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  1. Sin bin confussion.

    The problem was though mate referees have been using it without the training and using it incorrectly. I really encourage anyone who wants to know any more to go to any of the meetings or go on to Trelawny website and register for one of the FAs webex events.
  2. Sin bin confussion.

    Not if you tell your players to keep their gobs shut!
  3. Sin bin confussion.

    Consider the sin bin different to a yellow card. 2 TDs for dissent will still result in a player being dismissed but after the 2nd 10 minutes he doesn't carry on, another player must replace him.
  4. ECPL FIXTURES 2017/18

    What does the Mitoo site do that Full-Time doesn't?
  5. That's exactly what he has done! Some people take the piss out of you at times, and unfairly so, but you do make it easy for them!
  6. No longer a Referee Development Officer role at Cornwall FA

    2 day a week Referee Workforce Officer I believe.

    Is this a question from a while ago? They have their own section now.
  8. Hey Luke, not full anymore mate!

    You alright