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  1. Stop trying to tap players up that's naughty
  2. So it wasn't a penwith player and was the famous luke Murray?
  3. Don't suppose anyone can tell me who scored the most goals in div 2 this season?
  4. Both of them walk in penwiths team the only quality they haven't got which they would need is they aren't violent and over the top aggressive!
  5. I heard Ben Richardson and Harry Mcbellybutton are both going to join Madron in div 4 something to do with one of there dads brothers sisters mum being involved with the club.
  6. It's because you scare me
  7. Wow I'm good 🎣🎣🎣
  8. we aren't basing it on how many of Falmouths players have been assaulted in 4 seasons by penwith
  9. That's because I had already shut you up 😂😂
  10. You've already replied to that one once... nibble nibble
  11. Not a lot but that's pretty good considering the best team in England didn't manage to get a goal against them 🤔
  12. Just going to say luke Murray did score 3 goals in total against coldrose this season 👀
  13. Woah you'll have the whole referee police on you in a minute 😂😂😂
  14. I didn't say anything about you pulling players in or where they live or who there family are? Haha and as for pulling players in considering this was about luke Murray he's played for mabe for the last 3 years or so
  15. Yeah but you could say the same for penwith how many would there boys get if they were at combo as that's the minimum standard most of them should be playing!