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  1. Morgan sacked?

    Ho, ho, ho. L.M.F.A.O. as Older might say (off to the Urban Dictionary with you, as I did when he first wrote it). ex-chairman is right with his "Lol", from what I hear the Club has moved on they wouldn't want him back, certainly not since his recent posts denigrating the Club, committee and team. As for the current manager, he has considerable experience that he just needs to translate to this league and Club. For the committee to even question his rôle this side of hallowe'en would be a disgrace. Not that there's more than a few trolls on here suggesting that it's imminent.
  2. Madron f.c

    Thank-you Dave, on the ball as always. It does seem a little harsh, but there again rules is rules, and Madron seem to have done themselves no favours by not seeking advice or requesting a deadline extension. Easy for me to say in hindsight though.
  3. Madron f.c

    Could someone enlighten me please. Rule 8b(iv)? Dave, could you get your camera and big red pen out again please. It certainly won't deter anybody if we don't know what it is!
  4. Trelawny League - Saturday August 19th 2017

    Ah, it looks as if rule E1 would cover the very worst of offences (if the words under the red line say what I think they do!). However your point regarding lack of team sheets might again cause a problem. One would hope, of course, that the Referee could rely on the integrity of the team management in any such circumstances.
  5. Trelawny League - Saturday August 19th 2017

    I also learned something new today and very disappointing. This gives the bullies of the game, and there are, sadly, a fair few of them about, free reign to abuse and maim their opponents, and officials with no effective sanction. I think that a review of the regulations is in order.
  6. I learn no end of new slang on here. This one went right over my head until Dave drew my attention to it. So off to the Urban Dictionary once again. I would never have believed that this simple word could have so many unsavoury meanings. I wonder which one he meant!
  7. St blazey

    Certainly. Local legend has it that it was under the stewardship of a previous chair that the glory years were bought and (over)paid for and debt accumulated. The present administration have had to impose the recent/current austerity to keep the Club afloat and a team on the pitch. It's an old story replayed by sports clubs all over the county and indeed country. Look around the senior football in Cornwall and you'll see any number of clubs at various stages of the boom and bust cycle.
  8. St blazey

    This, from the man who pulled the flush, allegedly!
  9. How much do you expect to get from the Ref? You just might get 1 P from his whistle!
  10. Lafs is back!

    Hmmm, not the best job application I've ever seen!
  11. Agreed Big Al (did I really just write that?). I understand that the game is followed by a race night, so make a day of it, plenty of options for grub in and around the Club.
  12. SWPL - Tuesday August 15th 2017

    It's nearly three times as many letters, hard on the fingers once the ravages of old age and arthritis get to you!
  13. Lafs is back!

    Would St. Austell want them back? Clearly no loyalty to the Club, I presume that their loyalty was to the previous management, money or their own ego!
  14. Mousehole Management

    I always thought that barking orders from the goalmouth was the keepers main occupation, manager or not!
  15. What!!! A nice fellow like Leeds? I canna believe it. What did he do? It must have been a mistake, such a gentle, amiable, harmless chap. The Ref must have mistaken him for Gilby!!!