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  1. Why should the game be switched from Saltash. They should not be made to dip out on the revenue a semi final will bring them through reasons they have no control over.
  2. I agree Dave and if you look back at Uwdi Kruggs reports over the season they are always fair and unbiased. At least he is prepared to put a match report in for the benefit of those who cannot get to the match. Keep up the good work Uwdi .
  3. KeithB if you look at the elbow incident he is already at the top of his jump and his only intention was to throw his arm back to injure the other player
  4. Waterlogged pitch according to league website.
  5. Back in the early seventies Wilcove United who played in the Plymouth and District league usedto play there home games at the Lawns in Torpoint (also known as Thanckes Park. The width of the pitch must have been the bare minimum with overhanging branches on one side. Behind one goal was the river Tamar and many a shot ended up in the river or the mud depending on the state of the tide. If you look at google maps and type in Thanckes you can zoom in and see roughly where the pitch was although thr trees have grown somewhat
  6. Liskeard might have been a better choice. But as Argyle Fan says it is equidistant between the grounds they play their home fixtures on
  7. So what teams would you not want in premier and why?
  8. Maker and Rame used to play on a pitch at Maker Church which had a magnificent view out over Plymouth the moors and kit hill. They used changing rooms at Millbrooks ground
  9. Antony field has been ploughed up and the last Iknow was being used to grow daffodils !! Antony have not had a team for about twenty five years