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  1. Unfortunately until greater punishments are given to clubs not fulfilling fixtures this will continue to happen.When were Torpoint notified of this ?
  2. I see Big Al finished with a total of 40 points Were all his matches called off by the overpaid refs!!!1!!1 Sorry it was 60 points must co to specsavers!
  3. I do not know what the fuss is about. For a start it is a 80 mile round trip which is less than away game at Torpoint or Millbrook. Should these two teams be kicked out of the league and made to play in the P&d league ?
  4. It seems odd that a club that is talked about as a well run club cannot take eleven players plus maybe two subs to fulfill a fixture when it appears that their reserves never had a game and their thirds did not play because their opponents could not raise a side. This means that they had about 40 players to pick from!!
  5. Read previous postings. Nothing to do with the league or CCFA !!
  6. Yhere is not a lot you can do.i expect in both cases the rain did not start until a couple of hours before kick off so both teams would be well on their way to the ground.You cannot win because you get people moaning when a game is called off early and if it s called off late ditto.
  7. I have been listening to Middlesex v Cornwall on Radio Cornwall.or I think I was because penalties were being awarded in midfield players were brought to the ground and the referee was making the wall go back 10 metres. add this to the fact i know every train that passes Barnets ground and was told the sun was shining every 5 minutrs surely for what we were told at least 5 times it was the biggest game in Cornwall s history couldnt we have had a commentator more conversant with the round ball rather than the oval one ?
  8. keith b did you mean to say it was raining goals like st blazey !!!!!!
  9. Back in the early seventies Wilcove United who played in the Plymouth and District league usedto play there home games at the Lawns in Torpoint (also known as Thanckes Park. The width of the pitch must have been the bare minimum with overhanging branches on one side. Behind one goal was the river Tamar and many a shot ended up in the river or the mud depending on the state of the tide. If you look at google maps and type in Thanckes you can zoom in and see roughly where the pitch was although thr trees have grown somewhat
  10. Maker and Rame used to play on a pitch at Maker Church which had a magnificent view out over Plymouth the moors and kit hill. They used changing rooms at Millbrooks ground
  11. Antony field has been ploughed up and the last Iknow was being used to grow daffodils !! Antony have not had a team for about twenty five years