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  1. He qualified as a referee recently and was the match official for Rosudgeon v Newlyn NA on Saturday.
  2. Good luck to all 3 teams out on the field today! Looks to be a cracking semi-final!
  3. Fair enough. At a recent meeting I had we were told that it has been discussed in both leagues for an amalgamation.
  4. So are you saying this hasn't been discussed at any Combo meetings this year?
  5. I think it's more there is no Junior/Senior status. Also heard that the Trelawny League have invited the Combination League to amalgamate.
  6. I believe this to be the case, as the owners of the ground (when not your own) can refuse you access to the pitch. This is still someone independent to the club so is not actually the club calling it off. I do think that it is good practice for clubs when it is touch and go to call in a referee anyway (council owned pitch or own pitch) to check the field of play, just like your club have done in the past @willy7
  7. Another good report about Marc Rose! Well done lad!
  8. I don't agree. How many sin bins would there actually be? Note down the time and the players will remind you when the time is almost up anyway.
  9. Don't think so. The consensus is that we are reasonable well supported!
  10. This has been suggested before but TV companies don't want the language on TV or to have to delay the game going to air by 20 seconds or so.
  11. According to full-time yes!
  12. I'd argue the other way, I can't remember the last time I had a penalty in my game never mind encroachment.
  13. Fair enough you are entitled to your opinion. The players on the day didn't know according to the referee and had to Google the answer at full-time. By the way I got 20/20 what about you?