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  1. I was at Carharrack yesterday and was talking to a mate after about 10 minutes saying how one-sided it was (in favour of the visitors), but the first goal changed all that and from then on there was only one team in it. A mixture of good goals an soft goals to be sure, but when you score 8 that's usually going to be the way. The way West Cornwall played the ball around at 0-0 was great to watch, however by the time it was 2-0 that fluent passing had completely broken down. If West Cornwall had got the first goal in the second half, things may have been different, but it never happened and by the time Carharrack had scored a couple more it was all over. On this showing, Carharrack look good bets to retain their title. West's next four games are also against teams in the top half of the embryonic table. so they may have a few more weeks of struggle before things start to look more rosy. Thanks as usual to Carharrack for the warm welcome, decent refreshments and an entertaining 90 minutes.
  2. Nanpean Rovers have finished in the bottom two in each of the last *NINE* seasons, and rock bottom in six of those nine. It's surely no surprise that eventually there's a problem or two there, more of a surprise that it's taken so long. I hope they pull through because it is a really great place to go and watch football
  3. I believe that if all clubs from Step 5 and above under the new structure applied, there would be something like 20 spots for Step 6 clubs, but preference would be given to those relegated from Step 5, and there may well be quite a few of those come 2018 in relation to ground gradings. What could change of course is if some of the Step 5 or above clubs dont apply, Guernsey FC would be the most likely candidate, if some of the Step 5 leagues run with less than full constitutions, or the FA change the format of the Cup (bring Step 3 or 2 clubs in one round earlier would the most likely changes, but even than it's still not very likely). My prediction is that if you're in the Peninsula League Premier Division, and want to play in the 2018-19 FA Cup, you'd better win the league first.
  4. SWPL clubs had a good day, shame that next year with the new extra divisions at Step 3 and Step 4 there will be very little room, if any, for Step 6 clubs. Expect 1 per Step 6 division at best (so basically you have to win the league to get a place, and maybe even that may not be enough)
  5. St Austell 1-1 Bridport. a fair result, both teams having a few chances to win it Bridport took the lead after some lack of communication between St Austell defenders, St Austell equalised through a penalty on which I cannot really comment because I was a long way away from it.
  6. SIN BINS in the TRELAWNEY LEAGUE this season

    Do you think all the Laws of Association Football are perfect? If not, we need a body to propose and ratify changes to them, whether that is on a trial basis or a permanent one. The IFAB is made up of four representatives from FIFA, and one each from England, Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland.
  7. ECPL

    I certainly don't know who you are, yet you are hiding behind a ficticious name, and it has always been you who have massively over-reacted every time that something is sad that does not meet your agenda. Revert back to one division - you call it a stupid idea. Reduce the number of Devon teams, you seem to want the East Cornwall League to be a Plymouth based league. I don't think this forum will be a worse place for your absence.
  8. Some people, me included, think the ECPL should go back to one division. Others think it's better with two.
  9. FA Vase

    The fees come back to clubs as prize money
  10. FA Vase

    Newquay didn't play in last year's Vase either.
  11. I prefer the use of real names, it makes me think twice about posting anything libellous or too vitriolic as my comments can easily be traced back to me.
  12. ECPL FIXTURES 2017/18

    Certainly not. Primarily I like the function where you can generate code snippets and include them on other pages, so for instance in about 10 minutes work I can put together one web page which shows me all the tables from the leagues I am interested in, and use it throughout the season, so for instance I'll have a Cornwall page, a Devon page, a Somerset page etc. that i can scrape up to date tables from quick and easily. I like the way you can see fixtures in advance without having to click on every single day to see what games are on that day. I like the way each and every fixture has the kick off time and the venue against it I like the way Full-time displays cup draws I Iike how leagues can attached things like handbooks to their News sections Need I go on?
  13. ECPL FIXTURES 2017/18

    As a user/fan, Full-time is far better for me than Mitoo.
  14. Trelawny AGM

    What players are going to be wanting to play friendlies or whatever "Flexi Football" will bring? Players will migrate to teams playing real games and the team will then get accused of being non-sustainable and we're back Square One.
  15. Duchy League AGM preview

    Fair enough Paul.