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  1. Porthleven Vs St Austell

    Missing my point HoneyBadger, what I was implying was having seen both sides play, defensively Liskeard looked far more tighter/experienced & much harder to break down as a unit. Good point Rappo, forgot about St.Dennis, they had a very impressive win at Sticker last week who dominated the West Division last season. Wadebridge to must improve on last seasons finish, Penzance getting a lot of experience in also so I been told. Parkway holding Torquay Utd last night at Bolitho shows how strong their credentials are this season, the one's to beat I should imagine.
  2. Luke Hodge's season 2002-03

    Great player, big, strong & all round great guy
  3. Sat 22nd Games

    Tavistock will be pushing, always goals in the machine that is Adam Carter
  4. Porthleven Vs St Austell

    Had a message late last night from a very disgruntled St.Austell player (no names) as they made the long journey home from Porthleven disgruntled after finding themselves & other 'big guns' on the bench for the start of match, (possibly one eye on Charity Bowl final on Saturday or maybe Nanks is adopting a continental policy this season in Squad rotation, been watching the Chinese super league again they reckon!) Must admit 'Rappio' when we beat Porthleven 5-0 last week I thought in short spells they played some nice stuff. Think both leagues (Premier & West) will be competitive this season, Parkway the obvious choice in the top division. After playing Liskeard last week in which we won 2-0 I think they will be one of the teams to beat in the West, organised & very difficult to break down ( no disrespect to Port but 5 against us & another 5 last night) I don't think your Elburtons, Liskeards, possibly St.Blazey will be that charitable. On another note great to see Alan back in the game, must be disappointed not to of got a Premier job ( certainly should of), a man with his his credentials, & after what he achieved at St.Blazey, why was he overlooked at other vacancies? (Godolphin, St.Austell, Helston, even Parkway?)
  5. Sat 22nd Games

    If's, but's & maybe's 0-2 was the final score. Agree though Liskeard will be one of the teams to beat a long with Elburton Villa. Cannot see Bello traveling down to Newquay, would think he has had a few offers closer to his native Plymouth? Did anyone else watch the Newquay 2-4 St.Mawgan game??
  6. Sat 22nd Games

    Believe 100% & Smoking were fans of both Newquay clubs Bruegel?? We like him at Bodmin, he could make friends with my pet poodle 'Toni', as long as he stays on his lead & doesn't go chasing any Pussies
  7. Liskeard 0-2 Bodmin, a very good work out for Bodmin in a hard fought encounter. Fantastic set up, & surface at Liskeard, & a good side to go with it. These lads will not be far off the promotion places come next May if they play like they did yesterday consistently through the season. As for Bodmin, a lot of tired legs after our fixture against Cardiff City First team in the week, but to win & keep a clean sheet is always positive. Thank you to Liskeard for their hospitality. Speaking to my cousin Sydney last night & he caught the game at Mt.Wise between Newquay Swpl vs St Mawgan I believe he said. Congratulations to old maestro Jimmy Hilton on their fine 4-2 away win against Newquay. Great result for them away from home as well. Well done Jim, great manager & guy. Can't imagine that result has impressed 100% Cornish & Smoking (the dog)!!

    Echo these comments
  9. Bodmin 2-2 Truro City

    Worth every Penny! The Cardiff City bandwagon rolling in next week....their FIRST team playing anywhere else in Cornwall??
  10. Bodmin 2-2 Truro City

    Well Dave, surely if they play/compete in a league 5 leagues above what we do you would say they are far better/fitter players than what we have in the SWPL. Yetton played he scored a hatful of goals in his career, in a lot better standard of football than SWPL. Well said Beacon, Gilby always takes on the challenge, many managers have 'walked away' from their respective clubs over the last few years gave the old Work/Family commitment 'excuse' when their clubs have lost a few players or started to run out of bunce ... easy to throw in the towel, but Gilby just keeps on going
  11. Well oiled performance tonight from Bodmin, with the spoils shared against a much higher league status ( 5 leagues?) superstar studded Truro City team at Priory Park this evening. A lot better performance tonight than our very average display we put on last week against Porthleven, competing admirably against Cornwall's highest ranked football team. Thanks to Truro City & good luck for your season ahead.
  12. Typical Leedsunited! Must be pretty sad if I need to big up my team against a mid table Division One West side!
  13. I did say if you noticed there is a long way to go yet! I merely stated that IN MY OPINION, after seeing Porthleven on Friday evening I would be very surprised if they were competing for the title. If so all I am saying is the West division will be not as strong as in previous seasons if they finish top. Anyway, who cares!! I thought they were a young, inexperienced side, who at times looked good going forward but shaky at the back on occasions. I think Paul Pearce or Sticker Forever (somebody!) agreed with my comments on another topic. I believe Elburton, Pz, St.Blazey will all be strong candidates.
  14. Love these predictions! At least we go in to it as underdogs!! No pressure! Amazed Porthleven tipped to finish high, with greatest respect if they do the West Division must be pretty weak this season having played against them last week they looked very weak . Still a long way to go though