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  1. I don't know Keith, Goalkeeping coach, assistant manager, cocktail king, he's got it all. Allegedly! ⚽️ 🥅 🍸 ‼️
  2. Ahhhhh, and I thought it was going to be Leeds!
  3. Not acceptable! I've also heard that this practice is becoming more widespread. Players should sign for a Club and all it's associated teams. It would never happen in the professional game (though I could see Truro signing a motley collection of old pros to prop them up for midweek games!).
  4. No, no, no Leeds, If you can't afford the fines don't indulge in the type of behaviour that attracts them. Players, like all young people have to learn that you have to take responsibility for your actions, not run away and expect others (in this case the Club) to pick up the tab. Just like foul language, you have to own it, pay the price, and stop doing it!
  5. Thank you Mr. Reds, there are indeed two sides to every story. In the six hours since you posted the above, there have been nine new posts on this thread, nowhere, however, do I see any of the previous forum trolls apologising for slagging off St. Blazey. There again I've been using this forum for too many years to expect decency from more than a small minority of posters on here. Can we expect a response from Torpoint telling us if they plan to rearrange this match that they called off last Saturday? Also did anybody contact St. Blazey about a rearrangement this Saturday? I presume that the players have known they were going to a wedding for some time!
  6. Who, if anyone, won the Man of the Match award or was it split twenty-two ways? There again it could have been one of those sartorially challenged gentlemen pictured above!
  7. Rubbish! Self control is not a genetic issue (except to the extent that swearing indicates low intelligence). Try the carrot and stick approach; offer each player a tenner for not swearing throughout the match, you get little or no swearing. Guarantee a red card and fine, again you'll get little or no swearing. Give no incentive or punishment and the players will let their inner thug out to play. So swearing can and should be controlled either by the individual (unlikely) or externally by the clubs and/or officials. It is apathy from the F.A.'s at all levels. No part played by deoxyribonucleic acid!
  8. If all the above were to be true, Parkway will end up with more players than supporters!
  9. I note that ex-chairmans comment on "Guys and Gals" has been deleted, either by himself or an over enthusiastic moderator. The term Guys has indeed become generic, in relating to both (all) sexes since the aforementioned line was a catchphrase used by a well known, now thankfully deceased, D.J./paedophile! I note that the ad has now been edited to read "Hi Guys (and Girls, of course)". I'm not sure if this compounds the error or not, how many women with the qualifications/experience required would appreciate being referred to as "Girls"?
  10. Demanding money with menaces SSS? and I always thought you were such a nice boy!
  11. Are you at the match Willow, am in the bar, can I buy you a pint?

  12. Yes Stevie, I agree Gunners fans should not be happy, you can always safely leave it to Older and SSS to be ecstatic!
  13. Coronation Street is on at 7-30 tonight, or there's always scrabble. There again you could waste a whole chunk of your life re-reading my old posts Mangle! Bur really, my advice, is to go for Arsenal and a large handkerchief.
  14. So, the Watford gap might be a bit narrower than it looks on the league table!
  15. Won't cost Tottenham anything to build the stadium, Joe Davis has said he will pay for it. who is Joe Davis ? Is he a tax exile ? Spuds sugar Daddy , cant find him linked to spurs how would this affect fair play rules ? No older surely not now spurs copying Chelski ? I could be wrong but your owner is down as Joe Lewis billionaire. Await the c---ks crow on this dark and wet evening . I thought he was something of a snooker/billiards player in the olden days, brought magic to the table if I remember correctly. Certainly what Spurs need now on the green surface!