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  1. I think it will be interesting to see what is said at the meetings which will happen in the summer for clubs and referees regarding the proposal. And judgement should be made after we have had a chance to implement the system.
  2. Agree you can state your opinion. If somebody slips and commits an offence whether accidental or not, its still a foul, If reckless then a caution. A little harsh but still correct and shouldn't be questioned. Yes maybe with passion during the game you may question decisions but I don't believe that coming on here questioning or doubting any decisions ever paints you in a good light. You might not care but can't then say something if somebody calls you up on it.
  3. Getting the ball doesn't always mean that it isn't a foul/caution though. And if you feel that passionate it wasn't a card maybe you/the team/the club should pay the fine instead? Either way a few people it seems have noticed you having a few digs about decisions you don't agree with each week and have backed the referee in this instance.
  4. The problem is that it's not always what a player says but they way they say or do it. Which is why you have variations in referees, as it is down to their interpretation.
  5. The referee, Mr Littlefair, must have been one of the highest (if not the highest) as he was one of the three SWPL officials who gained promotion to Level 3 (The other two were Mr Kane and Mr Barlow).
  6. No don't think you can.
  7. It was but they were a no show!
  8. The question would be though how many goals to award? I believe that it is the same rule throughout all leagues as part of the standard code of rules. Maybe @Steve Carpenter or @B_D could confirm.
  9. The leagues can't award goals, hence why it goes down as a 0-0 draw in the league table but 3 points awarded rather than 1.
  10. Why does it have to be a 2 county league!? All of the other feeders are only one county, for example the LWC CORNWALL Combination League.
  11. There is a county award! Just been given to Peter Thorne of @WendronOfficial who mentioned this on main forum.
  12. So the law hasn't changed, the law was only changed for triple punishment inside the box.
  13. @stokefan1 did this happen inside or outside the penalty area though?
  14. Not sure but it came about after a consultation period.
  15. They were doing what were asked by the clubs!