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  1. Glory hunting I expect!!!
  2. No accusations just a simple question. Considering I don't play in that league I have no reason to look at it. Also the fact that they've been beaten all season then pull that result out the bag would make anyone question it
  3. Just looking through the results and see that Mullion won 5-1 but had no points added. Played one too many first teamers??
  4. Really? That's a shame had a good side up there the last few seasons
  5. Madron only just put together one team this year lol
  6. Just wandering if anyone knew what teams were looking to join the league? I've heard Pendeen are looking at a reserves side
  7. Think the issue is there are so many teams already established in the Penzance area. Two Newlyn teams, two St Buryan teams, penwith exciles, Mousehole, Madron, Pendeen, Newlyn Lions, Ludgvan, Marazion, two Rosudgeon teams. It's always going to be hard with a new team to get players in. The average age of the team this season his been about 20. Teenagers playing their first season in men's football. There's obviously a big gap between the two teams. One is in Peninsula league and Reserves in Trelawny 4.