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  1. Sin bin confussion.

    You'll have to go to one of these meetings!!!!!!!!!! How dare you post something b_d wouldn't like!!!!!!!!! He runs Cornish football now if it's not his way it's the highway 🤔🤔🙄🙄
  2. You do realise people are allowed to come on here and give there opinions? Without having to go to all these meetings you bang on about! I'm sure you think people should have to ask you before they post! 🤔 It's the whole point of a forum
  3. I think people shouldn't have fake accounts it annoys me when I message phill Mitchell on here to go for a pint at the queen Victoria to find out it's not him.
  4. Falmouth town requires friendly

    Penwith will probably play you
  5. Trelawny Goss

    Don't blame him
  6. What new teams are applying to join?

    Have a match winner gets the pitch
  7. Player looking for a team

    Last time I checked Falmouth wasn't in the Perranporth area. If you are ever unsure you can use google maps to check.
  8. Trelawny Goss

    Stop trying to tap players up that's naughty
  9. Trelawny Goss

    So it wasn't a penwith player and was the famous luke Murray?
  10. Trelawny Goss

    Don't suppose anyone can tell me who scored the most goals in div 2 this season?
  11. Trelawny Goss

    Both of them walk in penwiths team the only quality they haven't got which they would need is they aren't violent and over the top aggressive!
  12. Trelawny Goss

    I heard Ben Richardson and Harry Mcbellybutton are both going to join Madron in div 4 something to do with one of there dads brothers sisters mum being involved with the club.