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  1. Penzance Reserves training

    It's the pitch that our youth teams use. Our pitch isn't available to use yet
  2. Penzance Reserves begin pre season training on Tuesday 27th June at 7pm at Newlyn Coombe, Penzance. This is the same field that Newlyn Lions play on. New players more than welcome to join. Feel free to PM me or turn up on the night

    Didn't Mousehole 3rds fold due to the firsts losing players to PZ then the two teams below had to step up leaving the 3rds with no players? I agree with what you're saying But most teams like St Agnes couple years ago entering with not enough players then folding before the season started but last year was beyond their control I think
  4. Friendly

    Of course I completely see that point too
  5. Friendly

    By the looks of last season you won a cup and finished second? Seems silly for a bottom division team to get absolutely spanked by you guys. Surely you should be playing against Marazion or Exciles? It's only my opinion mind
  6. Trelawny Goss

    Obviously but he can sign for both can't he
  7. Friendly

    Is that so you can give them a hammering? Lol
  8. Trelawny Goss

    He can play Trelawny and Peninsula so wouldn't surprise me
  9. Trelawny Goss

    Glory hunting I expect!!!
  10. What new teams are applying to join?

    Really? That's a shame had a good side up there the last few seasons
  11. What new teams are applying to join?

    Madron only just put together one team this year lol
  12. Just wandering if anyone knew what teams were looking to join the league? I've heard Pendeen are looking at a reserves side