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  1. Just so you know, I actually live in Camborne so only half hour up the road for me. We are really looking forward to the challenge knowing we have the full support of the committee & hopefully all the players. We know how lucky we are to be taking on such a talented & close knit squad & our aim is to get them playing the type of football they are renowned for, buying in to what we ask of them & together we will bring more success to this brilliant club.
  2. Unfortunately, splitting clubs down the middle & running separate teams is becoming the norm. Why try & call yourselves a CLUB when actually your are just 2 teams. Beyond me. !!!!
  3. It is with regret that Martin Pennington, Dave Leonard & myself have decided to stand down from our roles as managers of Porthleven Football Club. It appears to us that the chairman has decided to change the vision he had for the club & all 3 of us feel our positions have become untenable. I wish all the players every future success & thank them for their loyalty to us.
  5. £££££££££££££££££
  6. Andy Stivey will appreciate olders sense of humour as they've been best mates for over 30yrs Keith b.... Speedy recovery buddy. 👍
  7. That's not what Cornishteddyboy is saying though. What he's saying is, that irrespective of wether they are signed or not, as a club, your 2nd & 3rd teams cannot play if your 1st team can't raise a side. That's a FA ruling. !!!
  8. Because they are signed for Helston Football Club, does not matter what teams they are or are not signed for, they are signed for Helston Football club.. Helston 1st team won't get fined over this, Helston football club will. !!! Thought you were a football CLUB in there, seems like a little bit of ' nothing to do with us ' going on here. !!
  9. No, Really. !!!
  10. You will be changing your name to Rodney next Brian. !!! Lol
  11. Sid Taylor & Richie Full !!!!!
  12. Good luck to Jack Webber & Max Roberts & to everyone involved on Saturday from all at Porthleven football club. Do yourselves proud. 🏆🏆🏆
  13. Hi Kev

    Didn't realise until reading Indy yesterday that you had left Mullion again. What was it? Players attitude? If I had known I would have asked you Friday evening!

    Did you go to the Final today? If so, what did you think of it? Shame G had players out, but I think it's going to be tough to stop Bodmin winning everything!



  14. Paul Robertson, absolute class on & off the pitch. Great signing for the Saints.
  15. has not set their status