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  1. A Sir Bobby Robson quote I picked up in Dortmund printed on the opening page of an F A approved publication in association with the Football Supporters Federation for yesterday's Germany v England game. It's the NOISE, the passion, The feeling of BELONGING The pride in your City. ....It's a small boy.... clamoring up Stadium Steps gawping at that hallowed stretch of turf Beneath him and, without being able to a thing about it ..... falling in love. THE ABOVE JUST ABOUT SUMS UP WHAT STARTED IT ALL OFF FOR MOST OF US AND SUMS UP OUR FOOTBALL PASSION. Too much to lose Truro City. Didn't Treyew Roads latest planning permission include some sort of covenant saying a stadium had to be built for football?
  2. Mikey, have you checked your latest status re social media postings with information associated with Truro City and the Chairman to be met with a BARRED notice, I was barred for something I have no contact from the club about so still don't know the reason why. Yes people do vote with their feet when alienated and that appears to have been the plan in recent times.
  3. One word describes why I haven't attended home games this season. M A I D S T O N E That brought shame onto the "City of Truro". I like others did not get an apology, I got a ban which still stands to anything Truro City but not from games because I have not committed any football related offence, I don't think saying Silver Bow would never be built counts.
  4. Games to play - TRURO CITY 21.03. 19:45VNLPoole Town-Truro 25.03. 15:00VNLTruro-Whitehawk 01.04. 15:00VNLMargate-Truro 08.04. 15:00VNLTruro-Ebbsfleet 14.04. 15:00VNLWelling-Truro 17.04. 15:00VNLTruro-Maidenhead 22.04. 15:00VNLTruro-Hemel Hempstead 29.04. 15:00VNLStortford-Truro ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Games to play GOSPORT BOROUGH 21.03. 19:45VNLGosport-Bath City 25.03. 15:00VNLChelmsford-Gosport 01.04. 15:00VNLGosport-Weston 08.04. 15:00VNLWelling-Gosport 14.04. 15:00VNLStortford-Gosport 17.04. 15:00VNLGosport-Oxford City 22.04. 15:00VNLConcord-Gosport 29.04. 15:00VNLGosport-Whitehawk ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Remaining Fixtures BISHOPS STORTFORD 21.03. 19:45VNLEbbsfleet-Stortford 25.03. 15:00VNLStortford-Maidenhead 01.04. 15:00VNLStortford-Oxford City 08.04. 15:00VNLWeston-Stortford 14.04. 15:00VNLStortford-Gosport 17.04. 15:00VNLWealdstone-Stortford 22.04. 15:00VNLDartford-Stortford 29.04. 15:00VNLStortford-Truro --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Remaining Fixtures MARGATE 21.03. 19:45VNLDartford-Margate 25.03. 15:00VNLMargate-Eastbourne 01.04. 15:00VNLMargate-Truro 08.04. 15:00VNLSt. Albans-Margate 14.04. 15:00VNLWeston-Margate 17.04. 15:00VNLMargate-Ebbsfleet 22.04. 15:00VNLOxford City-Margate 29.04. 15:00VNLMargate-Maidenhead ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Remaining results for WHITEHAWK 22.03. 19:45VNLWhitehawk-Hampton 25.03. 15:00VNLTruro-Whitehawk 01.04. 15:00VNLEast Thurrock-Whitehawk 08.04. 15:00VNLWhitehawk-Hungerford 15.04. 15:00VNLWhitehawk-St. Albans 17.04. 15:00VNLConcord-Whitehawk 22.04. 15:00VNLWhitehawk-Poole Town 29.04. 15:00VNLGosport-Whitehawk ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  5. AFC Totton Barnstaple Town Bideford Bishop's Cleeve Bridgwater Town Didcot Town Evesham United Hereford Larkhall Athletic Mangotsfield United North Leigh Paulton Rovers Salisbury Slimbridge Shortwood United Swindon Supermarine Taunton Town Tiverton Town Wantage Town Wimborne Town Winchester City Yate Town So what of the future? - The ground situation may be resolved and all our fears would disappear but if taking voluntary relegation some of the above venues could be visited although it looks as if Hereford will be promoted from the Southern League Division One South and West. Revenue wise I cannot see the club survive if not playing in Cornwall.
  6. As things stand Truro City would escape relegation, personally my number one fear is Truro City will take voluntary relegation, without any grounds in Cornwall being of Southern League standard we could be required to drop to the Western Premier league or if what I read a couple of weeks ago (a suggested drop to the South West Peninsula League) which was alleged to be the most likely preference from the football club hierarchy. A hard pill to swallow could be that the club could only afford to survive if dropping to the lower level and retaining existing support or more bearing in mind the vast reduction in admission charges, if that should happen an early pre season PR exercise would need to be put into place and possibly a campaign to sell as many season tickets as possible.
  7. Things must be bad, Helen Chamberlain the avid Torquay Supporter on Sky doesn't mention them any more, perhaps she too has had enough perhaps TISA and the TISA NOMADS should apply to go on her programme, that may WAKE UP Mr ECPL and others.
  8. Thomas McHale born 8th September 1995 (Age 21) I think he still lives in Torpoint This is a cv Tom prepared during his early training days. As you can see quite a lot of input, that's why I have been beating the Tom McHale drum. FOOTBALL PLAYER PROFILE CV HOME - ADD CV - FACEBOOK Thomas McHaleAge : 18Your County : CornwallYour Nationality : BritishBest Position : GoalkeeperCurrent Club : N/APrevious Clubs : Plymouth Argyle under19 development squadWhich Club you want a trials for : League 2 League 1 ContinentalCountry you live : EnglandWrite about your football history : Have played at a good level for the past 2 years, although I was in a Torquay development centre from the age of 14. Did not get offered trials at any football clubs during the times they were offering scholarships. When joining the Plymouth argyle development team it was offered to train with the youth team and did so for two years and took part in pre season training with youth and first team for the 2013/2014 season. I gained a lot of experience playing in per season games against Clevedon, Truro, Bideford and Reading. I also played in the youth alliance league for the under 18s as well. Gained a lot of experience training with professional goalkeepers and have took what I have learnt on board. I have played in competitions such as the Mediterranean International Cup in Spain and Umea Football Tournament in Sweden. I have also played against clubs such as Sunderland, Newcastle, Darlington, Hartlepool, Cardiff and Birmingham. Won the Under 19s PLFL British Colleges league winning 15 games drawing 2 and losing 1. Also went for a squad trial game at Sunderland and also a goalkeeper training session at the age of 16. All of these experiences have improved me as a goalkeeper and a person.Write about your Playing Ability : I am a 6ft 3 goalkeeper with a good strong build. I am very comfortable playing with both my feet and my hands and love the chance to play the sweeper role as a goalkeeper when we go attacking as a squad, I'm very good with communication and my team will always hear me giving instruction to help them through the game and stamp my authority. I'm comfortable kicking from my hands and the floor and also distribution such as throwing is a must in my game. Why should an Academy Director give you a trial : I know I have the attitude to become a professional footballer. I have wanted it for as long as I can remember. Pics take criticism as a positive and allow it to help me improve as a player. I will always ask questions on how I can improve and want to be the best goalkeeper I can be and will do anything to make it happen. I will always give 100% in training and matches and even off the pitch I am focused on my game. I keel myself healthy and I always look for a chance of a trial and a chance to get me to the top I think even Somersetspur will give me credit in having faith in the lad, that's why I encouraged him via the forums to tweak his cv and send it off to all those who may enhance his career.
  9. In the month since this thread was started the only thing mentioned was drilling so we have not moved forward we are still in limbo, it is possible to drill to ensure you are safe to continue with the project or drill to obtain reasons why you can not and abort the whole thing. At East Thurrock the white flag of surrender appeared to be raised on the pitch, it must not be raised off it. East Thurrock in the real world was "not" surrender the lads ran out of steam following two tremendous performances against all the odds tackling Forest Green.
  10. Isaac Vassell was a sub or the player to be subbed at Truro, look at him now at Luton Town, a crowd favourite and a contract for next season a result of his efforts so far, who knows how far that lad goes now he is encouraged to express himself.
  11. That will go down as a Truro City myth. I did see a throw in where he threw the ball to another City player. Does the clip mean Truro City would have 11 heroes if they played in Scotland? One plus factor for Tom McHale, he is more likely to be seen playing for Weymouth than so far west at Truro, some people still think of Weymouth as being a big team in non league circles. He may have to wait six years to make the Tottenham Hotspur team following the LLORIS contract extension to 2022. Look ahead young man and do well.
  12. The forum police is out in force, should Inspector Clouseau read this thread before comment he would understand I was replying to the mention of "Strengthening the team" and "vision" posted by Goldeneye.
  13. Sorry if I upset anyone but I will be annoyed if goalkeeper Tom McHale's place in the team is under immediate threat, he is our Number One and should remain so, at this time he is in good form propping up what has been a leaky defence. What message would it send out to other youngsters in Cornwall and Devon should a really good player get pushed to one side after proving their worth. We hear about strengthening the team but what about weakening team morale. I didn't think I would feel this way but I find myself asking the question, "Is it worth following Truro City anymore". Loyal people appear to get shat on. I understand 5 of the Cornwall under 18 squad are playing at Falmouth Town, surely those good enough to represent the County should be made welcome at whatever club within that county plays at the highest level. It looks as if Falmouth's new ground could be built before Truro City's perhaps the youngsters are looking towards clubs with vision and what lies ahead..
  14. Yes shall be listening lets hope back to winning ways, then anything can happen in the playoffs #goingup

  15. Hello Dave, there are a few differences in your league table to the National League one Truro have played 34 first figures by our name and the last figure before the 0 is 57 the number of points we have, I know you strive for perfection so hope you don't mind me mentioning it privately.There are a few other clubs that need adjusting like Hemel.

    Hope you are almost fully recovered.




    1Ebbsfleet United3996413612212566313578-0

    2Maidstone United37121511352341049331673-0

    3Sutton United3688212422012470313972-0

    4Truro City349346931512753431057-0


    6Maidenhead United3710625311159136157454-0

    7Hemel Hempstead Town366668551411116154753-0

    8Concord Rangers37648946158146059153-0

    9Oxford City3768575613131165501552-0

    10Gosport Borough377567571410134747052-0


    12Eastbourne Borough3868563101211155355-247-0

    13Bishop's Stortford37829567138164958-947-0

    14Chelmsford City37829558137175856246-0



    17Havant & Waterlooville3710261711119175067-1742-0

    18Bath City376574691011164257-1541-0

    19Hayes & Yeading Utd383887391011174267-2541-0


    21St Albans City377573312108194462-1838-0

    22Basingstoke Town36559241179203762-2530-0