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  1. What local team would that be?? I can see Godolphin doing well under new leadership as well this season. With Derek Martin being on the scene again he will not except failure.
  2. Well do not panic 'Flabby Cabbie' that rumour is not true! Gilby was wooed by St.Auste££ & offered a huge financial war chest but he decided it wasn't for him. Without stating to much I have a feeling all is not Rosey at 'Poltair'
  3. Agreed Bobjfh, his track record stands higher than any other manager that springs to mind except Trevor & Gilby's. NOTot everyone's cup of tea, but was quietly concerned from a Bodmin point of view, he might of gone to St.Austell or Godolphin where he certainly would of made either one of those sides more competitive than last season. Great capture by Porthleven, good luck Alan.
  4. Or he wants to play for a better team because the wheels are coming off extremely fast at St.Auste££ because they cant get a manager
  5. They already tried to lure Gilby!! Must be a little embarrassing for them to be knocked back by your rivals manager, even having offered a huge transfer War chest to play with as well!
  6. St.Austell can't get a manager for love nor money (on this occasion!!)
  7. Good luck Kevin, not sure if he will be strong enough to enforce changes at Godolphin, will certainly be a players dressing room for sure, maybe that's what the hierarchy wanted. But good luck Kevin, a big ask & commitment traveling from far West every week, but respect to you for having a go.
  8. I have never heard of him!!
  9. Who is Ed Timmons? Where does he play?
  10. Reliably informed by a friend of a cousin of a St.Austell supporter called Viv that Phillip Laffernty has approached St.Blazey about their vacant manager's position? Wants to help them & put something back in to his local football club, after seeing some good days looks like he is going to help them through their dark times. Well done if correct Phillip, that will test your managerial skills, be more of a challenge.
  11. Well done to both sides. Played in almost a friendly feeling to it. Although looking at the Cornwall seniors side it is probably the weakest I can ever remember in all my years in Cornish Football. I know some of the guys had to be drafted in short notice as a few of the regulars were unavailable
  12. Be great to see you back in the game Derek, I believe (& only my opinion!) Godolphin have a very good side but lacked any direction, I think with an experienced manager & almost a 'no nonsense' approach could see the G back up the top of the league fighting for honours like you were a couple of seasons ago. You are now officially the 'Towns Club' with the Vase to look forward to Godolphin really are a club on the Up.
  13. Would be a great appointment getting Sid in at St.Austell, new ideas & philosophy!!
  14. I meant Glyn teaming up with his brother LeeRoy at Parkway!