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  1. Caution each time I suppose.
  2. Saturday at 5.30pm following the draw of the semi-final of the Senior Cup on Radio Cornwall.
  3. Newborn baby does that to you.
  4. Edit or totally change 😂😂😂
  5. On twitter it said that after Dobwalls scored their 4th there was "handbags" and two players got sent off from Dobwalls.
  6. Different competition body though.
  7. Not for the Final.
  8. I believe that anyone who wants to attend is able to from 2030 at Holmans Sports Club this Monday. Maybe @B_D can confirm.
  9. Well done Neil Hunnisett!
  10. Next Saturday 5.30pm on Radio Cornwall (includes the Junior Cup draw too)
  11. Was it the match official who called the game off?
  12. Interesting to see any pictures but really they prove nothing as they could have been taken at any time (that applies both ways too!)
  13. From being at the ground before the problem side of the pitch is the other touchline! And this one picture will prove nothing.
  14. Game also being taken in as a featured match on Radio Cornwall.