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  1. Saltash United have successfully applied to enter the Cornwall Veterans league for next season. Anyone who hads not already expressed an interest to play, lives in the local area and fancies dusting off the old boots please send me a pm cheers Trucks
  2. We are new team Saltash United playing from Kimberly Stadium next season and are trying to recruit as many players from the local area as possible. Anyone interested who has not already expressed a desire to dust off the old boots please send me a pm cheers Trucks
  3. Weren't our day mate, having been the better side first half, second half was a different story and our keeper kept us in it. Congrats to Halsetown another new name on the trophy. Also congrats to all you boys on another league title, worthy winners, thought u guys would have been back the clubhouse celebrating?
  4. If you scored any against Wadebridge mate, they would have been taken off
  5. Moved to lanreath i see?