supplying the SIN BINS - delivered by courier?
  2. SIN BINS in the TRELAWNEY LEAGUE this season

    So there is no confusion, I have NO input with the wording in the original posting apart from the wording of the threads title, all the remaining words are those of the Football Association copied and posted by "Non League Daily" on their website linked by their regular email communication which is available to everyone. I posted because I thought it may interest some people. With the posting being from the Football Association the dissecting bit by bit and personal comment would be welcomed by the FA they are always open to feedback that is another reason they hold an annual Football Summit usually at the beginning of July, I attended at Wembley Stadium last year but being unwell I had to miss this years that was held at Burton on Trent. The summit is not only attended by Non League but the EFL, Championship and Premier League club representatives. As I read the FA release it appears to be a watered down "Starting" point aimed towards respect for match officials, the game nationally is suffering through lack of recruits into the refereeing side of the game because of threats and abuse, I don't think it will carry fines initially and if there is seen to be improvement in behaviour just become an extra tool in the referees armour should things occasionally get out of hand.
  3. FA confirm thirty two leagues to take part in sin-bin trial The Football Association have announced that thirty two leagues from across the country will trial temporary dismissals during the coming season. The 'Sin-Bin' system will be put into place in divisions below step seven of the National League system. The FA confirmed that over 130 leagues had registered an interest in taking part in the pilot scheme. From Step 7 of the National League system and below 130 grassroots leagues registered an interest in the pilot scheme and a mixture of male, female, adult, youth, Saturday and Sunday leagues across the country have been chosen to take part. The International Football Association Board [IFAB] which gave National Associations the ability to implement sin bins at grassroots level and the Football Association have decided to focus on looking to discipline players to shows of dissent towards match officials. Mark Ives, FA head of judicial services, said: “I am encouraged by the level of enthusiasm from County FA’s, leagues, clubs and referees and in their collective commitment to make a difference to our great game at a local level. “I look forward to seeing a positive impact during the course of the season.” A mixture of male, female, youth, adult and Saturday and Sunday leagues from across the country have been chosen to take part in the trial. The leagues are: • Anglian Combination League • Jersey Football Combination • Army Football League Massey • JJ Jones Builders Duchy League • Birmingham & District Football League • Liverpool County FA Premier League • Bolton, Bury & District Football League • Mid Sussex Football League • Chester & Wirral Football League • Mid Sussex Youth & Minor Football League • Cumberland County League • Midwest Counties Female • Devon and Exeter Football League • North Staffs Youth League • Dorset Premier League • Nottinghamshire Senior Football League • Durham County Women’s • Notts. Amateur Alliance • Evesham & District Sunday Football League • Peterborough & District Football League • Gloucestershire County Women's League • Potteries & District Sunday League • Gloucestershire Northern Senior League • Sevenoaks and District Football League • Hertfordshire Senior County League • Sheffield & District Junior Sunday League • Hitchin Sunday League • Southern Amateur League • Surrey Primary Youth League • Trelawny League • Taunton & District Saturday League • Warrington Sunday Football League At the time the trials were announced, John Topping - Durham County FA secretary - commented "If selected by The FA we will be trialling in our selected DCFA leagues for under 14,15,16,18,23 and Women’s league next season. "The sin bin is to be used only for dissent offence at present, and this will allow the referee to send a player to the sin bin to cool down (he or she cannot be replaced) for a time period. If a player receives two sin bin offences in a game then he or she is dismissed as what happens now. This would also save the team having to pay a £10 administration fee and therefore help teams financially. "(Step seven and below was chosen) Because some step seven leagues have other divisions within their structure that are not part of the National League System. "There will obviously be some teething problems such as those involving referees knowing how long a player has been in the sin bin, but that is the reason for the pilot" Now the leagues have been announced and key figures in and around the game will be intrigued to see how they function in a match situation. Article: Mark Carruthers (@marknldaily)
  4. Blankets

    The poor little lambs at the top end of football have heated seats (armchairs) now.
  5. Sensible change, eliminates bank holiday driving, spectators and players can comfortably enjoy New Year with their friends and family and YES it should improve the attendance. It is possible Poole Town supporters may enjoy the possibility of an away day during a time of celebration.
  6. Pre Season Friendlies

    Could Ben Harding be one for the future? I mean Manager. ----------------------------------------------------- Has work started on Silver Bow? Stables. Ivor behave yourself, - stop clowning about
  7. Truro City,season tickets.

    Hi B_D, I appreciate your "Like" endorsement for the above posting accepting the latter part of it in the humorous manner it was intended, despite our opposite opinion on some of the matters raised, varying opinions keep these forums to the fore, It may be better at times if when there is a different viewpoint those on the fringe of what is being mentioned ask any questions about matters they are uncertain about - perhaps these forums need more discussion rather than occasional conflict. I notice you are a referee, I imagine you do that with humour, those types of referee are rare these days but are after all amongst the better ones. I was at a game this season and the referee made a mistake and I voiced my opinion but before restarting play he ran to near where I stood and said "if I was where you are I would say the same" and winked, it was a lesser error (he realised he made) but it may have created an atmosphere within the game if he had changed his mind so allowed the game to flow. - The better side of football.
  8. Truro City,season tickets.

    As I said above Truro City had an 'army' of volunteers Many of those were trained to NVQ standard for Crowd Control etc.
  9. Truro City,season tickets.

    According to 'contact the club' info Colin Bradbury is still the Press Officer which I would think also covers PR. however the position of Commercial Manager isn't as easy as many think, to sell the image sponsors 'require to invest' you first have to have an image to project. - We don't appear to have a commercial manager at this time - A start has to be made to build the clubs image but that has been tried, unfortunately for every step forward we appear to take two back. - 10 years or so ago the club had an army of volunteers but a succession of rebuffs has left them disillusioned, a mixture of supporters and administrators, the type of people every club needs. so what do we get? we get B_D coming on here admitting he has no knowledge of the events leading to rifts within the club, if he did and was himself a victim he too would join the MOANERS he criticises. B_D's postings only act to fan the flames, perhaps he should award himself a red card, Offside Ref.
  10. Truro City,season tickets.

    A lot and that's it - Unfortunately there is not a club in Cornwall who could compete at Truro City's level without a minus balance at the seasons end. Sponsors are needed and at larger numbers than those available. The dust should be allowed to settle and the club look towards signing "good" players on two year contracts with a view of enhancing their careers and selling on to supplement the clubs finances, it has been reported many times that the ambition is to reach Football League Two, the fact is most of those League Two clubs do just that, sign em, improve em and sell em, strengthening the team season by season, building it's strength and then aim for a higher level. Some may say how can you advance when selling those better players but once that avenue for advancement is opened up more players some better than those already in the squad could be eager to join. Success has to be built and it takes time. JUST A THOUGHT - With Isaac Vassell going to Luton Town gift wrapped by Santa Claus, I would have expected at least an offer from them to send their FIRST TEAM down to Treyew Road for a pre season friendly - A freebie in recognition of the work put in helping the lad get his career back on track, he was after-all a fans favourite. Contracted I imagine he would have been worth a lot of money (at our level in the region of £600,000).
  11. Truro City,season tickets.

    David, lighten up mate, it was only last week you referred to one of my postings as rubbish, how could I resist
  12. Truro City,season tickets.

    Oh dear here we go Dave's usual RUBBISH - if that's the best defence you have we are staring relegation head-on. On those away trips you and I rarely spend much time talking, as you are aware we say hello exchange a few pleasantries and spend most of our time with those we travelled to the game with, you also know my disagreement centres around what happened at Maidstone and there being no apology, also the rift between supporters and club or vice versa not helped by some poor PR. Oops I almost forgot in the EXCITEMENT and our banning for anything on the TCFC media go round. DON'T WORRY - there will be quite a number of times I shall be away on my football travels with 4 trips already booked to watch England I booked the last one to Vilnius for the game in October this morning, that follows the Malta trip in September so that must make you feel better.The silence should be deafening.
  13. Truro City,season tickets.

    Where have I been moaning? You do enough for both of us. I have yet to see anything to excite the locals a bit of same as. You too should see why I think season ticket sales are vital. For the football on offer I think a £168 season ticket is where I would have priced them. Sales provide the funds for new signings.
  14. Truro City,season tickets.

    Things will never satisfy everyone.